Freelance journalist: ‘Hijacked flight 370 passenger sent photo from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base Diego Garcia’

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Are passenger Phillip Wood and others still alive after flight 370 was hijacked then taken to a secret U.S. military base located on a remote island in the Indian Ocean?

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INDIAN OCEAN (INTELLIHUB) — According to freelance journalist Jim Stone, one of the American passengers, Phillip Wood, a technical storage executive at IBM, who was aboard the now missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, keystered his iPhone 5 inside his anus after the Boeing 777 carrying 239 people was hijacked by military personnel while on route to China.

Amazingly Stone claims that metadata within the photo yields evidence confirming “100 percent” that Phillip Wood sent the photo along with a brief voice activated text from GPS coordinates which put Wood only a few miles away from the U.S. controlled Diego Garcia military base which is located on an island south of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

In his post Stone claims that the coordinates may be off by a few miles (see update below post), proving that the iPhone actually sent the otherwise blank black picture revealing nothing else. Stone speculates the picture was taken in a dark room or in some position in which Wood’s hands were bound.

As reported by Stone the picture was posted along with the following text allegedly from Wood:


“I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”

Strangely the blank black image labeled “1395192158752.jpg” contains the following metadata:

Dimensions: 240 x 320

Device Make: Apple 

Device Model: iPhone 5

Color Space: RGB

Color Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Focal Length: 4.12

Alpha Channel: No

Red Eye: No

F Number: 2.4

Exposure Program: 2

Exposure Time: 1/15

Stone also points out in detail how the above Exchangeable Image Format (EXIF) image data is the “smoking gun”, writing:

The Exif is intact. Exif data gets embedded in every image by every camera and includes the circumstances under which the photo was taken. It can be viewed by saving the image to your desktop, and then right clicking it and selecting image properties. Hit the details tab. You can see that the image was taken on March 18 with an iPhone 5, with the ISO at 3200 and a shutter of 1/15. The coordinates are included in the exif data because the iPhone knows where it is, and the coordinates are for Diego Garcia. THE FIRST TIME A BLANK PHOTO SAID IT ALL. 

Exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be added to in fields such as image credits with some advanced applications. It can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED. Photos with the exif intact will hold up in court. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.

Another smoking gun is that the voice recognition software put the word personal instead of personnel. This is completely consistent with a blind software assisted dial out.

Surrounding this story is the fact that the man who managed to get this information to Farganne (forum member Glitch) was harassed and received many threatening voice mails over it, that is another piece of evidence pointing to this as being real. One thing is certain, once it’s posted here on this site the genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE. I cannot stress how important it is that the GPS coordinates in the photo do not perfectly match what Google says and are not posted anywhere on the web, because it proves that the source of those coordinates did not come from google or Wikipedia, they really did come from the imaging device and it HAD TO be at Diego Garcia when it took the photo.

Interestingly enough, 7-days ago on March 24, 2014 at 2:30 a.m. EDT it was reported by Intellihub News that flight 370 landed at Diego Garcia, a secret U.S. military base leased from the EU, during the early morning hours of March 8, 2014 after a Youtuber by the name of Montagraph put two-and-two together following other reports.

An excerpt from the article reads:

“[…] MH370 most likely landed at Diego Garcia and the plane may have been ushered into a massive “Faraday cage” style hangar to avoid passengers from communicating with the outside world.”

Surprisingly this all dovetails with a Malaysian Insider report released on Mar. 18 titled “US military base, South Asian airports in MH370 pilot’s simulator, says paper” as the pilot of MH370 was found to have had scale simulations of Diego Garcia in his home flight simulator.

An except from the Malaysian Insider reads:

Investigations into the flight simulator taken from the missing pilot’s home showed a software for five practice runways, including one belonging to the United States, Berita Harian reported today.

“Among the software we checked so far is the Male International Airport in Maldives, three airports in India and Sri Lanka, and one belonging to the US military base in Diego Garcia. All have a runway length of 1,000 metres,” a source told the Malay daily.

Additionally it was reported that the police seized the flight simulator from pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s home Saturday.

If anyone has anymore information on this matter we urge you contact us at Intellihub News right away.

Update 2:49 PM EST:


The following information was posted as a tip on Steve Quayle’s website:

Hi Steve,

Re: the black/blank photo from the IBM tech on the lost Malaysian jet. The photo was taken inside a building just off the runways at Diego Garcia. I put the photo into my editing software, grabbed the GPS point and here it is. Try this: go to: , choose #6, go to the bottom right box and input the info:

-7 18 58.3 LATITUDE

72 25 35.6 LONGITUDE

Click on: SHOW POINT

Zoom in and you will see where the photo originated. Wow. You’ll probably recognize the heavy aircraft parked nearby.

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  • @ManeCoon51

    C’mon Intellihub, do you really expect anyone to believe this person had an iphone up their @ss? I already think they are at Diego Garcia. This loses credibility with the iphone tale.

  • Name

    “Is they”…? Are you f’n kidding me? Does anyone with an internet connection count as a journalist these days? How about trying to keep at least the headlines close to grammatically correct.

  • Carlos Danger

    You’re drunk. Please go home.

  • Douglas Hotchkiss

    hmmm, hid it up his ass ..set on vibrate? i’m dubious for some reason. although they do have lots of things up their asses no doubt.

  • Shelita Buffet

    LOL! Was this from the Onion??


    This is absolute craziness. Talk about nonsense. Everyone knows there is no way in hell this is true – if for one reason only. No iPhone battery ever lasted that long. Ever. And I am certain the guy doesn’t have the ability to have it plugged in while in captivity and while the phone is UP HIS ASS.

  • Toby_W

    I don’t think “smoking gun” means what you think it does

  • ddd

    Exif tells photo date, so battery runs 10 days without charging (Nice FAKE)

  • X-Man

    So he hid his iPhone up his ass? Thank God it wasn’t a Samsung Galaxy Note..

  • Uncle Spade

    It disgusts me that people like you use tragedies such as this for personal gain. You’re an idiot. 1: At the bottom of the photo you can see what appears to be a windshield wiper from the front of a small plane. 2: Even if that is not a windshield wiper it is most definitely NOT the side window of a commercial jet. (they have rounded windows with nothing protruding from the bottom sill). 3: If that is a SECRET military installation then how does he (or your dumb ass for that matter) know it’s a military installation.

  • Ashmore Neil

    sounds a little gay,where was the gerbil?

  • ubmediagroup

    Amazing piece!

  • Guest

    I heard that the US Military does a lot of “tracing” these days – those commandos really need to improve their penmanship!

  • jason

    Do some research before making stupid comments like this.

  • Cyberbij

    If you go to, find Diego Garcia, zoom in on the airfield and you will clearly see a VERY large hanger under construction, there is what looks like a B52 bomber parked to the left of it, this for some of you will show the scale of this construction, and looking at the steelwork, it could very well be a faraday cage type design, I have no idea how old the image on is, but what I do know is that the hanger is more than big enough to hold a Boeing 777, is it there ??, I don’t know

  • AGRawr

    I heard about this new invention on phones where you can turn them off. I don’t know if it’s standard in all phones yet, but it might be big.

  • Karl E. Peters

    Assuming this is true and fantastic evidence of potential life of other passengers, as well, all were then compromised again by releasing all this info so captors could cut off the information and possibly the person for the future…

  • chirch

    yes there is a military base there FOR SURE! do you research. and yes i have listened to scanners that people have shoved bigger stuff up there butt. and to be honest if i were him id do the samething. a very smart man he is. hey uncle spade u must of not read the full article…….the picture u see is the military base. not the picture philip sent……….IF YOU READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE and were not so quick to judge you would know that a black selfie was sent because he was in a dark room with no light. peole do your reading. be open minded. yah that circle you draw around yourself step out of it.

  • Alastair David Gray

    If you actually READ the article, they never claim the photo shown was the photo sent. What a dumb ass you are.

    If you are kidnapped on a plane, they notice you taking photos. When you see an island airport below with B-1 bombers and a few submarines parked outside the local cafe, it is a clue. You idiot. Hahaha.

    Back to the vegetable garden, where spades belong. :P

  • Alastair David Gray

    I always switch my phone OFF before I put it up my ass.

    I am terrified it might ring. Hahaha

  • William Powell

    FAKE! This picture was taken and its on Google Earth.

  • Bobby

    A) they did not say he took the picture of the base, they say he took the black photo. B) if you shut off your I Phone yes the battery will last 10 days. C) it is amazing what will fit where in an emergency situation if you think something might save your life in the future. Not saying it is Real, just clearing up some of the misconceptions people are using to say it is not real.

  • Bobby

    So true, the media has a way of letting criminals know that they are being monitored by civilians that they can then attack and do as they please with.

  • Karl E. Peters

    While I can not prove it is true, your arguments do not disprove it as he claims the picture was take from a cell, not from an airplane.. It was the black one, not the one of the island that happens to also be an emergency landing location for the recent Space Shuttle program and other large aircraft.. Diego Garcia is a well-known island with lesser-known activities.

  • Rob James

    If you go to, find Diego Garcia, zoom in on the airfield and you will clearly see a VERY large hanger under construction, there is what looks like a B52 bomber parked to the left of it, this for some of you will show the scale of this construction, and looking at the steelwork, it could very well be a faraday cage type design, I have no idea how old the image on is, but what I do know is that the hanger is more than big enough to hold a Boeing 777, is it there ??, I don’t know

  • Yorg

    So he was an IBM exec with an Apple Iphone? riiiiight.

  • John Bonham

    First off all, the photo they refer to is the all black photo. Not the island one. The island one is simply there cause the base is pictured in it for reference. Secondly, they can tell it’s a military base for 2 reasons, A: The person who sent the message clearly states he’s being held by an unknown military, and B: The co-ordinates in the exif data. You enter them in Google Earth/Yahoo maps, the only thing there for miles, is the military base. It’s on an island by itself.

    Lastly, more than likely, the was turned off to last as long as it did, and only turned on to send the message it did. Battery wont degrade while off. Also, using it in airplane mode will help cut battery use.

    Why this hasn’t been looked into is beyond me. One thing I don’t quite understand, and maybe someone can help me out here, is, it says it’s a US base, but there’s something about it being rented. Is the US renting the base out, or renting it to stay there?

  • RightInGrey

    No wonder the image was black.

  • Makessense

    When or where did it say this was the actual photo taken you gobshite!! It’s people like you that is the problem with your country!! Small
    Narrow minded prick!!! Get out and see more instead of bein the sheep you are

  • Ontopofit

    What’s with cover photo with windshield wipers on airplane – that’s a bad photoshop of a car or VW bus with Diego Garcia airstrip

  • HubLove

    Wow! So your telling me that the pilot had Diego Garcia uploaded to his home flight simulator!

  • youareretarded

    read the story… the picture and data is below. Story says picture was black. No wonder this country is so fucked. You cant even read a few paragraphs.

  • burnnn

    no… it clearly states.. plane was taken over by military… no where does it say the pilots flew it there or had a plan.

  • ubmediagroup

    …. or an iPad mini for God sakes.

  • Makessense

    Sorry dude replied to the wrong chap…. My bad

  • idiocracy

    You are wrong “burnnn”. The article CLEARLY states that the pilot of MH370 had Diego Garcia on his flight simulator in his home. Reading comprehension much?

  • X-Man


  • get a clue

    holy shit batman. So which was it. The a military or was it the pilot or maybe a joint effort lmao. Glad I didnt have to put a fone that size up my ass without lube. This has more holes than a sinking boat. Lets take a moment to be intelligent humans for a second.
    OK first off if he knew that the plane was hijacked by a military. Did they have their uniforms on under clothes. Which more than likely would of made someone ask whats going on its hard to hide a uniform under normal clothes. An it would mean more than likely that it wasnt done by the US military lets be honest who doesnt know our uniforms. An yes they could of used another countries uniform but why. This sounds like 9/11 bullshit to me. How the planes were military that hit the towers an not civilian. why would they use military uniforms at all because if you are going to do a black ops mission like this you blend so that you dont bring any attention to yourself at all. So you would be wearing something to fit in not stand out. Sounds like someone wants to start a new world order conspiracy.

    2. Diego Garcia is not a top secret or secret base what so ever people. If it was you would not have a single pic of the base, people, ships, subs, planes, I mean anything what so ever. You wouldnt be able to see it on your google earth. The government would black it out period. The only reason why GPS systems has gotten better over the years is because the government has allowed it. When they first came out and probably up to 2005 only say that because that as far as I know. They only got with in 10 square miles of the actual cordinates you were looking for. Why because the government didnt want terrorists to have easy way to attack. so with out crypto you could not have a pin point position, The government sent errors to the satelites. Just because you didnt know there was a Navy military base there doesnt make it a secret. Its been there for years. Not secret what so ever. An if it was a spy base they wouldnt say they have a comms center there either. How do I know I spent 10 years in the Navy and 15 in the military total.
    3. Yes you can probably get a phone up your ass. It would be hard as to do and was that the first thing he thought of. An yes you can say you would do the same talks always easy. But what should we look at with this. Well if we have learned anything we learned from 9/11 that the plane that went down in PA. people used their phones heaps. Why would they take them straight away. See a plane that big and you are taking it over you would want a team no less than 10 to 15 people. Getting weapons on would be hard as. To control the situation you would have your team move in place and instantly start watching the people and having a team member remove laptops and cell phones. So your going to tell me that this plan that was hijacked from military people allowed a guy to drop his pants shove a fone up his ass pull them back up and no one would of known? please because it would take some time to do this. It has his hands were tied up. How the hell could u get it out. military people would tie your hands behind your back and make u set crossed leg on your legs. Makes it impossible to make a surprise attack or a sudden move. An if they didnt an it was just him no one is watching him please. An I would love to see a ibm guy with his hands even tied in the front get a fone out of his ass. It would be hard for a pro to do. Guess he had the flash off too.
    Why is it always something more and the government why cant it just be that it is what it is.

  • dillon

    That’s just a picture of the base that the coordinates matched up wit

  • Wayne Gilmore

    The US rents the base from some country, which I am to lazy to look up atm. It is a US Navy base and is used for paroling the Indian ocean, Both Refueling and Replenishment for all types of ships occurs at this base, as well as a Blackbird used to be stationed here.

  • Humalong

    Exactly. Great advert for Apple though.

  • Giselle

    Of course there is a base there. LOL. My husband lived on Diego Garcia twice during normal deployments for the US Navy. Its not a “secret” base. It’s in the regular deployment shift schedule. Second, that place is SO SMALL and no way to hide a huge airliner without everyone on the island knowing. Like all the Navy guys and gals. :-)

  • altron

    You can change exif GPS data with Picasa. To say it cannot be edited is false.

  • Wanda McDonald

    Hate to burst your bubble…. I just opened it in PS and looked at the RAW data and the photo was taken @ 2014-03-18T20:49:41 and then modified @ 2014-03-18T21:08:34 So it appears the original photo was taken at 20:49 on the 18th and then modified and saved again nearly 20 mins later. – Also, from the Wikipedia article on EXIF data: “Recorded GPS data can also be added to any digital photograph on a computer” I attached the RAW photo data screen cap from the image as proof. And you can do the same yourself if you wish to confirm.

  • Church

    That would be very difficult to shove an iphone up your arse in the middle of hijack.

  • dumbassesneednotreply

    is it possible he turned off his phone?? hmm

  • john nos wat hes talking about

    john explain more i am with u on this

  • Mark Follansbee

    I was looking at that very same thing

  • djtakesnorequests

    hahahaah you’re a fool for this one. hahahah comedy.

  • Mark Follansbee

    but he could have shut the dam thing off dumbass, it will last up to 10 days know it all

  • Billy Bud

    Im courious. has anyone else tried this Butt trick? With or without Ass Lube. I’ve herd of Gerbles but never I Phones.

  • Martin Alberter

    So global satellite roaming sim? Does that even exist?

  • Christie

    Not saying I believe this one way or the other, but maybe by hiding his iphone up his ass, he really meant between his ass cheeks? If he’s got strong glutes, he could clench it between there, maybe not UP his ass – but then again, stranger things have been smuggled in asses before. It’s actually a pretty good idea.

    Also, for those who keep saying the photo used in the post of the base wasn’t taken by the supposed passenger – no kidding. They used that as an example, they didn’t want to headline the post with the actual black photo they were truly referencing. It might be a good idea to read before you comment.

  • For Reals Homes?

    As soon as Jim Stone produces a photo of himself dry keystering his iPhone (I’m assuming Phillip Wood didn’t have a travel size tube of Astroglide in his carry on), I will consider taking this article with a grain of salt.

  • PistolPeterson

    BS, shove an iPhone up your butt? That’s crazy.

