‘Don’t drive high, you’ll get a DUI’ Ponzi scheme starts in Colorado as new war on marijuana ensues


You are almost in 1984, a total Orwellian nightmare built this way by design–and yes, it’s 2014

By Shepard Ambellas

COLORADO (INTELLIHUB) — Well there you have it residents, don’t act like you’re shocked now.

Yes, now that you have been given a free (green) pass to smoke weed recreationally in your state, you have also forfeited all of your driving privileges invoking DUI checkpoints on every corner.  Unfortunately, this will all become the norm, eventually setting precedence for checkpoints nationwide.

You didn’t think it would be a cakewalk did you? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

In fact, now that most of you residents have become extremely paranoid from the good smoke you’ve been offered by big brother, you can indulge yourselves with the new Orwellian nightmare you will soon face.

I mean, imagine a world in which you can’t even get from point A to point B without being stopped by a trained “drug recognition” officer in what will soon be a Gattaca gone bad nightmare.

Now, a mere drive to 7-Eleven could either make or break you, whether you are high or not as everyone is a suspect. But not only that, it has all been set up by design, you’ve essentially been duped.

The point is that the Colorado Dept. of Transportation (CDOT) in conjunction with the Colorado State Patrol have already kicked off their “Drive high, get a DUI” campaign which targets not only marijuana connoisseurs, but rather the entire Colorado populace as everyone is fair game. After all, it’s reasonable for an officer to assume someone is driving high in a state where marijuana has been made readily accessible to the general public.

Some of the campaign banners and slogans read:

You can’t hide driving under the influence of cannabis

Drug recognition experts are trained to spot the signs


Shockingly official they are claiming that at least 220 new officers will be looking for “enlarged pupils” and “small tremors” to show probable cause to cite someone for a DUI.

Now the state says they are in the business of “marijuana enforcement” and are requesting even more tax dollars to battle the green plant that has now been made legal for recreational use.

Can you say WTF?

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