Editors Update, 01/02/2016, 5:39am EST:

Yesterday afternoon we became aware of a post on the Natural News website that calls into question the claims made by Alex Jones in regards to an attempted assassination while also questioning our reporting on the claims. This response deals with the points made in the article about Intellihub as we cannot speak for Alex Jones or Infowars.com in general.

First, one of the major differences between Intellihub and a vast majority of the alternative media is that we do not fall into any of the different alt-media “cliques” and therefore do not have an ax to grind with any other specific personality or website.

We aren’t still mad at people we used to work with, we don’t work with people who spend their entire research time attacking others, and we absolutely do not have any reason to “cover” for someone else. We also do not stick to certain narratives or blame everything on one certain group. (This was readily apparent when Shepard reported the three white men seen carrying out the terror attack in California even as most of the alternative media was going with the narrative that Obama was soft on Muslim terrorists).

Here at Intellihub we literally go where the story takes us with no regard to what other websites are reporting or have previously reported. In the past this has caused us numerous issues which is most likely why you have never seen us hosting Infowars or appearing regularly on sites like Natural News (although we would gladly accept both).

In regards to this specific story, all Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas did was first report on the claims made by Jones on his radio show and then, after others specifically claimed that the “assassin” did not exist at all, further researched the claims and found out that a man who had previously traveled to Austin in an attempt to kill Jones did in fact exist and was in fact killed by police. Hence you have the article below.

This article wasn’t written to “cover” for anyone as we have absolutely no reason to do that. We simply published an article on claims made by Jones and then after others claimed the assassin did not exist we rushed to find out the truth in order to provide an update to our readers.

Now the issue seems to be the timing (which we specifically noted below) between when the reported assassination attempt happened and when the supposed would be assassin died. This five-year span between when he originally went to Austin and when he died is an important part of the story that we already reported below.

At this point it seems that because we reported on the now controversial claims made by Jones we have found ourselves in the middle of a larger issue between alternative news outlets. This is something we want nothing to do with as we highly respect the work of both Infowars and Natural News and don’t need the negativity that taking sides would bring.

Instead we will continue to focus on bringing our readers hard-hitting, uncensored narrative free news without the drama. Our hope is that in the future other news outlets will see this and decide to work with us on a much larger level, knowing that we aren’t going to end up attacking them at a later time.

One things for sure, the corporate media isn’t spending their time attacking each other!

Note: Sub-headline updated to further acknowledge the time between. Although we noted it below, it seems some have misread our points so an update that directly spelled it out has become necessary. 


(INTELLIHUB) — Last Saturday we reported that on Dec 22nd radio talk show host Alex Jones mentioned, while on air, that the Police Chief of Austin, Art Acevedo, had previously informed him that police had ran a man out-of-town who had potentially come to town to assassinate Jones.

Immediately after posting the article the comment section was going wild with claims that Jones was lying and that Intellihub was crazy for reporting such nonsense.

One comment below the article reads:

“OK….so does Intellhub believe this and that’s why they posted this or do they know Jones is batchit crazy ??”

And another:

“This is a ridiculous story. Do you people think we’re going to buy this garbage?”

So, needless to say, we checked into the story further–and here’s what we found.

A man by the name of Ricardo Antonio Chaney, 32, was shot and killed by a Fort Bragg, Calif., police officer during a March 19th shootout after Chaney carjacked several people in Oregon and fled California where he killed a 79-year-old man and a Mendocino County Deputy named Ricky Del Fiorentino before police ended his life. And it looks as if it wasn’t his first rodeo with police either.

Shockingly several weeks earlier, on March 6, Chaney was arrested in after a traffic stop in Eugene, Oregon. Oregon Live reported:

Chaney was arrested in Eugene after a traffic stop. Police found him driving a friend’s pickup without valid registration or insurance, and took him to the Lane County Jail after finding he had a concealed handgun in the vehicle’s glove box as well as 14 Ecstasy tablets. Authorities are apparently still working to determine if an AR-15 rifle found in the pickup had been illegally modified to fire automatically.

Chaney spent 18 hours in jail and was released after Lane County prosecutors declined to file formal charges. District Attorney Alex Gardner said his office is not funded to employ enough prosecutors to file most misdemeanor charges and some felony cases, and that charges against Chaney weren’t pursued at the time because they “fell below the current triage standards and involved no violence or threat of violence.”

Moreover the NY Daily News adds:

“Chaney was arrested on suspicion of unlawful possession of a firearm and methamphetamine, and booked into Lane County Jail, where records show he was released the same day without being charged.

Jail records show Chaney was taken into custody four other times dating back to 2002 on suspicion of assault, interfering with police, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. The resolution of those cases could not be immediately determined.”

But here is where it gets really weird. And yes, Jones was telling the truth.

We found a blog post titled “A letter from Ricardo Chaney”, dated Dec. 18, 2011, written by Chaney, detailing the fact that Cheney drove from Oregon to stalk Jones and the Infowars crew in Austin Texas, while “armed to the teeth” one rainy night, while sitting in his “Benz” in the parking lot of the Infowars studio.

“I had to see Alex Jones and his operation for my own eyes,” Chaney wrote in the chilling blog post.

“Sunday night I packed up my guns, electronics, gas[ed] up my Benz and rolled out of Portland,” the psychopath wrote, detailing his journey.

The methed-out man eventually goes on to claim the “entire office building is a CIA compound.”

“That’s why Alex wouldn’t meet me,” Chaney wrote.

“They already knew I was coming. One look in his eyes I would have seen who he was, walked out to my car, come back in and wasted his whole crew and torched the compound.”

In one part of Chaney’s blog post, he seems to have been mad, frustrated, that he couldn’t locate Jones and wrote that he would continue on to Arizona “where a man can pack a gat without a permit and smoke any piece of shit that gets in his way.”

Chilling, is it not?

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