  • Retrobyte

    It’s already 1 April in my part of the world.

  • CaptSaltyJack

    Ok, I’ll play: Let’s say the US military hijacked the plane. Jim Stone never gives any valid reasons as to why they would do this. What a joke of a journalist. I also like how the retinex image is said to be a bag over someone’s head. Really? There is no discernible head shape in there at all.

    Total rubbish.

  • ubmediagroup

    Good idea…. the old ass clapping trick.

  • ubmediagroup

    I second that!

  • ubmediagroup

    Good point!

  • True North

    Sorry. EXIF data is easily edited. I’ve done it myself on Linux.
    there are several tools for it. Easy as pie.
    just google “edit exif data”

  • Pine56

    Ok cool… supposedly i believe this story …why would the US army or any other want to do this? puzzling!!

  • Bryan

    Diego Garcia has cellular but no data via it. BUSTED

  • John Bonham

    Don’t know what or how much more you want me to explain but I’ll try to summarize easily what the article is saying:

    Basically, the passengers of the flight are alive, and are being held captive in an offshore US Military base right in the search area (The Indian Ocean). The man who sent the picture and accompanying message says they’re being held by a military of unknown origin, and that he, and possibly everyone else has been drugged due to his inability to think clearly.

    The information comes from the black picture, when you save it to your computer and view the properties of it. The type of phone, not only sends data on the physical location of where the picture was taken, right down to the exact latitude and longitude, but also date and time taken. By entering the latitude and longitude in any map system, the co-ordinates put you in a hangar of the Diego Garcia Military base, currently run by the US. The fact that the location data of the picture taken, and the fact Mr. Wood says they’re held by unknown military, are helping to be confirmatory to the location being right.

  • Eric S. Mueller

    If Diego Garcia is so secret, why does almost everybody in the Navy know about it? It’s not Area 51…

  • Lakeview Greg

    Steve Quayle? Never mind.

  • John Bonham

    More than likely, this isn’t the exact photo that was sent. They could have copied the picture, and sent that to be included in the article. I’ve experienced this before, where making a copy (Right clicking a picture and clicking copy) has changed both metadata and exif data. I agree, yes the original should have been sent instead of a copy,. then using the original data. But lets not rush to this being fake. This needs to be investigated to the fullest extent, as there are 320 lives at stake, and if they are alive, and savable, should we not check it out anyway? Not huge on conspiracy theories, but nothing about this sounds wrong, and WAY more probable than it just ending in the Indian Ocean. They still have no debris or evidence to support that.

  • iheartubuntu

    Is it possible to take the photo, then attempt to send it out? And when there is finally reception to send the modification of the image is that of it being sent for a text message,, a much smaller size, not the original.

  • tenklop

    So why doesn’t anyone post the source of the image?

  • John Bonham

    You’d be surprised at how many comments disprove Lot of people thought that that pic was the one of the data, not the all black one.

  • gunslinger1964

    I smell something here 1 how in the hell did this wood manage to send a text with the phone up his ass? 2 how did this wood have time while seating in the planes seat, he would have to stand up drop his pants and some how in plain view manage to shove a phone up his ass. 3 I might buy it (maybe) if wood was a woman I spose you MIGHT be able to shove a object in a woman’s vagina but in plain sight in front of all the other passengers and the “so called” hijackers ?. 4 What if wood got a phone call with said phone up his ass I can hear it now “Someones ASS is ringing” 5 Again is it possible to shove a phone up ones ass in the time frame with all what was going on?

    Now is it possible that this plane was taken to Diego Garcia maybe, I think, I would buy that over a guy shoving a phone up his ass. And for the drug thing, if he was drug and possible tied, would you not tie up the people you just highjacked, if he was tied up assuming that he might have been you don’t want people running around, that you just snatched off a airplane now would you. how in the hell do you get a freaking phone OUT OF YOUR ASS while drug and and possable if you hands bound by something? Calling Mr ass, Calling Mr ass I can hear the voice message now ” Sorry can’t take your call because my phone is up my ASS please lease a message and I might call you back when I get my phone out of my ass thank you” But I guess anything is possible these days. I now return you to your favored TV show “the day of our ass’s”

  • Mashkin

    It’s not like a minute of googling would reveal freeware to alter EXIF data to whatever you want (sarcasm – for those who didn’t get it).
    It could be real but it could also easily be a fake. Pointing out “proving” details that noone instantly thinks about in the first place to make it look more like the real thing makes it even more suspicous.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally against US politics and their secret operations (like spying on our Chancelor’s mobile phones) but this case is too suspicious to not find it suspicious.

  • John Bonham

    Thanks for the info. Just wasn’t clear on that.

  • John Bonham

    Not sure what A: You mean and B:You’re getting at.

  • iheartubuntu

    linux user here. tons of tools at my disposal. the back camera was used to take the photo. not much other relevant info that hasnt already been posted but it looks legitimate to me. zexif and pexif data looks intact as well.

    this is how we break down the old system…. everyone around the world putting the pieces together. governments cannot hide from citizens anymore. we will take back the world!

  • Ryan Badger

    Some people would say it would be very difficult. Others would say “Challenge Accepted”

  • John Bonham

    Same here. I mean, this is the first concrete lead in the entire ordeal so far. Nothing else is panning out, but this is something we can go and physically rule out or not. That debris stuff is a crap shoot from the beginning.

  • tenklop

    He never said he had his hands tied

  • Wanda McDonald

    I am not discounting the Diego Garcia theory at all.. in fact I think that is the most likely location given the pings, flight time, the plane spotted over Maldives etc. The only facts are: deliberate action to turn the plane, shut down transponder and ACARS (requires pulling circuit breakers), yet it still pinged for another 7 hrs, doppler (target motion analysis – which we use in the military to track targets based on received frequency) and no debris field… planes are filled with insulation that floats… I worked on the Swissair recovery with the Canadian Navy, and there would be evidence floating. So I just feel it landed somewhere…

    I only wanted to point out that the photo might be fake. Given the time difference of only roughly 20 mins from when the original was taken to being modified to this version… also, the XMP Creator Tool info says 7.0.6 that’s the iOS version installed on the iPhone. So that means it was altered on the phone itself… or someone else’s iPhone (not a computer) within less than 20 mins after it was originally taken. I doubt he would have altered it himself since he was in the dark and only operating the phone presumably via Siri and his priority would have been to just get the pic sent. It would have been impossible for him to alter a photo via voice command completely in the dark. So let’s assume it takes a few mins to get the image posted online…. that leaves about 16-17 mins window tops.

    It makes much more sense that someone used a jailbreak app that spoofs GPS coordinates on photos taken on the iPhone. As for the enhanced version (I also have my degree as a graphic artist) I played with it and can not get any discernible data from the image except for noise from the sensor. I have not given up hope… but it can also hurt people’s chances to lead everyone astray on a wild goose chase as well.

  • iheartubuntu

    Someone needs to be on the first plane or ship over there. im afraid that if US or western ties know all about this, they wont let anyone near with a 10 foot pole.

  • iheartubuntu

    so lets say i take the photo and try to send it via text, right? the reception is bad. when the photo finally does go out minutes later it shrinks it in size to send via text. this is what my phone does (android kitkat). so this would explain Wanda showing an edit on the photo 20 minutes later. what i mean to say is it is completely plausible this is the original photo that was resized for SMS when reception was available.

    ive had many times taken a photo and tried to send it and it does not go through the first attempt.

  • iheartubuntu

    so my theory is he didnt manually edit the photo. photos get resized when sent via text automatically.

  • Travis Devereux

    and i suppose dying would be difficult as well. People act strangely when they know they are about to die! My brothers wife is a nurse and she has had people come into E.R with Papaya stuck up their butts, and Lightbulb (OW) . IT could DEFINETLY FIT LOL

  • Wanda McDonald

    Remember he was using voice to do this… chances are it would have been a direct thing… he would never have been able to manipulate the OS to first take a photo and then attach it to an MMS via voice commands… Siri is not that advanced. He would have to tell Siri to take a photo and send it to XXX-XXX-XXXX in one go (if thats even possible). The photo would have been taken right away in the proper format and even if it was delayed would have sent without showing modification. The image was taken AND modified on an iPhone (either the same phone or another iPhone less than 20 mins after it was originally taken)

    edit: I just tried about 20 different ways to try to get the phone to do this and I can’t even get it to take a photo at all by voice only. Sending a simple text msg is easy enough via Siri but not attaching an image. Siri wants to keep searching the net or it says that it does not understand what I want.

  • iheartubuntu

    interesting. do we know where the photo was sent to?

  • floridahank

    I can already see the scfi writers cranking up their keyboards — we’ll have a TV version of this entire scenario in the next 30-60 days. All the actors are hyping their agents to get a part for them. Will make a ton of $$$ — the public eats up this kind of stuff.

  • Chefchrissilver

    My iPhone has a amazing feature! It’s called a flash…..

  • disqus_VrJdevCXk0

    Captain Koons hid that uncomfortable chunk of metal up his ass for 2 years in that Hanoi Pit of Hell.
    I guess a guy could hide an iphone up his ass for a couple of days…

  • iheartubuntu

    So who exactly did Wood send the photo to? Jim Stone? Why him?

  • pdx73

    Okay. Let’s assume the passenger could actually shove an I-Phone up his ass ( judgement on his personal lifestyle withheld) and then retrieve it once they landed at Diego Garcia. Could someone tell me what motive would the US Air Force or any other branch of the US military have for hijacking a sovereign country’s commercial airliner? Other than painting it up as a US commercial airliner in an effort to make a Kamikaze attack on the White House (which I could understand but not actually condone), there’s no logical reason for the airliner to be hijacked to Diego Garcia.

  • ubmediagroup

    Here is the whole process run through, it’s real.

  • pj

    My iPhone doesn’t work if I splash a little water on it.. and you think it’d work after that?!?! Come on!

  • iheartubuntu

    Remember folks, its called television “programming” for a reason… to program you to think a certain way. They also use broad”casters”, just a modern name for spell casters. I dont trust the media and I dont trust any government.

  • iheartubuntu

    EDIT: Wood posted the image to 4chan…. seems kind of lame to me. Jim Stone goes into some detail as to why posting it on 4chan. If so, Wood is a real McGyver… I would have never thought of that. But then that means Wood would not have sent an SMS, but rather was viewing websites with his phone? I dont know.

  • Heartland Patriot

    I will only say three things about this: one, the island of Diego Garcia is NOT secret, as I transited through there a couple of times while serving in the military some years ago; two, they do have the internet there and GIs are some gossipy types if they see something weird (and a Malaysian airliner landing there would be weird), and three, maybe the phrase “hid the phone in my ass” might only mean between the cheeks, just sayin’.

  • jay

    So lets get this straight he’s works for IBM has an apple phone. Hidden in his ads that he remembered to shut off for 10days to save the battery. Then the phone stayed they while his hands were probably bound. So then he retrieved the phone from his ass turned it on with tied up hands and he then took a picture in a complete black room. Oh we must have forgot his screen didn’t light up cause it had shit all over it. This is becoming one he’ll of a story. Believable. Ever

  • fenris1989

    Let me say now I’m not sure bout any of this bullshit but a few ideas to your questions can be made,1 I’m pretty sure he had to get it out first 2. the odds of him being in his seat at that present time was not high,more than likely he was in the bathroom during the hijacking and took what time he had to painfully do that(though again I don’t know if this story is true and more than likely we will never know).

  • Wanda McDonald

    Apparently it was posted to /pol/ by Philip himself. The original was removed from /pol/ but a backup site the thread was not deleted. You can find it here:
    Thus, the original file taken supposedly by Philip is the one attached in that post. That IS indeed the same one I opened in PS and read EXIF data of. So it appears that the photo was taken and then modified just under 20 mins later on the same iPhone. It was not sent via text msg but instead via internet. I find this extremely unlikely given that he was supposed to be blindfolded and in pitch black. I can’t even get my iPhone 5s to take a photo by voice command / Siri let alone modify it, save it again, and then log on to a forum site and post it. And since the EXIF can indeed be edited, or more than likely spoofed on the iPhone itself with a jailbreak app… the modifying was likely to make it black. It’s not from simply copying the image file as everyone who has a copy would show different modify date… but they all say 21:08 on the 18th.
    This is likely someone who just wanted to cause everyone to get riled up.

  • OSOK

    I would say he shoved it between his ass crack not literally up his ass. If he is a bigger man it would easily sit between the cheeks without being detected.

  • Trevor Philips

    I have a problem with this story.
    Which network did he use to send this photo? Are there commercial providers on a very, very remote military base?

  • conspiracybuster

    I call bovine excrement. The flight supposedly went missing 3/8. I opened the file with imagemagick and the exif data shows the following date/time. Why does the exif datetime show 3/18?
    exif:DateTime: 2014:03:18 21:08:34
    exif:DateTimeDigitized: 2014:03:18 20:49:41
    exif:DateTimeOriginal: 2014:03:18 20:49:41

  • Mellow Jessica

    So, so sad.

  • HubLove

    and then there’s this- Will the matching Malaysian Airlines 777 stored in an Israeli hangar later be used in a false flag attack?

  • Nolee

    My dad is retired from the Air Force and was a flight engineer on the C-5, then on AWACS… he used to fly into Diego Garcia all the time, and said it is just a Naval refueling station, but things likely have changed since then…

  • Osurperlosthiswings

    I tend to believe he could have hid it between his cheeks too. I believe it is very plausible for him to fear loosing contact with the outside world and he hid it there. I researched cell phone companies who provide service for Diego Garcia and there is service there…. someone needs to fly out there and send out a test picture and see if it logs the same coordinates as was on Paul Woods phone.

  • xfahctor

    This is the biggest bunch of horse shit I’ve seen in a while and anyone believing it is a gullible moron.

  • JoeyJiggles

    Since you seem to know what you are talking about.. on a percentage scale to 100% believeable… what is your opinion!? You seem to contradict yourself a little, yet have been the only one truly trying to figure it out! I want to know your opinion!!!

  • Eric Dahl

    “Exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be added to in fields such as image credits with some advanced applications. It can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED. Photos with the exif intact will hold up in court. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.”

  • paulcarey

    I generally have an open mind but not in this case.

    You’re telling me that the where ever he was there was open WAP that handed him an IP address?. All comm and transponders on the plane were shut down and the satellite internet was open? (If the 777 was so equipped) If Mr. Wood dropped into a region supported data roaming then all hops back to the source are discover-able. This appears to be a prank by someone with little knowledge of connectivity..

  • Drew B. Catlin

    this is bogus. this file was created on March 18th. WTF is wrong with you? I’m signing in with my actual fb account because there are actual results. I’ll engage anyone in a thoughtful, fact-based debate. If anyone goes off-topic or attacks me ad hominem or digresses in any fashion, foul-mouthed or not, on my page, I will block them and report them. Civilized debate grounded in facts, thems the rules.
    And just so you are all aware, I took this EXIF data from the blank image, not the one of the island landing strip.

  • 2 minute Google searcher

    Exif data is not secure. It can be faked in 5 minutes.
    ExifInterface exif = new ExifInterface(filename);
    exif.setAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_GPS_LATITUDE, latitude);
    exif.setAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_GPS_LONGITUDE, longitude);

    Replace latitude and longitude with your conspiracy theory-supporting values, and voila!

  • psyop-2-reality

    So if the plane went to Diego Garcia we have to ask who benefitted from the theft of a 777? Was it the US military or better yet the CIA who could probably get away with such an act (because it wanted ‘untraceable’ ownership, and had the resources to repurpose it to their specs) and would simply lie to cover their tracks like they have done for the last 65 years? If not then who else? Until this I figured it was flown to Kazakstan or Uzbekistan and repurposed. It had to be someone with a budget and if not direct support and complicity of a gov’t then is a gov’t. No wreckage = certain complicity. Someone on Diego Garcia knows a lot more than we have been told.

    If this piracy/theft is a certainty no passengers will ever be seen again, and probably not the pilot either. I’d be checking a lot of past communications to him, his copilot and the 2 people who didn’t have valid passports. We also need to ask if DG was on his flight simulator why it was. It is not a commercial airport.

  • this girl

    Does April Fools Day ring a bell??

  • Navdave

    The US rents Diego Garcia from the United Kingdom. US Air Force would not let a civilian airliner land on Diego unless it declared an inflight emergency. Then it would authorize landing, but there would be trucks full of military police meeting the airliner. The USAF might just notice that there were folks debarking in strange military uniforms.

  • ear

    I am not saying one way or another…but apparently you have not worked in a prison. LOL Done all the damn time….along with the charger.

