Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is real


The new Captain America film is heavily laced with either revelation of the method programming, or genuine artistic rebellion against the corrupt, globalist establishment

By Jay

(INTELLIHUB) — The plot is one of the most Anti-New World Order films I’ve seen, in terms of plot.  Granted, Marvel now owned by Disney is 100% establishment, regurgitating decades of Disney mind control, but apparently that doesn’t prevent a positive message to seep out.

Or, from a darker perspective, was the completely revelatory plot of Captain America 2 purposefully released as another middle finger?  Does the intentional selection of  sentimental old Americana (represented by Captain America) perhaps signal the establishment’s statement they know the truth of the opposition’s side better than the opposition, associating anti-establishment impetus with childish comic book plots?  Let us analyze.  The plot begins with a French “terrorist” organization hijacking a high-tech SHIELD warship called “The Lemurian Star.”  Lemuria is associated with Atlantis in the writings of occultists like Blavatsky and Leadbetter, giving us a clue that the key to interpreting the meaning will be the attempt to restore Atlantis.  This false flag attack is designed to frame SHIELD commander, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), disabling the Avengers and Captain America.

The state-sponsored terror is actually led by Hydra, a kind of World War 2 analogue for the Bilderberg Group.  Hydra, like Bilderberg, was founded by former Nazis seeking to implement a worldwide technocratic government.   Like the actual Bilderberg Group, it has the same goals and motivations, but what was so surprising about Captain America 2 was the revelation of the AI control/kill grid that is Hydra’s real weapon.   The Avengers discover that the AI kill grid is put in place to utilize all the data that the government surveillance has captured over the last several decades using complex algorithms that predict who the likely threats will be in the future.

Predictive algorithmic AI computing is precisely the purpose of the Internet itself, as well as Google and all the other tech monstrosities.  The purpose of the Internet itself was always to gather reconnaissance on the masses.  The AI grid stores basically everything, and based on the vast information stored at the “data vaults” and warehouses around the globe, information is processed for future predictive accuracy.  There is a virtual version of everything happening, with a virtual version of you and me, where tests are run to see the outcome of various scenarios.  The reconnaissance is for the ultimate goal of the AI takeover.  Films like the Terminator series and Oblivion also have this same plot, but rather than art life imitating art, this is art based on actual Pentagon programs.  And just like Skynet is real, so is the Avengers’ version of Skynet, where advanced decapitation and space-based weapons (for removing heads of state) are in place since at least the Star Wars Defense initiative of the late 70s.

As I’ve written before, in the 90s Microsoft and the military planned to have a total Skynet grid in place with directed energy weapons and a microchipped populace that would be under global technocratic rule.  The declassified document is still available here at  Contrary to Gizmodo’s claim that DARPA “tried” to build skynet in the 80s under SDI, the reality is Skynet was built and is still being built.  This is the very heart of the entire new world order plan, and why I say Captain America 2: Winter Soldier is the ultimate conspiracy movie.  It is also worth noting that Captain America is from another age – he represents old Americana in the film.  He sees the world in the classic bipolar, manichaean scheme that Brzezinski described of the past century, where the “free” West struggles against the “tyrannical” axis and eastern powers.

The film’s title “Winter Soldier” refers to Captain’s old war buddy who was cryogenically frozen by Hydra and resurrected under MKULTRA-style mind control programming to become a mass murdering assassin.  Hydra thus intends to use the AI kill grid to set up the “new world order,” the film says, where order will reign over chaos.  As all utopian propagandists have sought, the goal was to build the New Atlantis.  This is crucial to note, as Sir Francis Bacon, the hermeticist philosopher of the new world (America) predicted the continent would become the “new Atlantis.”  It is not accidental that Hydra’s goal of creating the New Atlantis occurs in the Captain America film.

Hydra logo with the Totenkopf and the 666 tentacles.

Hydra’s image is similar to the classic Prussian “Death’s Head,” and the Nazi Totenkopf.  Consider as well the Hydra symbol is red for war/bloodshed and has three mirrored tentacles that are reversible “666s.”  As the film’s villain Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) states, “To build a better world requires tearing down the old one.”  This is the mantra of the new world order in real life, where “order out of chaos” is the formula used for thesis – antithesis – synthesis dialectics, in order to bring about convergence and change.  The convergence and change, however, is not meant for good, but for the destruction of the “weak,” as the social Darwinian plan of manufactured “evolution” marches on. So, does Captain America 2 represent authentic rebellion on the part of some of the artistic establishment?  Does it represent more revelation of the method indoctrination, subtly using propaganda and psy-ops techniques to lull the unwashed masses into acquiescence, as the technocracy advances on?  We will have to wait and see where the next Marvel installments take us, but with Iron Man 3 exposing Bin Laden and Captain America 2 exposing Skynet, things are looking better.


This article originally appeared on JaysAnalysis.
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