  • Ted Cruz

    I am surprised no one here asked the obvious question…why? What possible motivation would the US military have for hijacking a plane full of 239 people and re-routing it to a secret base. What possible target would be sooooo valuable that they would risk such a massive international snafu for getting caught?

  • GeraldineB

    This is the most distressing and heartless lie ….. please check your facts before printing such stuff….. the relatives of the missing people have been through enough….. This is a clip from a picture, taken from a cockpit…. in *2007*

  • KDizz

    Didnt bother to read the article, but let me just answer the opening paragraph with a succinct ‘Nope’… next…

  • william gibbs

    Calling the picture black. Isn’t that racist?

  • NebraskaGBR

    A lot of speculation and a lot of valid points. Weather it’s legit or not, I’d say it’s worth checking out. I mean the US and other countries are spending millions searching and only finding trash and fishing gear which was supposedly “debris” from the crash in the ocean. What’s the worst that could happen, it comes up empty and they go back to the drawing boards! 230+ Families deserve an explanation and answers to what happened to their loved ones!

  • Wanda McDonald

    I think 99% the photo is fake. It was posted supposedly by Philip, so the image was taken and then modified on HIS iPhone less than 20 mins later but before he posted it. It’s impossible to even take a photo using Siri / voice command, let alone modify it, log online and post it to a forum site. And if he was not blindfolded at that point why say so in the post on /pol/ plus the post itself is perfect. If her was dictating to Siri to post, anyone knows Siri is never 100% with grammar and punctuation! There were even brackets appropriately used in the post.

    However, I do think Diego Garcia is a possibility… but I base my suspicion on the known satellite data, INMARSAT doppler calculations, deliberate shut down of ACARS and transponder, the flight time added with the sighting over Maldives just after 6 am etc. Not basing my suspicion at all on the photo. I think if this was a military / NSA type of job, you won’t ever hear from any of those people again… they are likely not alive, except for maybe the 20 Freescale Semiconductor Inc employees who were high profile, and that company actually makes technology for weapons and military applications including making planes invisible to radar, missile guidance, avionics, etc. – those 20 people may have been the reason the plane disappeared…

  • Jim MacDaniel

    How was he supposed to have sent this photo? There is no commercial cellular network in Diego Garcia, and I doubt his captors would have shared their wi-fi key with him.

  • maybe

    so the large scale search that cost a few $is fake?

  • silent88

    so Diego Garcia is a small island owned by England, The only thing that the U.S. has to do with that base is Our SSGN submarines that are a continually deployed . I am stationed on one of the SSGN’s that do crew turn over in Diego Garcia.

  • captainobvious

    maybe he took a picture of his ass

  • anonymous

    the iphone battery could held charge for 10 days if phone was shut down.
    he probably shut it down and hid it before the soldiers came to take them.
    he was blindfolded on hijack but the blindfold was removed when he was
    put in a cell and drugged. the iphone was in his panties most of the time.
    he was separated from the other passengers and put in a one man cell.
    on the 10th day he powered up the phone and operated it manually but
    his cell was too dark to take pics even at shutter 1/15 seconds and f2.4.
    after taking the pic he scaled it down to shorten the transmission time and
    posted it to the 4chan website. the transmission was probably noticed,
    followed and his post was taken down from the website.

    my guess is that the Boeing 777 was needed for a false flag operation.
    it was to disappear mysteriously then appear over a US base or Israeli
    city and crash on it. Iran would be blamed to provide an excuse for war.
    we know that a second identical (up to a very near serial number) plane
    was bought from Malaysian Airlines and is stored in Israel (a backup?).
    after the operation succeeded and war broke the passengers could be
    released from the alleged Iranian captivity and the world told they were
    exchanged for POVs or for some ransom.

  • Scott Hanson

    The Kook factor is strong in this one.


    “…He knew if the gooks ever saw the iphone that it’d be confiscated; taken away. The way your Dad looked at it, this iphone was your birthright. He’d be damned if any slopes were gonna put their greasy yellow hands on his boy’s birthright. So he hid it in the one place he knew he could hide something. His ass.”

  • f

    This is all one big global experiment

  • Krinderhagen

    well if there is any truth to this there is few reasons a military would jam and take over an aircraft questionable radio discussions, reporting of stolen visa, questionable cargo

  • anonymous

    Wanda, The post said:

    “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”

    My interpretation is that Wood was blindfolded through the hijack and maybe later but the blindfold was removed in the cell because it was not needed. The blindfolds were needed previously to prevent the passengers from identifying the soldiers but the cells were dark and the passengers were drugged. They probably gave them food without entering the cells and being seen.

  • LoneWolfiNTj

    This is wrong:

    “Exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be added to in fields such as image credits with some advanced applications. It can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED. Photos with the exif intact will hold up in court. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.”

    Nonsense. Any person can edit any file using a binary file editor. Many good one are available free. Examples include “HxD” and “Neo”. They allow you to set any byte to any value, insert bytes, delete bytes, etc.

  • ThatBenGuy

    Shame on you for posting this lunacy without appropriate caveats. The originator of this story is clearly disturbed (he breaks from addressing debunkers to rant about how the NSA interferes with his personal phone calls to screw with his family relationships, because leveraging billion-dollar telco infrastructure to foment misunderstandings between an adult schizophrenic and their parents is totally NSA-style).

    If you had even a SHRED of journalistic integrity you would have lead with the fact that the photo in question was posted on 4Chan, which more or less closes any and all questions of its authenticity or intent.

  • eric

    yes. that’s on my thought. because on a land faraway an internet signal would be so hard to find so the photo should be minimised

  • Ruffles

    what a terrible April Fools joke..

  • Enobdeah

    Wanda McDonald, you are correct in most that you have posted, look at EXIF properties more carefully, not only was it edited after it was taken, you will see the brightness was set to -8 something.
    Maybe you can play with your phone more & see what that does ( I dont have iPhone)
    Why would he not send it to his wife, mum, dad, boss etc..
    Instead post on a forum, hahaha laughable, how hard would that be ! (blind)
    posted as ‘anonymous’ so it’s seems a forum he doesn’t even frequent !
    Guess he even found the site on Google too, hehe
    If you understand Doppler Data, which is clear many don’t, you can forget the Maldives, heading towards them would produce a massive dip in the Doppler Shift Offset
    (On the INMARSAT graph that has been publicly posted)
    This sort of stuff on the net is a massive insult to the loved ones..
    My heart goes out to the families.

  • Mike Adamson

    haha i just spat beer over my keyboard reading this! awesome

  • Faraz Jehangir

    … and just how did this iPhone 5 start getting a wifi / 3G / GPRS connectable signal to send / broadcast this image?

  • David B

    Was it 1 April when this was originally posted?

  • Cory Koff

    Ah yes more US government corruption when will it end???

  • Robert Newton

    Not quite. As we now have to put various items (toiletries etc) into plastic baggies before getting on the plane, slipping a cell phone into one and inserting it is not impossible. Uncomfortable maybe – but in a hijacking situation you do what you have to do.

  • DLee

    You’re looking at the wrong picture. The one that is all black is the one from the iphone. The picture of Diego is credited at the bottom of this article

  • DLee

    Jim Stone states that the photo was created and sent on the 18th. 10 days after it went missing. What’s the problem? It’s only now being picked up on but that was reported by Jim on his website..

  • Dovette You have done well to research the photo and offer your opinion like you have, but to believe the semiconductor nonsense, come on!

  • Trell West

    I would just like to say that we on Flipboard CALLED THIS EXACT SAME THING HAPPENING ON MARCH 20TH

  • graham


  • Muzammil Akram


  • Adrian

    Sick joke…
    This image is already taken in 2007.

  • Cesar Bettencourt

    you can do this kind of stuff with an iphone 5ASS

  • hugh

    If they tried to land on a 3000 ft runway with a 777, they would be in the Indian Ocean

  • Trell West

    Especially when uploading to a site that archives original docs. He could’ve had an app to do so, or something that uploaded and archived to a site where he knew people could do something with it

  • Trell West

    I just want to say that we called it

  • gripthemcheecks

    no way you can hold something in more than 10 days
    try it ;)

  • Wanda McDonald

    If his blindfold was removed, allowing him to edit a photo, and upload via the internet, and type a full post, then he obviously has access to the iPhone screen, meaning he could have easily turned on the iPhone’s flash when he took the pic no???

  • crashpoint

    I’ve reading through the article as well as the comments/queries raised. I was wondering how could a communication sent out from iphone through a such high intel military communication towers without their knowledge/communication radars if it said so…

  • Enobdeah

    Agreed ! But hey,lol maybe he was on his last battery bar.
    Imagine you are him, it’s been 10 days (no way a phone could remain inside a human body without moisture entering it, so I imagine it was ‘out’ long ago – anyway back on track)
    10 days, you probably are very scared for your safety, you have been waiting every moment, knowing you have your powered down phone still.
    Ok, you feel safe enough to ‘turn it on’ – what would you do ?
    You discover it works and has net access. YAY..
    1. Go looking for a BBS (Full of immature individuals that like to post pictures of nude women & hentai porn) where you can post an anonymous picture of blackness & EXIF data. THEN TURN IT OFF & DO NOTHING ELSE WITH IT !
    2. Send emails to everyone you know – CC your whole address book, the people that matter in your life. He did work for IBM hey, think he might know how ? ;)
    3. Post somewhere you ARE KNOWN so that people there would take you very seriously
    4. etc etc etc +sensible imagination goes here+
    You don’t need to be a genius.. This is gutter journalism.

  • Gabriele Dal Rovere Zurla
  • anonymous

    There could be several reasons not to use flash:

    * conserve battery as he had no way to charge it
    * fear of guards seeing the flash and taking the phone
    * no real need to post a selfie as he gave his name
    and wanted only to send his location to rescuers

    I guess a selfie could prove it was really him (if the
    family recognized it) and thus ensure getting help.

    By the way, I looked at his wife facebook page and
    around this time she gave an interview in which she
    seemed convinced he was hijacked and asked the
    hijackers not to harm him.

    Most of the time she seemed sure he may come back.

    She now says the call from Diego Garcia is a hoax
    and ask people to ignore it. This is wise as if the war
    plan fails the government wouldn’t be able to return
    the hostages without losing face so the best course
    is to play along.

  • AnonymousPanda
  • Dangershoes

    I really hope this isn’t an April fools prank, but if it is true, I hope they are not monitoring news feeds.

  • Dean Fang

    If it was life or death on a plane and this is real. IF IT IS. All you people can think about is something up his ass? I mean seriously. If you’re looking for a laugh go look in the mirror. Because you are the JOKE! Everyone wants brownie points for being a comedian. This shit has to stop! Personally, I’m split down the middle between the realism of this and the shitty picture. I do wish the best for all of them sincerely. I’m bummed out though and feel like if it was me, and I shoved an Iphone up my ass. 1st, you better respect that. 2nd. you better understand there was a REAL reason to do that and 3rd, I was talking out of my ass to beam you up a picture! So the least you can do is investigate the shit out of it! God blast America! Amen!

  • Leroy Eugene Hudson

    Maybe that’s where he normally keeps it? “call me baby, call me”

  • JOhn Brown

    Diego Garcia is not a secret base. We have had a base there for over 40 years.

  • Sez1

    How about this idea….instead of arguing whether he could have taken the picture….how about the fact that the phone sent out a message….as in not being “lost in the sea”? …that is, unless mermaids can send messages from the dead person’s phone….(joking aside)

    Anyone recall the article where Chinese family members reported seeing their loved ones internet activity still running? Perhaps there’s some truth to this…..

  • RobertStuart13

    I was there in 1975, USN Longbeach. It has never been a secret. WTF they do there probably is !

  • Guestinization

    Boeing 777 has a 60.9 meter wingspan.
    Boeing B-52 Stratofortress has a 56.4 meter wingspan.

    The B-52 bombers on the runway left of the alleged hangar the photo was taken from, would never fit in that hangar. So neighter would a Boeing 777. Just saying.

  • ld13

    Ha. EXIF data cannot be edited? Google disagrees:

  • reverb256

    I think this is disinfo. I find it likely that an attack was indeed initiated by the Rothschild faction and it was totally mitigated. The people on that flight are not gone.

    The wreckage will be found, but no bodies.

  • LoneStarHog

    All the way down at the bottom of the article is this: (Featured photo at top of page: (i.e. A Stock Photo)

    May I suggest that you read the entire article, next time.

  • Eatie Gourmet

    Well, considering how ‘often’ we read about Diego Garcia in the news, (almost as much as that Justin Bieber idiot, after all!), I thought at the time it was kind of interesting that a plane goes missing in the general vicinity and the UK Independent ran an article on the 15th of March about how the US Navy was destroying the environment of Diego Garcia by its very presence. What a coincidence.

  • bhargavkesavan

    If he has time to take a picture and send it , why didn’t he text or send a voice note to his whatsapp group by which he could have informed a large number of his contacts in short time! Somehow I couldn’t believe this article. If it’s hijacked, why is that no one came forward to claim the hijack for any demands!

  • j-tag

    Im pretty sure that you wouldn’t be able to send a message from a military base where the only cell tower would be controlled by the base. if it were something of this magnitude then I doubt they would leave this kind of thing up to chance. just saying…

  • Joe King

    poor taste for an April Fools joke.

  • Chyea

    That one guy said he thinks we won’t find the plane, it will find us. That theory is lookin to be the most accurate. But what country will take the blow and who will it get blamed on. If things like 911 and soo many more conspiracies have been predicted via tv shows and movies and such. Maybe we should look for future attack plans in today’s tv

  • Dick d

    Yeah because we wouldn’t have a cell phone jam’wwith a risk of being (found out) I think some cat would’ve thought to block this type of thing..

  • mikemoair2

    well this should be breaking news huh?

  • mikemoair2

    is he concerned over Gwyneth’s conscious uncoupling? I worry how she will survive having only 140 million dollars

  • mikemoair2

    what do we have to do to get the entire kardashian klan booked on the next missing airliner?

  • mikemoair2

    why did the marathon candy bar go missing? kids/adults loved it!!!!!

  • mikemoair2

    they have gone missing, much like the $2500 you were going to save from obamacare

  • E

    Has anybody ever cared to think it’s April Fools?

  • mikemoair2

    gone missing like ANY reporting on the war in Afghanistan, remember the daily body count when bush was president? I have not heard a count in over 5 years? are we still there?

  • mikemoair2

    keep our own kids safe

  • mikemoair2

    what is missing, are viewers for ronan farrow

  • mikemoair2

    I wish our 17.4 trillion dollar debt could go missing, or at least addressed by our leaders in office

  • mikemoair2

    well if this isn’t a hot topic on the view, the chew, the talk, the couch what difference does it make?

  • ash

    why was he the only one separated? is this even real or is this part of the gov’ts plan..

  • mikemoair2

    what DID go missing was 400 SAM’s from benghazi

  • mikemoair2

    im glad “how I met your mother” will now go missing

  • mikemoair2

    foghat has gone missing

  • mikemoair2

    when I flush a bowel movement, im happy it goes missing, who wants that over flowing on the floor?

  • Anony_Brit

    Can’t believe i read a page of comments and no one pointed out this was an april fool. And one done in incredibly poor taste.

  • mikemoair2

    im glad monster Woodstock bushes on chicks have gone missing

  • mikemoair2

    ive never seen any dead bodies in the streets from big gulps or secondhand smoke? are they missing? they should be everywhere man

  • chick

    who writes this crap?? and why are you people even talking about a pic …really…you people really believe this story?????

  • Antonio ApplJackz Davis

    So when they were taken off the plane…they didn’t do a cavity search?

  • agent ulman

    Unless he didn’t want an f’ing flash to go off, you know, while trying to be covert.

  • Dan

    Bubble burst time… The claim that EXIF information cannot be removed or modified is bunk! It most certainly CAN be changed, just not by a tool using MS Paint.

    I stake no claim on the rest of the article, but the EXIF claim is wrong!

  • agent ulman

    If you don’t understand the power of 4chan, I just can’t help ya. It’s not the first time people have gone to 4chan for help. If this was an op, all main channels would be under surveil. After all, if he did do it, it worked, and we are having this discussion.

  • agent ulman

    Just because you’re reading it today doesn’t make it a hoax.

  • agent ulman

    This was also explained in the article, or in the original post from the journalist himself. There are 1600 people on the island, military personnel and spouses.

  • Enobdeah

    Anyway Wanda, you nailed it here with this post.
    Opening the ‘fake’ black picture with a hex editor you will see the time-stamp and the word “Picasa”
    2014:03:18 21:08:34.Picasa <- string exactly like that.
    This would be when the GPS coordinates were added/modified & the software used to do it.

  • agent ulman

    Read the article, bro.

  • Patricia M

    there is no record anywhere on the internet of Jim Stone being an actual “journalist”. Who does he freelance for? Unless you can answer that, this info is no good. And on another matter, putting something the size of an iPhone up one’s behind without hours of preparations like in BDSM practices and without vaseline is very unlikely, so I don’t quite see how this man (while on the plane and being watched) managed such a preparation. he would have bled a lot and probably passed out from the pain, which wouldn’t have gone unnoticed… Plus the photo you’re posting here is from Wikipédia…

  • agent ulman

    He did, actually. Follow the link to Jim Stone’s article and read it.

  • Patricia M

    Also: a Philip Wood Twitter page was created a short while ago. It says that it’s by his family and friends, but we don’t know that for sure. If the person who created this page had the same info as you, they’d either go public with it on the page, or keep a low profile and not tweet at all. You do know that in a case like a highjacking, the first people you give news to is your family. So where did Jim Jones find this text message ? He doesn’t tell on his website, so why should we take any notice of someone who talks about things that aren’t sourced nor backed up by anything?

  • James Crafford

    paranoid NONSENSE. it is april one after all.

  • durrrr

    Hey retards, April Fools

  • Patricia M

    Also : plane went missing on the 8th, photo was allegedly posted on the 19th, iPhone battery doesn’t last 11 days even when the phone is turned off, and again, he would have texted his family rather than a web forum, and he would have done it several times, not juste once, if he managed to keep his phone for 11 days before someone took it from him.

  • George

    What is todays date? OH RIGHT!!!!

  • Greg Michaels

    Good thing he didn’t have a Galaxy Mega! Happy April Fools Day!

  • dazzleships

    you guys…this HAS to be an april fools joke?

  • Patricia M

    people has shoved bigger things up their anus, yes, but not without a long preparation like during SM sex, otherwise you bleed a lot, and it has to be in very deep to not come up every time you breathe, and when it’s in deep for a while without a part sticking out, it gets absorbed inside and the risk is death, simple as that, that’s why people who play games like that end up rushing to the ER because there is a serious risk if you wait too long. no risk when you practice SM and know how to do it, but stressed out during a highjacking, no way.

  • Kristea123

    When you get home, try storing an iPhone in your ass for 10 days.

  • TinFoilHat

    Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.

  • OpieJuanCannoli

    Real people died and their families will never know the truth of what happened to their loved ones. I’m all for April Fool’s jokes, but this one is in poor form. You got people pulling out the tinfoil hats, so kudos to you for that, I guess…

  • Harry Whole

    Is this a April Fools Joke ?

  • RocketDodger

    No, I think it is generally accepted that he did not ‘manually edit the photo, I believe it was anally…

  • RocketDodger

    Is that big white hat in your avatar to cover the tin foil one?

  • Wanda McDonald

    The screen lighting up would have ruined any chance of covertness in a dark room anyway. Did you know a simple candle can be seen through complete darkness 10 football fields away??

  • Wanda McDonald

    We still need to examine why the image was modified just under 20 mins after it was taken… on the same phone. Jailbroken iPhones can spoof GPS coordinates. Also, one good photo that could verify it was him would be worth 10 black images with questionable EXIF data. Therefore if it were me, I’d use the flash to make sure I had that one good photo. The light of the screen would have alerted anyone nearby anyway so I am sure he would have made sure he was alone before taking the phone out at all. I don’t believe the pic at all. But the diego garcia theory is still a strong one in my mind… the timing matches up, the sighting in Maldives just after 6 am, the doppler analysis, direction of flight, etc.

  • Wanda McDonald

    I don’t believe the Rothschild / patent story. That’s obvious conspiracy theory…
    but there were most definitely 20 people on board from Freescale Semiconductor Inc, and they do manufacture technology used for the military. I only suggested that the technology they create (likely classified) could be of interest.

  • Jack Levin

    This has got to be the biggest crock of shit article I’ve read in years. Great April fools joke….NOT. Especially when over 200 people have lost their lives and are 20,000 feet in the ocean. Get a life.

  • Wanda McDonald

    I’m only looking to debunk the fakes… that’s actually the opposite of people who wear tin foil hats… just so you know! And the white ‘hat’ is actually a turban… like people wear for yoga.

  • Wanda McDonald

    I actually use doppler calculations in my career as sonar operator int he Navy. Same theory… sound / transmissions in front of a moving object are compressed causing higher freq, while stretched out behind said object causing a lower freq. Exactly side on is the actual frequency of the transmission, known as F0. We can take frequencies received over several transmissions and run calculations based on these received freq.’s to determine the target’s course, speed etc. Of course you either need to know what the true F0 is, or assume it based on technical data etc, and in the case of the plane, they had the data prior to the loss of communications so they had a baseline. TMA (target motion analysis) is not 100% accurate though as during the process, there are several steps that are ‘assumed’ in the calculations by the person working out the solution. In MH370 case, the received signals were weak… that could also contribute to errors. But it was definitely enough to resolve for ambiguity (meaning they could say for sure it was south vs the north corridor).

  • RocketDodger

    Damn! accept my sincerest apologies. I thought you were a conspiracy loon. Let’s be honest, it is a very ‘Target Rich’ environment on here tonight.
    Again, apologies.

  • jme

    My issue with this story is if the plane is in a faraday cage- wouldn’t you assume the “Hi-Jackers” are using some sort of scrambler to make sure any electronics are un able to communicate?

  • Chilledviking

    Does April fool ring a bell!

  • Freedom_Baby

    Obviously the picture is black if the phone is up his ass!

  • John

    April fools you f*cking dumba$$es

  • Simon Haley

    I’ve been hijacked, should i pray, over power the bad guys, hide under my seat … NO, I’ll shove my phone up my ass!… Really, think about how easy it would be to just slide an iPhone in ya bum. He must have been an expert. Anyways if it is true then they have surely seen this article and killed the poor dude. Phone up the ass and bullet in the head.

  • Jerry Garcia

    Happy April Fools day?

  • anonymous

    personally i prefer a simple theory like: 1) the plane was shot down by the Vietnamese because the transponder didn’t work and everything after that was just a big cover up or 2) the plane lost pressure during climbing and everyone got disoriented then passed out hence the erratic trajectory. a good scenario could be e.g. the Cairo fire.

    if we assume the 4chan message is genuine we still get reasonable explanations but they are more complex. for example the image modification after 20 mins could be a scaling down to decrease transmission time for an image that was lousy anyway. i believe iphone cameras have by default much higher resolution than 240X320 but a long transmission time was useless and dangerous in this case.

    he probably covered the phone with his body to minimize visibility of the screen light but using the flash would have been very dangerous. the 4chan post was a risk but also a kind of a life insurance. after it became known it would be very difficult for the kidnappers to kill him and claim it was some accident. he didn’t want the forum members coming after him for rescue just to make sure he wouldn’t be killed for knowing too much. i wouldn’t be very surprised if he contacted his girlfriend before that and they decided to be very very cautious.

    an american kidnapped by american soldiers will sooner or later discover they are not Iranians but in this sensitive situation a wise man would continue calling them “unknown military personal”. calling their bluff may make them want to silence him.

    playing along would increase his chance to survive a crazy situation.

  • Marcel M. Pfister

    Since when is the US base on Diego Garcia “secret” ?

  • A.J. Van Loo

    Maybe I am missing something, but where did he send the picture to begin with??

  • Run Forest Run!

    I think he did not send the pics to family, friends or anyone else just in case their phones were tapped..(at least I would think that way after being hijacked by military)..sending it to a blog was a safer bet…..Above all I hope this is not true though Diego Garcia seems possible….My Prayers to the victims!

  • Interesting Post
  • KatrinaAnon

    It is April 1st.

  • Kirk Ross


  • Wanda Soundlikeiknoweverything

    You would think so, except that would draw attention to the situation. Especially in a hostage situation, but with all of the vast knowledge you’re dropping, let’s have you explain what happened to this plane, maam.

  • Wanda Soundlikeiknoweverything

    Complete darkness yes, but if you are somewhere where there is a football field there isnt complete darkness.

  • Justin

    If you try to zoom in on it wont even let you zoom in on Diego Garcia anymore. WOW

  • TheWorldAtWar

    this is a grade a april fools gag…wish it were true though

    Let me iphone 5 is huge….yes HUGE!

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    I wonder what Siri had to say?

  • Sasquatch Militia

    This person is a Liar, there is no Building at the end of the runway on Diego Garcia, and its not a us military base its British and its not a secret lololololololololololol and if he can fit an iPhone 5 up his Keaster i bet his boy lover is jealous.Also there is no cell reception on deigo, so lol just dont eat the queens crabs or chickens that roam free on the little not top secret british base, we dont lease the base either BTW they allow us to use parts of the base,

  • Bush

    I think the pic is black because remember the phone what up his ass so the camera was prob covered in shit…just sayin. lol

  • George Westrup

    The story is BS. It is very easy to add or change the metadata on a picture.

  • Wanda McDonald

    I only know the facts that everyone else does! 1) The sharp turn right after the last voice transmission was deliberate 2) Comms were disabled deliberately (Disabling ACARS requires actually pulling breakers) 3) The plane pinged satellites for another 7 hrs meaning it was still operational for that time 4) The fact that it flew for 7 hours makes catastrophic failure extremely unlikely 5) No debris field nearly month out 6) Pilot murder/suicide unlikely as there would be no reason to fly aimlessly for 7 hours out into open ocean first 6) Doppler calculations from INMARSAT narrow it down to the southern corridor. 7) The pilot had deleted files for practice landings at Diego Garcia on his home simulator 8) Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that there were deliberate acts on the part of the flight deck – Sooooooo why deliberately fly a plane for 7 hours into the Indian ocean under ‘comms silent’ unless you planned to land it somewhere, and where could they have possibly landed within the fuel capacity range / 7 hr flight timeframe?

  • Debra Smith

    Well if this did happen, you can guarantee he is dead now after this posting.

  • bob saget

    Does no one realize it is April 1st right now. It was only true yesterday

  • People Corporation

    Red Eye: No

    Brown Eye: Yes

  • ShadowBane

    Has anyone discussed how he would have either cell or internet access on a secret base in Diego Garcia? I can’t imagine there would be unsecured wifi access. And would there really be a telecom accessible to his sim card? I can’t imagine a secret, classified base allowing unrestricted outbound cell calls from their own employees.

  • Francis Flandro

    Malaysian Airline Flight 370: Disappearance of Boeing 777 Made
    Illuminati Member Jacob Rothschild Sole Owner of Major Semiconductor

  • Jonathon Bost

    You can fake exif data.

  • Bill Scott

    This gives the term “butt dialing” a whole new spin….

  • Holly in Canada

    Who did he send this to? If infact it is real, hand it to CNN. They will certainly have it sent out on National news!! This better not be a sick minded hacker who did this. If so, he should be found and imprisoned for the rest of his pathetic life. April Fools day is not a day to pull disgisting pranks like this. I can only prau this is the real deal. We do not want to create more heatache on these loved ones. God bless the passengers and crew of MH370. God bless you all. I read the news every hour hoping snd praying for honesty and answers. God bless everyone. And if this plane has been hijacked by cruel wicked people, God has a special place for people like you. You will pay.

  • coldshot1723 .

    Diego Garcia is not a “Secret US Military base” … it’s been there for decades and everyone knows it’s there. They make it sound like it’s another Area 51.

  • Jordan

    Voice control

  • Todd

    You idiot. Diego Garcia is BIOP — it’s not American. All you do by posting this crap is cheapen the memory of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • jeffy12166

    That Siri is something else, I gotta get me one!

  • Angelica

    Well, it’s April Fools day.

  • Dennis Niehoff

    So tell me,if the plane left on the 8th, and this was done on the 18th, how does the battery last 10 days? Does anybody believe this ?

  • Al

    What if he has a waterproofed cover case for his iPhone… :)

  • The Docter

    Idiot, if very powerful clandestine agencies are holding you captive you don’t send them to collect your family and friends as well. Evidently YOU would, but you’re an idiot.
    4chan is one of few places where:
    A) Someone would open/save the image quickly
    B) It would not be ignored
    C) Enough people would see it in a short time that they could not be individually silenced
    D) It probably wouldn’t be deleted (it was? still..)

    That said, it’s also a highly concentrated trollfest and this is probably a hoax, but your reasons for saying so were shit.

  • Dale Patterson

    This looks like a sick April Fool’s Joke…

  • Suedini Inideus

    I guess this proves that iPhones were designed with assholes in mind, hee hee

  • Texas_Twister

    Thank God we have some brains on our side from the younger generation. My Mother and I discuss this issue often. I’m 60, Mom is 80 and Dad died in 2008, so yeah I help Mom keep her mind active and sharp. Besides her wisdom is a tremendous help to me.

  • Texas_Twister

    Now, if anything can be humorous about this, that is it.

  • Scott Petricig

    I cannot believe people are gullible enough to take this seriously. The message just even sounds like a big joke. And sorry, but the author of this article is lying or has been given false info… You can easily edit the exif data, including gps!:

  • Texas_Twister

    Might not that happen if he is uploading to a cloud storage shared by co-workers? That is always a copy of the original and the upload time could be because of the remoteness. If an IBM guy tells me a voice activated text message, in this detail, is authentic, I’m going to believe him out of hand.

    Someone aligned with the US government/military is planning a phrase I need not use. Put 2 and 2 together and remember what went missing.

  • Ryan Parks

    Let me guess – April Fools! Seriously, he’d need some quality lube to get that iphone up his ass and I doubt anyone brings a bottle of lube wherever they go, esp. on a plane.

  • monkers

    wouldn’t an executive at IBM be more likely to be using a blackberry rather than an iphone 5?

  • FACM

    They probably are reading this or already have.

  • Texas_Twister

    You make a valid point. but it could have happened just that way.

  • Chris Langill

    Well, it sure is a good thing his mobile provider has a roaming agreement with the mobile provider for this secret American military base…

  • Woo

    For goodness…why it’s not iPad Air?

  • WSHH Life Lessons For Dummies

    Red Eye? I’ll need to see Brown Eye exposure data on this one, you know.. to confirm.

  • DLee

    nope, it’s rented by the americans from the UK and used exclusively by the US navy

  • Boniface Seman

    He must have a gapping ass hole that could accommodate the iPhone 5 inside his anus.

  • MrAppleTango

    You guys do realise this was posted on april fools right?….just saying xD

  • FizzyTango

    It was posted on april fools, hmm suspicious story ;D just saying!

  • Karen

    If this is true, he probably won’t live long and neither will the others… Whomever is behind it not needing 235 witnesses.. How do you take pictures blindfolded with you hands behind your back etc, etc…

  • Pearl

    sorry, but who did he send the file to?

  • Enobdeah

    OK then, so you will know that the Graph of “Burst Frequency Offset”
    (not to be confused with a graph of actual freq. y axis F0 being baseline, +ve & -ve)
    that was done by INMARSAT would not have been able to be used..
    That graph is the way it is because basically the plane was moving away from the SAT. during the ‘pings’, so the graph only shows ‘difference’.
    If the plane was travelling towards “The Maldives” this would be travelling almost directly towards the SAT. having Doppler experience you know what this means.
    So are you suggesting INMARSAT graph to be false ?
    Cause in another post you consider “The Maldives” as still possible !
    I would be happy to go into much greater detail, but here ? No way !

  • johnnyforeskin

    that was a dumbass reply…
    she was describing length.. not an actual football field you twit…

  • Enobdeah

    Yes, yes – you are right I must be an idiot, lol
    You said: “4chan is one of few places where:” Really ? ” one of few ” ?
    Laughable, what’s wrong with (3.) in my post above.
    “3. Post somewhere you ARE KNOWN so that people there would take you very seriously”
    Poor Philip had 10 days to consider, I wrote my flimsy response in seconds
    And I didn’t say which one I would choose, is just a rough list of choices, genius.
    But hey thanks for your intelligent input ;)

  • Caleb

    Undoubtedly, there are elements to this story that’ll be the butt of many jokes to come.

  • sebastiandunbar

    #1 sticking an iphone up your ass? Really? Impossible and quite painful if not dangerous. #2 yeah, I’m going to right click on a blank photo and save it to my computer, who knows what it’s going to do to my hard drive – could all be a scam by Chinese hackers.

  • Dillinger

    Wanda, how often do you leave your computer chair? Does it have a toilet built into it?

  • tj

    These are images of the picture and then some when edited and made lighter exposure changed. I can’t make clear of anything but I thought I’d share anyway! See for yourself try editing the just black image.

  • Bill

    What a load of crap…

  • DJM2142

    He probably just kept it on vibrate

  • MegMeg

    As much as I’d love to believe this is real and that the passengers are alive, it’s not. I agree that it would make much more sense to email everyone in his contact list (and no they wouldn’t be in danger, surely it would raise a bit too much suspicion if everyone in his contact list disappeared?) Not to mention without even looking at any of the technical aspect of this message it’s clearly not real for a couple of reasons –

    1) It would be very very difficult to insert an iPhone in an ass. If possible (and I don’t believe it would be for most people who don’t have anal sex and/or some sort of other regular activity or exercise which stretches the anal passage) I’m sure it would require a large amount of lubrication and take quite some time, neither of which I would imagine were available to Mr Wood.

    2) The content of the message is completely unbelievable. It reads as though it was written to be as convincing as possible but it’s completely unconvincing if you think about it. Imagineif you were in a situation like that what would you write? Personally I’d give as much detail as possible about what happened, what the captors looked like and how they were dressed, what language they spoke etc. and include a message to my loved ones. Details of how one managed to have access to their phone are comparatively irrelevant unless you’re trying to explain it in order to convince people that the message is real. And if it was a genuine message I don’t think trying to convince people of it’s authenticity would be a primary concern, and secondly if you were trying to do that it would be much better to include personally identifying information.

    Also what heterosexual male would ever voluntarily admit to sticking anything in their ass? I know at a time like that being teased would probably not be a huge concern, but the whole notion that straight men shouldn’t ever stick things in their ass is so ingrained since birth that no man would ever chose to include that information unnecessarily. The mention of working for IBM seems to be included just to give the impression that he’s not a Luddite. If the message was genuine why would he need to include that, anyone of any relevance would know that already and why didn’t he include his title and/or more details like his address etc. “I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly” is the perfect excuse for any inconsistencies surrounding the contents of the message as I’m sure people will point out in response to this post, but again it screams FAKE. Surely if he could send a message like that he could tell if he had been drugged or not. Why would they drug them unless they were giving them sedatives in which case surely he’d mention being drowsy.

    There’s plenty more I could write but I simply don’t have time (might not get a chance to come back on here so sorry if I don’t respond). A couple of other thoughts to leave you with :)

    When entering a prison inmates are required to undergo a full body search including a ‘squat and cough’ to check for items in their anuses, surely the same procedures would be in place upon entering a military facility in a situation like this?

    Not sure what effect having a phone in your ass for 10 days would have on the ability to pass stool etc. perhaps someone with better medical knowledge could answer that?

  • Virginia Green

    This is April Fools in poor taste or Putin cronies trying to get China pissed at the USA. Obviously, it is fake unless someone can explain how they received this. Nobody received it because it was made sloppily by the KGB. Take note, Putin is on offense.

  • Enobdeah

    Well said intelligent post, but you know we both don’t belong here right ! ;)
    You are right, where he had ‘stored’ the phone, (nothing to do with feeling ‘shy’) would unlikely be mentioned in the HELP message also because it has nothing to do with being actually rescued, that saucy bit would come later, in the “Book Release”.
    So yeah I agree with 100% of what you have just written.
    I too could add lots more, but clearly we are treading on toes just pointing them out,
    This whole thing is such bad taste considering the poor families left behind.

  • osage power

    this was a very badly executed april fools joke some very very sick individuals are in this world know very sick and twisted first of all we do not have a secret air force base in that area. grow up people and get real jobs.

  • C

    I’m wondering how you know they are 20,000 feet in the ocean? You can’t provide evidence of that.

  • C

    Your opinion is just that they’re all dead? Yeah, because someone(s) intelligent enough to know seemingly everything about the aircraft – who deliberately changed the course of the plane and who deliberately turned off communications – including how much fuel the aircraft takes would just put it in the ocean simple as that. You’d have to be a gullible moron, AKA xfahctor, to believe that ridiculous “explanation”.

  • Eddie

    Reported historical pictures of Diego Garcia! WTF?

  • Incognito

    Oh for fecks sake.

  • pm

    Respect! All your replies are like, wow! You sound like a true expert !!
    I was actually searching for your replies and reading them!

  • ubmediagroup
  • Jim

    I was stationed at Dodge and it doesn’t seem feasible to stash a 777 there. There are NO civilian personal other then the DG-21 folks aloud on the island.

  • Sophia

    Yeah right …

    Breaking News:

    The new Google A$$ phone (a-phone) in a cloud. Take your farts to gnu heights!

    Talking out of your ass? Let yourself be heard – bend over to talk. Listeners beware!

    Anyone else have problems w/ Google maps after searching those long/lat regions? I certainly had some nefarious probes … must be that new “a-phone” I was using.

  • Sophia2

    small intestine sighted … full probe necessary to determine exact location of device

  • Sopiha2

    Gives a-hole gnu concern for “spontaneous combustion”!

  • Bob Jones

    april fools BRAs!

  • Bob Jones

    anyone can modify the EXIF metatag… derpa

  • Chris Sandy

    I guess not a single person realized you can spoof the exif of a image on a iphone very easy!

  • Wanda McDonald

    Wouldn’t it have to be EXACTLY coming towards or away from the sat with absolutely no deviation in order for that to be true? Any deviation (bearing movement) at all would cause frequency shifts, even the tiniest of which can be used to calculate… A contact can move away from you and still have bearing movement.

    Anyway I thought the sat was further south, so that the plane would have been heading towards the Maldives side on to the sat?

    Yes, I think the Maldives should be looked into since many of the residents have said that large planes like that do not fly there (usually small sea planes) and it was flaying much too low to be just a transcontinental flight over the ocean. The INMARSAT data may not be 100% reliable either, as it’s not exact like GPS. I can see using it to resolve ambiguity for the north/south corridor but if the pings could give an exact location, then they would already know the exact position of the last ping. And they don’t… instead they are are still bouncing around the Indian ocean aimlessly looking at garbage!

    Granted my TMA experience is on/underwater and using much lower frequencies (VLF range) but I can’t see it being that different.

  • jimbo
  • adam
  • Steve Thomas

    Anyone who believes this article needs to be removed from society and placed in a padded cell for the remainder of their life.

  • CarpeNutella

    Nice subject/verb disagreement in the very first sentence. A sure sign to take you seriously as a journalist.

  • Daniel Hartman

    Diego Garcia is no secret military base. I have been there several times, there are thousands of military there, hundreds of civilians, and one main runway … this has to be a hoax.

  • Bob Jones

    modifying exif is as simple as editing a txt file…
    but yeah theory on and April Fools to u too

  • Bob Jones

    OMG its real this photo totally wasnt taken off a 2009 article on the guardian

  • mia in dc

    soooo he kept speaking out loud so his phone in his ass could hear him….and then take his message while his hands are tide, to then send a dark picture of his cavity to denote location of prisoner. Pretty freaking 007 bad ass if you ask me. His freakiness may just save all 200 plus passengers.

  • Bob Jones

    the photo is stolen off a 2009 the guardian article…

  • Bob Jones

    google images diego garcia this image is on the 2nd page july 28 2009 article the guardian…

  • Bob Jones

    More than likely, using this image is violating a copyright of the guardian since they took it from their website

  • Bob Jones

    we still need to just google the image to see it was stolen from the guardian july 28 2009 article… ooops your foil crinkled?

  • Deephouse Chopra
  • Khai

    If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really
    good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.

    I’d just as soon assume the Exif data is hacked before I believe anything written by Jim Stone.If I remember right, this was the same guy who said Fukushima – or the blown up reactors – was all a hoax, and no radiation was released. Uh huh. Tell that to the Geiger counters Jim.

  • Christian Wilson

    I think this reporter normally keeps his head up where the sun don’t shine.

  • Rui Santos

    What happens if the bad guys read this?

  • Americanist

    Wow! They could have used better lighting to get that photo of the inside of his anus…

  • Wanda McDonald

    You are just repeating what I said… that EXIF is easily spoofed. (unless you were replying to someone else?? I always said the photo was fake!

  • Wanda McDonald

    Bob Jones: you DO know the image that is being referred to as the supposed one Philip sent is NOT the cover image of Diego Garcia at the top right??? It’s the totally black image further down in the article… (did you even read the article??) And I have been saying all along that the black photo was fake…

  • Thereaper

    Ahahahahahahahah!!!!! That’s gold!

  • thereaper


  • Rudi Van Wyk

    They have reception on DG.

  • Alexia

    Trying to make a joke out of a horrible situation? Shame on you. Asshole.

  • Enobdeah

    “Wouldn’t it have to be EXACTLY coming towards or away
    from the sat with absolutely no deviation in order for that to be true?”

    No, don’t be silly, any velocity generally towards the receiver(RX) is going to compress the wave of the transmission, you know this already and you have pointed this out in previous posts. (Heading directly towards the SAT will result in the largest change)

    “Anyway I thought the sat was further south, so that the plane would have been heading towards the Maldives side on to the sat?”

    Inmarsat 3-F1 is @64.6°E over the equator in a geosynchronous orbit.
    Yellow Pin = IGREX Waypoint ++ Blue Pin = Maldives ++ Inmarsat 3-F1
    Here, I even made you a Google Map

    “INMARSAT data may not be 100% reliable either, as it’s not exact like GPS.”

    Of course is nothing like GPS, but again if you understand Doppler Shift then you will know that by plotting the freq. of the signal @RX you can get a very clear idea of which direction the movement is (towards? or away?)!
    Again this is getting off topic and again happy to go into detail… but ..errrrr

  • Albernaz

    I hate u, dont play with this shit.

  • Acecannon

    Why not??? This is just as sound as any other theory they’ve thrown out there.
    At this point I’d say ANYTHING is possible.

  • obamamamma

    It says something to me when there seems to be so much of an earnest effort to discredit this photo.

    Domari Nolo

  • Upyours

    I guess the iPhone is a great asset to have, lol.

  • Khan

    Your statement that the EXIF info cannot be modified – are you shitting me? Do a simple Google search of “how to modify the exif information in an image” and half a dozen programs show up. It can also be modified with Photoshop … I found this link with no effort:

  • Ty Emzone

    A total crock … just like everything published on this trash site.

  • sleat

    Spelling and grammar are of course passe for trendy modern hipster journos like Shepard Ambellas. Facts are sometimes passe too!

  • SinDelle Morte

    That’s not much of a debunking. Snopes is getting very lazy. RationalWiki? Really?

  • xeeks

    Who will be coming to DG to rescue. No country will invade DG just on a consipracy and declare war on US.

  • r_1481

    This is what I got from the image. A face with glasses and a beard. Processed in Paint Shop. Or a trick of the brain to force us to see a pattern ? Not sure. But a faint outline of a face can be made out.

  • r_1481

    Picture of Phillip Wood IBM as handed out by his family.

  • DP86

    Hehe, “Asshole”.

  • Jack

    That message was originally posted on 4chan (a google search will no doubt help you find it) Exif data can be edited by anyone pretty easily. The wording alone should have been enough for a ‘journalist’ to see it was a troll. For the sake of this guy’s family, can people please stop posting stupid stuff like this?

  • spectator of mh370

    for your guys information, the actual post was released on last 18th and 19th..
    see here :

    exif surely can be edited.. but usually edited exif would leave a trace of which program used to edit.

    also u guys know about siri right? wifi on board?

    what i’m trying to say is.. if the plane wasn’t in Diego Garcia, why no media/news/government ever searched in DG as some fisherman in maldives saw the plane flying towards DG.

  • Dovette

    If there had been more of them travelling no doubt the company would have chartered a jet, I have when going on rugby tours. They were on a work trip. Its just a coincidence.

  • Sagalian


  • whatacrock

    Right, so his iPhone battery lasted 10 days up his ass? BS. Also, while the lat/long coordinates in the article are indeed on Diego Garcia, the point is not as shown above. It’s actually at the other end of the island. Copy and paste -7.18583 72.25356 into Google maps.

  • whatajoke

    They guy “reporting” that there is the black photo from a passenger from Diego Garcia’s site is here:

    What’s funny to me is you have to scroll down through all the “Israel caused the Fukushima Disaster” and “faked the tsunami” hilarity to get to his post about the photo.

    Then… THEN he tries to show that if you take the black photo and “enhance” it (he must think he’s on CSI or something) that it “clearly” shows that it’s evidence that the guy has a black bag on his head.

    HAHAHA! This is great. Ok, I’m a photographer and I love this idea. The guy, being held captive with a black bag, decides to remove the phone he kept in his butt to take a photo and instead of taking a photo outside of his black bag which would show something (and might get seen by the people holding you captive – you can’t see them or what cameras they have in the room on you – YOUR HEAD IS IN A BAG!) you stick the phone up through the lose enough bag to take a photo of NOTHING! Because why? Because you hold an iphone to your eye to take a photo? NO! That’s just silliness.

    Sorry – I get conspiracy theories can sometimes be attractive but this is sooooo far stretched from reality (as is this guys’ whole page) that I just can’t help but laugh.

    Ok, I’ll be done now ;-)

  • Bob Jones

    which he used to google diego garcia images went to the 2nd page and grabbed this image off an article from the guardian 07/28/2009. silly april fools bra.

  • Bob

    What does this have to do with Putin? Is it all that Americans can talk about?

  • Will

    If this is true then they just murder him… SMH

  • pegger1

    Not true. I already tried out doing the adjustments and there’s nothing in that pic. In fact the pic is such a solid black there’s no way it was taken by an iPhone, not even in the darkest recesses of your intestine. I’d like to see someone reproduce such a consistent black using an iPhone camera.

  • Travelguy

    “Red Eye” ROFL. I guess brown eye becomes red when you shove a phone up it. hahahahahahahahaha

  • Wanda McDonald

    Heading directly towards the satellite will remain constant though (as in no bearing movement)… it will be the largest change from F0 (you would receive a higher frequency) but unless it deviates at all, the received Freq will be constant. Anyway I am taking sonar application and trying to apply it to satellite… but I wouldn’t think it would be too different.

    You and I are in agreement in nearly everything though :) But I do still think the Maldives sighting needs to be followed up. It might be nothing, it might be a second mysterious plane? Who knows… but the timing is weird… since they never see jumbos there why all of a sudden on the morning that MH370 disappears? And yes, I still think DG is a high probability… but the black photo is fake.

  • Wanda McDonald

    The image at the top of diego garcia is not the image that he supposedly took… it’s the TOTALLY BLACK PHOTO further down!!! (Did you read the article??) Anyway, I also pretty much proved the black photo is fake as well.

  • Wanda McDonald

    You can buy braziers specifically for April Fools?? Never knew!! Any cup size??

  • DLee

    CNN threw their hat into the theories and guess what it was? Black holes… This story is just as relevant as any other. Although if I were Phillip Wood I would be scared shitless just knowing how the trolls treat a story and try to debunk it when the mans life could very well be in mortal danger. Too late now.

  • Bocuse

    The black anus picture is far from spectacular. You’d imagine the flash would have been turned on. Although maybe it’s better after all it didn’t…
    I have another theory, I think he swallowed the i-phone. I tried with mine, and it works (the taste isn’t that bad either, somewhat like zuchini.)

  • Barfscarf

    So that blackness is what the inside of Mr. Wood’s ass looks like?

  • JC

    Jim Stone is ignorant at best. EXIF data can be rewritten/edited by anyone with an iPhone. It doesn’t take a hacker to do it. Get your facts straight fool! I edited a photo of me ziplining just a moment ago so it now shows I was ziplining on the peak of Mount Everest in 1966…

  • Enobdeah

    Geez Wanda McDonald – You really want to pull everything I know, lol
    Ok, I will be gentle with you.
    “Heading directly towards the satellite will remain constant though (as in no bearing movement)… it will be the largest change from F0 (you would receive a higher frequency) but unless it deviates at all, the received Freq will be constant.
    Sorry no, it doesn’t work like that !

    Let me clarify:
    Our plane flys around the world never ending.
    constant speed & bearing which makes it pass directly under the SAT.
    As our plane comes up over the horizon (AOS) the Doppler Shift will be the greatest.
    The closer it gets the more the Doppler Shift will reduce until it passes directly under the SAT, at this point the wave reverses (moving away) increases until it passes over the horizon again (LOS) and is out of range.
    The rate of change will be fastest as it passes directly underneath.
    Diagram just for you:
    “the Maldives sighting needs to be followed up”
    It was.
    “they never see jumbos there”
    Check Google Maps, ‘Zoom In’ on Malé on the island directly above you wont see a small plane in sight, plenty of jumbos though.
    Sure you can confirm by an online booking service if that’s not enough.
    Try GuangZhou, China to Malé I hear it’s a paradise for tourism.
    If you think Maldives is still possible, I guess you must believe INMARSAT produced fake results, cause their Doppler data proves this path is not possible.

    Damn first time I added an image, twice ‘Discuss’ told me it failed, oh well, ha.
    It wont let me delete the 2 extras

  • Todd Zeigler

    ummmmm diego garcia is not has has never been “secret”

  • daphne

    i find if i jump off a ladder, my galaxy note goes right up my ass no problem…

  • Nic Nac

    I don’t understand who received this photo. Who did he send it too? If his hands were bound, how could he have done all this? Not totally discrediting this, but still not buying it.

  • Ryan E

    its called MD5 checksums tool

  • Mayur Pipaliya

    for an instance, i though you wrote this story :D (nothing serious, just because you write so much; and that too in detail :)

    cheers, i like this approach of explanation m/

  • Kev

    Wow. Didnt know he’d have a valid mobile network signal out there to transmit his photo. Maybe E.T met him and phoned it home.

  • Paul Kragthorpe

    If you believe this is the smoking gun, you’re very gullible! <- Here's that same image and I've altered the EXIF GPS data to make it look like the picture was taken in Congo. It's not hard to change EXIF data…

  • dan

    lets just say he did ACTUALLY send the photo.. by now they would have discovered he took this photo and either killed him for it, or moved everyone of that island.. pointless really

  • TheWoman

    Question – who did he send the photo to?

  • Paul Kragthorpe

    The smoking gun that this is a fake image is right there in the EXIF data! In Photoshop, open the file and go to File > File Info. Now go to the Raw Data tab and Look for this » 2. What does that mean? Taking a few pictures with my own iPhone I figured it out. Mode 0 = Flash Off, Mode 1 = Flash On, Mode 2 = Flash Auto/No Flash, Mode 3 = Flash Auto/Flash.

    So the flash setting with the iPhone in this particular image was set to Auto, yet the flash did not trigger, even tho it was pitch black….Set your iPhone to Auto flash and find somewhere that’s pitch black and take a picture. Does the flash come on?

  • Wanda McDonald

    I get what you are saying now… the difference in my application is that targets are never so far as to have the curvature of the earth affecting it! I am used to targets fairly close range to me, and ‘usually’ only in a 2d environment… (though I am a submariner so on the sub we have to think 3d but then, on subs the fire control computer works it out… we only do it manually on the surface ships)

  • Adrian Eades

    What a crock of shit! I’ve been to Diego Garcia and it’s hardly secret, just difficult to get to. There are thousands of military as well as civilian personnel on the island. You just couldn’t keep a Boeing 777 and its passengers under wraps like this. As for hiding an iPhone 5 up your arse? Good luck with that! Maybe these are pics of the guys colon! Baaarf.

  • darkpoetinc

    First of all Diego Garcia WAS owned by the Brits not the US. Back in 2006 the Brits gave it back to the local population. IT has never been a “Secret Base” because people can go there to vacation.

    Everything written here is compete garbage. Also the place has WIFI provided by the locals that live there…

  • Glitch Girl

    UPDATE 16:39: The IBM employee has been misidentified. The actual sender was Major Erine Coolidge and was actually not an iphone but “an uncomfortable hunk of metal” which was traced to a wristwatch retailer in pre world war Knoxville, TN. More later.

  • Mary M Scinta LoGalbo

    If the black box was on land, it would be able to be traced, with all the aircraft in the sky, and the satellites probing the area, it surely would have alerted someone by now!

  • Enobdeah

    I really hope you do get it !

    Exam time ! hahaha
    (cause I will debunk ANOTHER popular bit of bullshit that is going around the net)
    So if the “Doppler Shift” between 2 ‘pings’ the wave is basically ALWAYS getting longer (lower in freq. as seen at the receiver(RX) between 2 ‘pings’)
    And the wave is NEVER getting compressed (higher in freq.)
    Then which way is the plane ALWAYS going ? (basically towards or away ‘The SAT’) ?
    Very easy answer right ?
    And which way is the plane NOT going ?
    Easy again ?

    Good, good you get it !
    Now we could make a graph, NOT with y axis as f0 center, +ve, -ve, above, below.
    but only the DIFFERENCE in Hz between ‘pings’ and we would call our y axis
    “Doppler OFFSET” in Hz
    (y axis NOT f0 (the actual freq.) even though the freq. is getting -ve (longer wave))
    And that would be fine yeah ?
    Read carefully !
    I’ll say it again, just a graph of DIFFERENCE between ‘pings’ measured in Hz
    and y axis called “Doppler OFFSET” NOT f0 (actual freq.)

    And that would be OK ?
    No need to show a negative sign on y axis ?
    Yes or NO ?
    If you say YES, and you really understand why is yes cause of your Doppler experience, you just debunked another BS about Malaysia manipulating Inmarsat’s data !
    AND why So many people cant see this !

    They say, oh, oh, oh why isn’t it negative (think ‘diff’ vs ‘f0 center’) LOL xD ?
    So it ‘Must’ be a lie !! bla,bla,bla
    (BTW the graph is done by Inmarsat it first appeared on their site, not Malays)
    And it really proves “The Freaking Maldives” & nearby (wont say) is not possible !

    here is:

  • prluis1960

    So that’s what an ass looks like from the interior. Nasty Siri doesn’t miss a good shot!

  • Guest

    EXIF data can’t be changed? Hmm, fact disagrees with you…

  • J.James

    So if the phone was up his butt maybe the blank photo was not of any dark room or from a ark building and maybe it was a pic of the inside of his butt were the sun dont shine.

  • Pusskers DeVille
  • Asif

    No wonder this article stinks.

  • Ted Pelas Johansson

    How to change or set GPS coordinates in pictures:

  • Chavez

    Aliens I tell Yeah Aliens.

  • Kiki

    Some of the comments explain why the future of our country will end badly. While the few out there concerned where a man keeps his phone isn’t really the main point of this article..the true question we should all be asking and pressing is where the hell is the plane with everyday ppl like yourselves. Had it been a family member pertaining to your family I’m sure you would not be very concerned about where he kept his phone!! Ignorance isn’t bliss in all cases!!

  • protectourkidsnow

    This post is absolutely fake!

    First off, EXIF data does not need to be hacked by some CIA level uber hacker. You can find free EXIF editing tools easily by doing a Google search. Then you can take any image you want and change the GPS coordinates, and various dates to be anything you want them to be.

    Prove it to yourself, download EXIF Pilot and clik on the image, it’ll bring up all the fields you want to look at and/or edit. You can make the GPS coordinates whatever you want them to be. Any good hoaxer would know to alter the GPS coordinates slightly so that it didn’t use the coordinates shown on the Diego Garcia Wiki page.

    However where this hoaxer went awry was that when he edited the dates, he change two of them to be the same but another of them to be off by 19 minutes. Using EXIF pilot, check it out, DateTimeOriginal and DateTimeDigitized are the same but DateTime is another 19 minutes later. In every one of hundreds of iPhone 5 pictures I checked these entries were always the same, there is no explicable reason they’d be different unless they were messed with. Also the PixelXDimension is 240 and the PixelYDimension is 320. They should be 3264 and 2448 respectively.

    Now think through the scenario again, somehow you’ve shoved your iPhone up your butt, somehow retieved it when you’re blindfolded and handcuffed and gottent away with taking this picture. What do you do next? Do you TEXT YOUR GIRLFRIEND DIRECTLY or do you login to an obscure message board (plebs) and make a post and hope that someone sees it and is able to track down your girlfriend and the authorities to save you. Or, since you are supposedly using voice, maybe have SIRI CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND. If this post is to be believed, he did not dial out, he somehow got a web connection but if he could post to plebs forum, texting the girlfriend would have been even easier, much more direct and guaranteed to bring the cavalry a whole hell of a lot faster.

    As much as I’d love to see a conspiracy theory out of this story at this point, posts like this are simple hoaxes at best and could be flat out disinformation posted by nefarious actors who want the conspiracy folks to get all wound up and post stuff that is so easy for them to discredit. REPEAT: EXIF DATA IS EASY TO EDIT. You do not need to be a serious hacker to edit it, IT EASY TO DO WITH FREE TOOLS.

  • insatnut

    fucking retard Bob

  • Baz

    You my friend win the internet.

  • Robbll

    This IBM guy gives new meaning to the term “technical storage”!

  • chilller

    Someone has to say it…
    “I’ll bet he gets really crappy reception.”

  • PBO_Go
  • Stephanie VonCreepy

    Perhaps the photo is of his bum. Whole new meaning for butt dial!

  • Stephanie VonCreepy

    DO not believe SNOPES. They are a Canadian married couple who might as well be your neighbors.

  • CommonCents

    new apple app: prostate checker

  • baldheretic

    I call BS. It took me 5 minutes to manipulate the EXIF data of a photo to make the embedded GPS data show the photo was taken on Diego Garcia.

  • baldheretic

    Took me 5 minutes to edit EXIF data on a photo to make it seem as if the photo was taken on Diego Garcia.

  • hpd582 .

    ………I’m not sure I’d tell ANYONE that I could hide an iPhone up my ass…….

  • sally

    i tried to increase the brightness and exposure of the picture to capture as much light

  • Grant

    One thing is we are not being told the truth by the media, but many believe them!!!
    EG the two guys at airport photoshop images with same legs supplied by the government and given to media SO THEY SAY!
    Lets get back to basics
    I am in the aviation industry (not an expert) but no some basic facts..
    A 777 would not be allowed to fly for more than 15mins in any part of the world without its Transponder active, Unless radio communication was made to keep traffic control aware of exact location as NO transponder means all other plane sin area will not see the 777 on the display they have in the cockpit so they do not run into each other, 400 plus miles per hour makes a mess. (no they did not hit another plane as we would be looking for two planes!!!
    After several minutes of no communication they would send fighters up (yes they have them) in that area ready to go as that complete area is a hot spot for military and as with Europe and USA they have planes ready to check out anything dodgy fast (golfer jet in USA example)
    Flying under 5000 ft can not be seen, YEA right !!! what a joke and from the military and authorities we got told!!! again lies,, Radar is not only land based now, its from satellites also, plus other technology even looks at movement under the sea in real time..
    If they claim they could not see the plane under 5000ft then that makes it easy for any enemy or drug plane to fly anywhere and not be seen as they dump bombs or drugs on other countries and they are small compared with a 777. (SO MORE LIES)
    ALL commercial aircraft have ELT’s in them (Emergency Locator Transmitters) which can not be controlled by the pilots or passengers which go off on impact, The plane is not going to sink in seconds and the beacon would at least get some transmitting out!!!! NOPE nothing they say!
    Follow the money I say, who benefits out of this
    One will be planes with no pilots being pushed as we can do that nnow and with the plane in question it can fly without pilots., Billions saved every year if no pilots, BUT the public will need a reason to feel safer so this is a good example of how you can convince the SHEEP that its a good idea :-)

    The bOTTOM line is as with many that make remarks on this and other forums is you believe the media and governments but if someone questions them you go Conspiracy Theory as an answer,
    Go away do some research and you may one day open your eyes to the fact the world is not all fluffy happy and simple,
    The worls is getting further and further into conflict and as with history that is a sign of some big changes coming..
    So just stand back and consider what is presented to you and stop listening to those that you think say the truth without checking the facts first…

    Be ready for the worse and hope for the best

  • bobwadas

    Surprising that with all that technology to “hide” the plane that they would not have use a $100 cell-phoe jammer to prevent any cellular activity from the passengers. I guess its like aliens sneaking past all the radar and forgetting to turn their headlights off when they got close to earth… hahaha

  • Jasakitty

    How can Diego Garcia be considered a “secret base”? My father was stationed there while he was active duty (as a Seabee) so I’ve known about it for as long as I can remember …so like 35 years. Transformers movies even reference the island and there is a military base on it. I think the

  • ubmediagroup
  • Sanil

    Where is the photo created date in exif data
    how long a i phone can run without charging battery

  • Duh

    Who would want to hide their phone in such interesting places?

  • V.Ganesh

    How did he charge his phone or manage to save battery charge for more than a week. Amazing. ;)

  • Aaron KRONiS

    call me, maybe

  • David Lisney

    The image size is rather strange, plus where was it allegedely uploaded to? The flash is also turned off.. all very fishy. This looks like a cruel hoax. Amazing how a Siri dictation manages to include a word in brackets too….

  • Kim K Jensen

    Does this mean that I should never trust married couples especially if they are my neighbors or is it just canadians ? We can’t trust anybody these days…;)

  • Sex Kitten Party

    Where does the Exif information you provided mention anything about the picture being captured on March 18th or what the coordinates were? I’m totally confused. Also upon forensic examination it was concluded by several different experts that the original image had been run through some type of imaging software prior to being posted on —get this—-4 CHAN!!! Come one now! If the story is true, and it could be, this photo certainly doesn’t prove it. Its just another distraction

  • Stone Skull
  • Guillermo

    got them tits but no brain

  • Athul Jayaram

    1. Please understand EXIF is nothing big, saying it can’t be changed is wrong. All you have to do is remove the EXIF properties completely and manually add data of choice, It can be easily tampered as simple as changing the filename, in windows machine, Just head to properties tab to do that.

    The info is FAKE

    2. If the plane has landed in a “large metallic shielding” of US at the remote islands, then how the hell did he connect to internet??? After all where is network coverage in the remote islands????????

    3. The person says to keep the iphone in his ass. but may I know the battery life of iPhone, Normally a phone may last for 2-3 days without charging but did he charge the iPhone from the gas by his ass??

    This news is totally fake!!

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Why are you showing a bunch of B-1 Bombers next to water, when Diego Garcia is a B-52 bomber base. If you drill down on the Atoll in Google Earth, you can plainly see B-52s sitting on the tarmac.

  • Frank

    Exif Data can easily be forged…frustrated because I was hoping this would shed some light into what happened. Long detailed story by a journalist based on a black photo with which data can be easily changed. Don’t be fooled by his claims that the data cannot be changed easily, there is free and easy to use software available online to make such changes. These types of unfounded theories are the reason most people don’t like to consider alternative (conspiracy) theories… making it harder for the rest of us to try and solve some of the worlds lies.

  • JM

    This is a total false flag and we caught them, AGAIN. From Day 1, I knew this plane was ALLOWED to be stolen, it had F-16 fighter jets following it for PROTECTION, this was planned. IMHO, I believe the plane will be used in a 9/11 style event, either to trigger WW3 or to use here domestically to take away even more civil liberties. That plane IS AT DIEGO GARCIA and it did NOT crash in the ocean. Lies, lies, lies, BS and propaganda is all we here from the MSM. The passengers are alive.

  • Mettil

    OK, let’s assume all this is legit.

    Why? Why hold these people hostage?

  • Влади́мир Жирино́вский

    This is a total joke.. how does one stick a phone in their rear. and then the totally black picture LOL… this has got to be a joke, because it is so stupid

  • iphonebum5

    a guy went 30 – 40 days with no food and a shit load of coke inside his stomach he didnt want to eat so he didnt shit otherwise it comes out with…

  • Jpc

    Very disturbing and very absurd!

  • EXIF Changer

    Yeah, because it is impossible to edit GPS EXIF data…

  • Tang23

    Advise you to read up on what freelance journalist Jim Stone have found….

    and here’s the original post, which hadn’t been tampered with

  • Tang23

    original post of the photo from Wood’s iPhone that is.

  • NekoMichi Kobayashi

    A jailbroken iPhone can be set to spoof its location when capturing a photo. The location EXIF data may not have been edited later, but been incorrect in the first place. I just tested this on my phone and sure enough, I could produce photos that had EXIF data showing they were taken at Antarctica.

    Not saying this is definitely what happened here, but it’s very possible.

  • Bob Jones

    KGB? it takes under 10 seconds to find this image. the gaurdian 07/28/2009 article it came from

  • hostile_17

    And AT&T or someone has installed public cell masts on this remote island. That allow roaming. On a secure base.

    The only conspiracy that people need to pay attention to is what important stuff are you being distracted from with this circus?

  • simple_convo


  • simple_convo

    What’s wrong with a little “shits” and giggles?

  • Angus McIonnach

    This must be genuine; there’s no way unencrypted unsigned well-specified bytes in a file could be edited to result in the EXIF data in this image.

    Such technology (setting the content of a file) simply does not exist.

    Bibble bibble.

  • Sherry Mitchell

    no it means that they aren’t anyone special. It has been proven that they are not always honest or right in their posts.

  • Jose Ovidio Perez Morel

    Everybody here, write about the iPhone but, nobody write about the people involve in this tragedy for the freedom around the world………….the people are for love and the objects for use, not the opposite.

  • Stephen Zeigler

    so does this guy have hemorrhoids or not…..that seems to be the only issue missing.

  • Hunter

    He took that picture while the phone was in his ass? because i can`t see sht!!

  • You’re all retarded

    wait.. are people really taking this seriously? lol I’ve lost all hope for humanity

  • Dean Fang

    Which part is the part you can’t get over kid? The fact that he hid his phone where you wouldn’t imagine right? Wow, you are so mysterious and hard to read. But you alone speak volumes. Look at your name. Lot of thought there. No capital letters? Too much effort? Thought so. No picture? Looks like the amount of research/effort you put into anything is exemplified by your lackluster intelligence. Despite, the weak-minded like yourself I still have hope for humanity. I’m two steps forward. You’re one step back. Progress is still to be made. Please, a rebuttal would be welcomed. Of course I don’t expect you to put in any effort. So, just grab some cheesy-poofs, turn on your TV and let them tell you what is really going on. Because they are like singers who don’t write their own music. They just make it sound nice. Like a lullaby. Go to sleep little baby…. go to sleep….

  • Dean Fang

    HOw the F*CK would you know if there are towers there or not for cell reception???? GIve your head a shake. You didn’t even hear of Diego Garcia before this I bet. Yet, you can’t know or prove that they don’t have cell coverage there. But are sooooo quick to KNOW that they don’t… Can you see what I’m saying? Helloooooo! WAKE UP!!!
    By the way military families live there. And YES they do have coverage there. Read to learn. Learn to read.

  • nobaddog

    If all this is true then the kidnappers know he has a phone and where he keeps it. He should have made a call for help when he had a chance.

  • scott m

    I guess he made a “booty call”

  • M. S.

    Wow, you are a total idiot. The image you keep pointing out isn’t in question. It’s the BLACK IMAGE that supposedly came from Phillip Wood. Retard.

  • b_paolucci

    you’re correct. Snopes is not the ‘be all’ when it comes to vetting anything. They’ve been proven wrong repeatedly. Better to turn to Drudge – they only report what they prove to be true.

  • b_paolucci

    Wake up – The Guardian is a left wing hack of a newspaper. Little, if anything, that they print is true.

  • Muser

    Would there be cell service out there?

  • Sunil

    Latest intelligence reports indicate that the plane was captained by Elvis and the copilot was Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • Sunil

    I am sure now Apple will not honor the warranty.

  • Jane mason

    Hugh. It’s not that i believe the story, but the air strip in diego garcia is over 4 kms, more than enough for the 777 to land comfortably and for that matter, the B52, which is much bigger than the 777.

  • ukigoshi

    How the fuck did he connect? Roaming off a military base? Open WiFi? Buahahahahahababah is it a satellite iPhone with a battery that last more than usual shooting in darkness at 1/15th wtf?

  • Jane mason

    It has been said that flight 370 might had perhaps crashed or landed in Western Australia. A couple of days ago the Indonesian government announced that flight 370 had flown near the west coast of Indonesia going south. If the plane had landed in Western Australia, check Google Earth ” Derby. Western Australia ” and you will find an air strip which is over 5 kms long and situated about 39 kms south of Derby.

  • Karl Baba
  • Faraz Jehangir

    and the phone just connected to the available signal? Even if the iPhone had a roaming connection it is highly unlikely that the (assumed) available connection would allow it to connect.

  • Anon

    If you look closely it looks like the image says ‘2006 google’ on it? so why would the aircraft be there?

  • Ed

    Perhaps Mr. Wood would be so kind as to remove the camera from his colon before taking his next photo.

  • punny

    or can see shit (;

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  • Xaider

    “U.S. military base leased from the EU” – No. It was leased from the UK.. get your facts straight.

  • James O’Connor

    I mean, on the metadata it says it doesn’t have red eye, but i’m pretty sure after being stuck up his arse it’s going to have a fair amount of pink eye.

  • Guesser

    I have a wild guess. I think I can explain the black photo. What if it was taken while the iPhone was still hidden?….

  • ISpeakTheTruth

    Don’t forget your tin hat broski.

  • Russ

    God wouldnt allow that… amen

  • Russ

    What would they do that for?

  • hostile_17

    I wouldn’t know. But then no one knows anything – I can’t join in with conjecture too?

  • Wade Dewell

    i always knew facist nazi america was behind this. i never doubted that for a second.

  • Jeff

    Probably between his cheeks. No way is a phone gonna fit up your butt. Unless you’re one of the Kardashians.

  • GrumpyFactDude

    The heavy aircraft nearby are B-52s and KC-135s. There’s one more C-135 at the north end of the field. Sorry, dudes, but there’s no 777 on that ramp.

  • clevonlittle

    I write this 18 days after this story broke . No wreckage , no bodies , no nothing . My question is who , and why ? Why Diego Garcia ?

  • Martin351

    It’s no secret, the plane is sitting at Diego Garcia, that much has now been proven. It’s more so a case of are the passengers still alive.

    Here is what we know

    – Plane spotted by natives of the island heading towards Diego Garcia
    – GPS coordinates pointing to Diego Garcia
    – Someone from broke silence I believe on March 10 from Diego Garcia stating the radar picked it up
    – Pilot had Diego Garcia in his flight simulator (no where near this destination)
    – Pilot’s family moved out of their house the day before (March 7th)
    – Engine pings placed the plane at Diego Garcia 8hrs or so after it went missing
    – Flight Radar 24 was busted changing the flight path of Flight 370 several days later
    – Gag orders put on senior government Malaysian official as well as 4 military personnel
    – High value targets on Flight 370 (patent holders) connected to a well known US patent holder
    – Iranians initially blamed for the debacle were photo-shopped with the same legs (US has nothing to say about it when questioned, continually dodged the question)

    Here is what were lead to believe

    – Plane conveniently crashed into the deepest part of the Indian Ocean (no proof)
    – US Vehemently denies the plane is at Diego Garcia (no proof)

    Instead of telling us the plane is not there, they refuse to prove it. Which in itself is another red flag.

    Any fool can see where the cards lie

  • Martin351

    It’s not outside, it’s inside the building.

  • Brad Smith

    What about his phone battery being able to survive for that many days? No texts to his wife or kids?

  • windship

    Are you sure that’s “focal length” and not “fecal length”?

  • Steve from Ohio

    Snopes is for Dopes.
    Snopes is run by a very liberal husband and wife. They just look stuff up on the internet like anyone else and put a liberal slant to it.
    If you believe Snopes, you are a dope!

  • Djgemstarr Mixtapes

    Fake As F*ck. That plane crashed & them ppl are dead

  • Rudi Van Wyk

    What makes you assume it just didn’t work? There are civilians on DG that have cellphones AND the internet, who would have thought, that in this day and age it would be possible to have cellphone and internet reception, nah not me.

  • Lynn Taylor

    Admittedly, I don’t understand a lot about hidden information in a picture file, but I don’t see anything in this metadata that indicates grid coordinates. It doesn’t even indicate the date and time, that I can see. And the guy might have hid his phone in his shorts, but sticking it up his butt hole? Only if he’s been practiced at sticking large things up his ass, and then I think I’d question his mental well-being.

  • Exif Hacker

    Exif can always be modified YOU IDIOT

  • Ayrshore

    An iPhone 5 took a picture that was 320×240 pixels?

    OK then…

  • Peter Myers

    Is the author of this piece an idiot? Perhaps he needs a lesson in research before posting utter bullshit on the web. Here is the image I just downloaded above… only now it seems it was taken at the White House. Perhaps the plane is parked, Monika Lewinski style, under the presidents desk!

  • Glenn Wheatcroft

    The point of hijacking a plane full of civilians and not telling anyone or making demands would be…

  • jakschit

    Haahhhha… the flash, the flash… don’t forget the flash!!!!!!

  • Brian Moreau

    Actually Exif data can be changed, send me a photo and ill return it with up the ass Exif data from a well known disused military base.

  • Brian Moreau

    And like he would have internet connection or GPRS on that island huh!



  • daniel

    Plus the iPhone battery wouldn’t last so many days :))


    Phillip wood was also A Mock Victim at the boston marathon bombing Coincidence? I think not
    Check Diego Garcia. hint. Recently built air craft hanger .large enough for a 777

  • whiteaglesoaring

    On Standby? Could happen….

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Diego Garcia has cell service. See ad at National Geographic.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    You’re assuming that there were hijackers on the plane. In 2006 Boeing began installing an autopilot that would take over navigation and landing a plane in the event of a hijacking. This can occur from the ground or an AWACs. In this case, the hijack-prevention device became the hijacking device. This will also turn off the transponder, the communications channels, and more.
    AWACs was in the area with a Search and Rescue exercise involving many of the nations of the region…Thailand, Indonesia, Australia…but notably, not Malaysia.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    There were more than the 20 Freescale employees. Nearly 80 of the passengers were knowledge assets, plus their computer hardware and software.

  • Peety Redd

    Of course the photo is dark. It’s a photo of the inside of his ass. Now, if he also had a tripod up his ass too, he could take a much better. By the way, this is how a colonoscopy is done so it is possible to take great, clear photos of the inside of your ass. You just need a tripod. Are you people all morons?

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Technical military intelligence from anyone of nearly 80 Chinese and Malaysian engineers on board might break the lock on the Chinese OS that NSA can’t backdoor. When contemplating war with China, knowing what the Chinese military is doing might be of extremely high value.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    You’re assuming there were hijackers in the plane. Not necessary. Boeing announced in 2006 that by 2009 they would have retrofitted their planes with a remote control that would take over a flight from the ground or AWACs. US had AWACs in the area for a multinational Search and Rescue exercise.

    US has the technology and assets to hijack MH 370 and fly it to Diego Garcia and land it safely.

    US has the capacity to control the release of information from military radars in the region…not so complete because Malaysia was not in the loop and inadvertently reported MH370 radar returns with a westerly heading…toward Diego Garcia. The US scrambled to produce misdirection north and south from Malaysian heading.

    Wood was probably unrestrained while in the plane, hooded and drugged upon deplaning. Hid phone when plane was landing. Wasn’t free to use the phone for 10 days. Hooded. Used voice commands. Hands might have been free. Someone at Boeing acknowledged that the engine sensor data had been transmitted upon safe landing. Sensors for crash landing were not activated.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Diego Garcia HAS commercial cell access.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    MH 370 probably landed on Diego Garcia, passengers hooded and deplaned, the plane refueled and refitted, given new transponder ID as USAF cargo plane and flown just about anywhere in the world. It was probably on the other side of the world the next day.

    The iPhone 5 on standby or simply turned off can hold its charge for more than 10 days.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Problems with reading comprehension, Khai? Stuxnet and Israeli security contractor with access to Fukushima infrastructure, Siemens SCADA controllers that automatically open valves if power fails. Requires computer commands to close. Spoofed readings at control room. Just like the stuxnet caper at Natanz to wreck the uranium-enriching centrifuges. Israelis had remote control of Fukushima. That was reported in Israeli news media. No evidence of magnitude 9.0 earthquake that should have leveled buildings in a 1000 mile radius. Videos of the tsunami coming ashore at Sendai showed no massive building collapse even near the epicenter. Stone made no claim that no radiation was released. He reported that the explosions were nuclear, not hydrogen gas. H2 doesn’t have the explosive velocity needed to shatter 4 to 8′ steel reinforced concrete containment buildings.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    It’s not a secret that it exists. It is a restricted area and therefore is very secret about what goes on there. Actually, there are over a thousand civilians there and probably over a thousand high security clearance contract civilians. But activities there are classified and not reported. That’s secret.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Snopes is a very unreliable and biased married couple who will toe the government line as required.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    You are assuming hands behind the back, Karen.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Cell phone access available on Diego Garcia is easily confirmed. You assume too much.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Butt cheeks might be more accurate but he said he was drugged. He also probably didn’t want to go into intimate details to titillate the sheeple.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Most people will never see it in person because access is restricted.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    It’s a US naval base “leased” from the Brits. It’s existence is not secret but most people have never heard of it and have no access to it. MSM omitted DG from their maps. There is cell phone access available. A little Internet search would find that you lied about that, too.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    As the US “pivots” toward a war with China, China knew that NSA had a backdoor in the OS of American computers. so they designed their own OS and the software to run on it to keep their data and secrets secure. Those computers and the software, the people who designed them were on that plane. Nearly 80 Chinese and Malaysian engineers employed in China’s military-industrial complex were on that plane. The opportunity to kidnap so much intelligence at one fell swoop would have been very motivating. Means, motive, and opportunity.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    NBCBSABCNNPBSFoxNYTWaPoAPReuters….never mind.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Cell phone service is commercially available for Diego Garcia.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    MH 370 would land, cargo and passengers unloaded (hooded), plane refitted with new transponder ID, refueled, and flown anywhere in the world as a USAF cargo plane. Quick paint job, new tail number and its ready for redeployment. Could your husband report on what planes landed there? Could he inform the rest of the world about the interrogation and water boarding there?

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Internet connection via iPhone 5 is feasible since there is cell access available commercially. As an international traveler working for IBM you can be sure he would have more than normal cell service. GPS is automatically included in EXIF data

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Hijackers in the plane would not have been necessary. Boeing announced in 2006 that by 2009 they would have retrofitted their planes with a remote control that would take over a flight from the ground or AWACs. US had AWACs in the area for a multinational Search and Rescue exercise.

    US has the technology and assets to hijack MH 370 and fly it to Diego Garcia and land it safely.

    US has the capacity to control the release of information from military radars in the region…not so complete because Malaysia was not in the loop and inadvertently reported MH370 radar returns with a westerly heading…toward Diego Garcia. The US scrambled to produce misdirection north and south from Malaysian heading.

    Wood was probably unrestrained while in the plane, hooded and drugged upon deplaning. Hid phone when plane was landing. Wasn’t free to use the phone for 10 days. Hooded. Used voice commands. Hands might have been free. Someone at Boeing acknowledged that the engine sensor data had been transmitted upon safe landing. Sensors for crash landing were not activated.

  • whiteaglesoaring


  • whiteaglesoaring

    Such calls could and would be intercepted and shunted elsewhere. On standby or turned off, the iPhone 5 battery WILL last at least 10 days.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Crash sensors did not fire. Engine sensors DID send data which only happens upon safely landing and the engines off.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Nearly 80 military engineers, Chinese and Malaysian, working for China…and their computers and software to gain access to China’s military secrets prior to war with China. China created their own Operating System to avoid the backdoor access that NSA has demanded from all manufacturers.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    China created their own Operating System to avoid the backdoor access that NSA has demanded from all manufacturers. Nearly 80 military engineers, Chinese and Malaysian, working for China were on MH 370…and their computers and software to gain access to China’s military secrets prior to war with China.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Diego Garcia was the heading reported by the Malaysian military until misdirection sent everyone looking north and south of that heading.

    Diego Garcia was a shorter distance than to Beijing and therefore reachable on the fuel loaded at Kuala Lumpur.

    MSM avoided mention of Diego Garcia, even omitting DG from maps.

    As of 2009, all Boeing aircraft had autopilot that could be controlled from the ground or from AWACs to frustrate hijackers. In this case, the anti-hijacking capability became the tool for the hijacking from an AWACs.

    China created their own Operating System to avoid the backdoor access that NSA has demanded from all manufacturers. Nearly 80 military engineers, Chinese and Malaysian, working for China were on MH 370…and their computers and software to gain access to China’s military secrets prior to war with China.

    AWACs were available in the region because of a multinational Search and Rescue exercise including Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, and others. Perhaps, significantly, not Malaysia.

  • Glenn Wheatcroft

    80 military engineers we’re on that flight?

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Pivoting to confront China, the US needed to know China’s military and political secrets. There is no back door in China’s computers. China created their own Operating System to avoid the back door access that NSA has demanded from all manufacturers. Nearly 80 military engineers, Chinese and Malaysian, working for China were on MH 370…and their computers and software to gain access to China’s military secrets prior to war with China.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Yes, including the well known 20 engineers from Freescale Semiconductor.

  • Chris Larsen

    I don’t trust snopes but it needs to be focused on where they are actually wrong and give misleading facts. Trying to disprove a theory by attacking its author is a stupid tactic the establishment uses. Don’t be one of them.. I don’t think being married and canadian and a neighbor of someone has anything to do with their pedigree or trustworthiness.

  • Convinced

    Good foresight by him to also hide his charger up his ass, and lucky to then get a cell with an american power outlet. Then also lucky to connect to his carrier, or the nearest starbucks wifi.

  • The Judge

    The bankster jews of US needs a new plane for the next 9/11…

  • Sherry Mitchell


  • Art Vandelay

    Maybe its a picture of the inside of his ass as he was trying to push phone out lol

  • Terry


  • Muleagain

    Maybe the picture he took was inside his arse? How do you hit keys of a phone stuck in yer anus, seems to me, this guy had to have some talented ass……..

  • Leonardo Z. Arenas

    What and where are the Malaysian aviation authorities doing with this info? Assholes.

  • Bridge TAX

    Talk so much, why cant we just go n save them. This is the most logical thing. But why? If so, why expense of so many govts. Why is the plane so important n special? What is it for? Was it because two stolen passports on air plane cause 237 people to be locked up? My fortune telling skills says its does not add up. What is wrong here?

  • Irena M Varela

    It’s real bullshit coming from the anus of the author of this report….

  • forby

    he wasn;t quoting the song you idiot.

  • Aaron KRONiS

    so quick to pass judgement forby? you really think I thought he was quoting the song…. you don’t see me getting pissy with you for using a semi-colon instead of an apostrophe!

  • Aaron KRONiS

    did you read that on snopes tho? jk

  • Sherry Mitchell

    Ok well hows this then, Snopes claims that all the stories about Jane Fonda being a traitor to our POW soldiers is a lie. I use to live across the street from a Vietnam vet who knew the one guy that made it out of that camp alive who told him what Jane did and his story and the ones you find on the web now are very similar….right down to the fact that she handed over their little pieces of paper with their SS# on them to the head guy for the camp…which because of her actions they were beat and tortured and many died from it…..There are a few others but this is the one that mattered to me

  • forby

    Oh because I put in ; instead of ‘, which is the key next to it, is as bad as thinking someone was quoting a teenage pop song instead of wanting sexual gratification. wow you are a special kind of stupid.

  • Kernighan

    Believe it or not, the only part of this that is not terribly credible is that the owner of Blackstone Group somehow achieves some great benefit by doing this. If there were a better, or more thoroughly vetted, and proven out motive, this entire thing would gel. Here’s a question – Do we have any sort of proof that the people on the plane would stand in the way of exclusive ownership / exploiting this invention? This would mean you have proof of a 1/5 split for this invention. This sort of arrangement is a bit unusual for industry. Most companies simply take full ownership of all inventions created by company employees.

    The idea that a complex product like this might find it’s way to China is credible, but we don’t have any idea here that they could actually fabricate the product, or further implement the chips in advanced enough robotics to prove that China would have threatened Blackstone. Also, why not just track and monitor the people? Why take them in a kidnapping? That’s the most risky of several alternatives. Remember – the world does not like people who steal airliners. There needs to be a HUGE reason for such an action, some reason which has NO ALTERNATIVE. What’s more, conspiracies are really hard to keep quiet. Think Mena, AR or OKC bombing. The dirt is out on those pretty thoroughly.

  • Davdski

    Diego Garcia is not leased from the EU, it is a British facility that was traded away on the cheap for a bunch of 4 stack obsolete destroyers in the early part of the Atlantic campaign where U-boats were crippling the UK. Get the facts straight if you want credibility. The EU is a made up entity that is nothing more than a generic name for a common purpose, the EU is a paper tiger.

  • coldshot1723 .

    Most people will never see it because it’s in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Most people will never see Bora Bora either. It’s a remote location, not a top secret one.

  • PolitiCritic1 ( is the cell company in Deigo Garcia owned by Batelco, The Bahrain Telecommunications Company ( ( If he has an internationally activated phone, which if he was traveling to Malaysia one would assume he did, it could easily connected on’s network. The picture being edited by Picasa is disturbing, but how hard would it be to actually check it out? After how many millions of dollars have been spent looking in the wrong place and being led on a wild goose chase, why is it so hard to investigate this? The answer is, the Americans, the Brits and likely the Israelis, do NOT want anyone to check into the obvious Diego Garcia connection.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Shill out, Bob.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Stone’s website was hacked sometime in the first 5 hours this info was on the net. NSA, CIA, and Mossad were very busy scooping up the true image and replacing it with garbage.

  • Ben Ricker

    I want to take a dump on your chest

  • Jailhouse Bradley

    Well it’s obvious, it is dark in his ass.

  • disqus_7wWyVBLcfS

    >>Exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be added to in fields such as image credits with some advanced applications. It can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED.

    So? It can be edited with specialist software, right?

  • True North

    Hey, that’s not true. I edited the EXIF date on many of my own pictures with a simple small Linux program, so this I know for a FACT from my very OWN experience. Any dork can google it. Sorry.

  • Jeremy MacDonald

    Or a Samsung Mega! XD

  • bobsmith

    This whole article’s based on the self promoting assertion that EXIF data can’t be modified – it’s clearly been edited in both Picasa and Photoshop, you can verify that by viewing non-visable meta-data in a hex editor.

  • halifax3

    It is probably a hoax. However, the alleged text did say he could not think clearly, so possibly he meant something slightly different than what many people are envisioning.

  • J.j. Yeoman

    talk about being ass dialed…

  • etwesatw

    The Photo is bull.
    1. Iphone 5 doesn’t take so small pictures
    2. Why are the GPS Coordinates that you state not in the EXIF Propeties?
    3. Iphone does have a flash
    4. Try getting a 6 cm Wide divce up your Ass

  • Guest

    No, there is NO cell service on Diego Garcia. The island is in the middle of the Indian Ocean!

  • Sensei

    1. its been resized by the author
    2. cause the author didnt type it in
    3. Dont wanna draw attention
    4. i do it all the time. just had a colonoscopy last week

  • PopRoses

    Number 4 is true because I’ve seen it on the internet. It happens. lol

  • alittleunwell

    After 7 months I wonder what your thoughts are on all of this. One thing I thought about when I read your comments is the amount of spying that China does in US technology and military fields.
    Google the National Labs and Chinese spies. The Chinese are technology thieves without an original thought in their collective heads. I find it hard to believe they created anything on their own. They may have stolen it but they didn’t invent it. They lack the ingenuity to do that.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    There would be no need to park MH 370 at Diego Garcia. They would only have to arrive in the morning, offload people and cargo, recalibrate the transponders to read a military cargo plane, perhaps a quick paint job, refuel, and head to just about anywhere in the world.

  • alittleunwell

    If they had 80 on board that plane it was probably the totality of the thier top engineers.

  • Alex Wolfe

    This is very racist and wrong, However there is a little bit of proof to this.
    Before 9/11 there was a plane stolen from Canada under the same circumstances, so there might be another 9/11.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Misjudging your competition will always get you into deep trouble. In only one recent example Bloomberg reported, “China currently has 350 troops in South Sudan, mostly military engineers deployed in Western Bahr el-Ghazal, Warrap and Lake states”

    The MH 370 hijacking was America’s spying on Chinese technology…works both ways.

  • alittleunwell

    I’m not misjudging them, I’m insulting them. China will be the world power the USA once was. China and Russia will form an alliance and the US will by that point be a non-factor in world decisions.
    Yes, spying goes both ways but they don’t invent things. That’s a reality, they may manufacture or even improve on an idea but they don’t create.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Your insulting reflects on you, not on China.

    Chinese invented paper, moveable type printing, porcelain, gunpowder, silk-making, metallurgy, and mechanical clocks. More recently, Chinese research in nonlinear ultraviolet optical crystals and in solid tunable blue-violet lasers is internationally competitive, and Chinese engineers have made breakthroughs in nickel-hydrogen battery manufacturing.

    In addition, Chinese-born scientists work in high tech development around the world. Charles Kao, known as the “Godfather of Broadband”, “Father of Fiber Optics and Fiber Optic Communications”, was jointly awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for “groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication.” Daniel C. Tsui was awarded the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to the discovery of the fractional quantum Hall effect. Chen-Ning Yang and Tsung-dao Lee received the 1957 Nobel prize in physics [2] for their work on parity nonconservation of weak interaction, proved experimentally that one of the basic quantum-mechanics laws, called the conservation of parity, is violated in the so-called weak nuclear reactions, those nuclear processes that result in the emission of beta or alpha particles of nuclear radioactivity reactions.

    You have a very narrow, xenophobic, sense of reality bordering on racism that does not serve you well.

  • alittleunwell

    That may be but I have no respect for the Chinese government and those citizens that carry out their policies. Their pathetic human rights records, forced limits of one child per family resulting in the abortion of unknown numbers of unborn female children.
    The government censors the press, the Internet, print publications, and
    academic research, and justifies human rights abuses as necessary to
    preserve “social stability.” It carries out involuntary population
    relocation and rehousing on a massive scale, and enforces highly
    repressive policies in ethnic minority areas in Tibet, Xinjiang, and
    Inner Mongolia. Though primary school enrollment and basic literacy
    rates are high, China’s education system discriminates against children
    and young people with disabilities. The government obstructs domestic
    and international scrutiny of its human rights record, insisting it is
    an attempt to destabilize the country. Oh, lets not forget persecution of Christians.
    I live in NM and the government has found spies at both the National Labs in NM, the last was only a year ago. A Chinese spy giving classified nano-technology to the Chinese government. We have spies that pose as tourists too!
    Yes, they have done amazing things but the harm they’ve done to their own citizens and the harm they’re doing to our nation leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
    It’s not a racial issue, there are plenty of nations I don’t trust. But because of where I live Chinese spies are a reality and in our midst. I don’t like it.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    You don’t see the ways that the USA controls population and fertility by permitting pollution of food, water, and air with chemicals that make both men and women sterile or impotent.

    You don’t see how populations are shifted by bringing in cocaine and managing the illicit drug market as was documented in East Los Angeles.

    You don’t seem to have noticed the exposure of the largest surveillance system in the world at NSA, stealing business secrets, selling business secrets, stealing patentable technologies, listening and gathering information from “smart” appliances…as in Maxwell Smart.

    You apparently haven’t noticed the destruction and desolation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, and eastern Ukraine by US intervention and aggression, killing millions of people.

    Repression of Native Americans continues as well as the crumbling of their cultural heritage under casino mafia.

    And it’s not China that controlled the destruction of Fukushima and threatens their Samson Option on the world.

    The media that controls your sources of information have done a good job distracting you and pointing at the lesser dangers so you won’t notice in time to help prevent the greater dangers. Until you wake up, you are a drag on the work needed to wake up enough people in time.

  • I Spy

    What a racist idiot you are. Much of our western progress is based on Chinese inventions, gunpowder for one, wake up and stop believing you are the super race. American supremacy is based on military might, nothing more. By the way, I Am Not Chinese.

  • alittleunwell

    To be an American is a nationality not a race. I am about 25% Asian and not a racist.
    I don’t dispute they invented gun powder, fireworks, etc in centuries past. What I am saying is living where I live we deal with Chinese spies regularly. They have stolen so much information from our National Labs and they’ve been doing it for decades. Info as far back as the Trident missiles all the way to Nano-technology this past year.
    When these Chinese spies (employees of the labs) have been charged the word “racist” is always brought up. That’s bull. Taking home classified information would result in the firing of any White employee but for Pete’s sake we can’t charge the Chinese.
    I don’t understand why Americans continue to deny the threat that Chinese Spies pose to our national security. I was amazed recently to run into several students at NM Tech from China. Why? That school is basically an Ivy League caliber school relied on by the labs to produce engineers that can work for them and we’re educating Chinese students. The school is very very small and there is no reason to have that many students from China.
    There were two recently two young Chinese men arrested for spying in Albuquerque. They were posing as “Breaking Bad” tourists. That’s how much we deal with this here.
    Do we spy on China? Heck yes we do. It’s up to them to use discernment to protect themselves. Just like it’s up to the US to use discernment in hiring Chinese nationals as employees with high security clearances in defense and research fields.
    For the record the remaining part of my DNA isn’t White.
    I study genealogy and know this because of DNA testing I’ve had done.
    Really, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t even know the difference between race and nationality.

  • sneak

    This is so fake, an IBM executive would never own an iphone.

  • Logic

    why? There were about 70 specialized engineers and technological skilled people aboard that plane and so they decided to hijack it and use them for their skills to develop better a military. Save them? cause its all politics.

  • IRightULeft

    Stuck a camera up his ass… stuck a camera up his ass!

  • Adrienne J Kincaid

    Diego Garcia is many things but a secret military base isn’t one of those things. I’ve been aware of DG since at least the early 1980s as has anyone who ever read either Sir John Hackett’s “The Third World War: August 1985″ or Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising. Really Intellihub, just because *you* hadn’t heard of Diego Garcia until early in 2014 doesn’t mean that it was a secret military base.

  • CraftmasterLCU1652

    Are you fkng high? This is a military facility. It’s THOUSANDS of miles away from major land. WTH. ATT did not show up on the island and install a cell tower! And yes, I lived there for a year.

  • CraftmasterLCU1652

    Plane spotted by natives of the island heading towards Diego Garcia. — What a story this makes. There are NO NATIVES of the island. And the island IS Diego Garcia. I lived there for a year!

  • CraftmasterLCU1652

    OMG, this is soooo funny! I lived on the island for a year. NO WAY this could happen!!!!

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Are you stupid? I just entered the search terms, cellphone service Diego Garcia and found many plans that provided cellphone service for Diego Garcia.

    Phones to Choose for Diego Garcia (U.K.) Purchase a new cell phone and SIM card for Diego Garcia (U.K.) and take advantage of the low rates that the local cellular …

    Call Diego Garcia from $1.25 ⁄ min with any phone. Our prepaid international phone service is easier to use than a Diego Garcia phone card.

    National Geographic SIM Card for Diego Garcia (U.K … Prepaid service … The National Geographic Travel SIM is compatible with any unlocked GSM cell phone with …

    The base website advises “Use the telephone wisely as high phone bills can drain even the best budget. Investigate various phone companies’ rates and options”


    I wish I hoped but it’s hard to believe that it happened this way!
    It deduced that black box were taking off very quickly, the transponde swiched off other lovater senser also disabled satellite eye blinded all soldiers silented, all base datas radar hidden, the plane disassembly or sank farr from base area with all bodies!!!! Really hard to believe!

  • Johnny Mac

    What an utterly moronic comment. East Asians on average have significantly higher IQs than Caucasians. I am Caucasian, but there have been numerous studies proving this beyond any doubt.

  • alittleunwell

    They do not have higher IQ’s. That’s stereotyping Asians.
    IQ test scores very tremendously due to factors like disease, economics, hunger, single parents homes, etc.
    IQ’s are also adjusted to compensate for learning disabilities. You can have a student with a gifted IQ that can’t read. These kids are called 2X (twice exceptional) in some school districts, gifted with learning disability. If a 3rd grader can’t read how can you determine their IQ? Diagnosticians factor things like dyslexia, processing issues, sensory perception issues as well as a host of other learning related issues into the final score of a student. IQ tests are not Black and White.
    There have been recent studies suggesting Asians have higher IQ’s than the rest of the world. One such study also said that Australians have the lowest IQ’s, coming in around 85! Come on.
    Authors of these studies have also suggested that based on their work immigration to the US should be based on his IQ findings. How convenient is that?
    IQ tests are a tool to be used for the educational benefit of a child not something to determine the intelligence of different races and ethnicities. They are far too subjective for that.
    One more thing, the IQ difference isn’t significant. It’s a matter of a few points not a a standard deviation higher.
    Read some of the work of James Flynn you’ll understand these IQ differences better.

  • alittleunwell

    What is this greater danger? Who do you want to wake up and what exactly is it you want them to see?

  • Mike

    Ignoring it because it’s horse shit… lol

  • kgarry

    add this to a long list of other “proven” conspiracies, none of which (including this article) offers even a possible, let alone certain, WHY.

  • Pulkit Kumar

    What about number 3.
    Seriously iPhones have flash

  • Lily

    I better start making some tin foil hats!

  • timishere1925

    Very interesting information you have there. Very interesting indeed.


    Can U prove & where are the papers on information U say about. Pictures. Videos. Pop on Utube. Don’t hide anything. If anyone declares too accuse anyone of what U claim, then, REVEAL ALL YOUR INFORMATION SO THE WHOLE WORLD CAN READ & SEE. Being SECRECTIVE is just as pathetic as the people U R pointing the finger at?? Come clean.

  • Laura Brafford

    I simply googled to coordinates given, and it is not in the USA.

  • Lew Penning

    FUCK OFF. Find it your self.

  • Garrett Crayton

    I’m sorry, but this is complete bullshit. Here’s why the military didn’t hijack MH370:

    1) Why repurpose a civilian plane that was in use? If they wanted to use a 777, why didn’t they just order one directly from Boeing (yes, Boeing still makes 777’s)? Or even if they didn’t order a new one, why not repurpose a retired one?
    2) Why hijack? All the military would have to do was say, “We want this plane, and it’s in the interest of public safety,” and they can pretty much get it.
    3) Why hijack a plane with innocent civilians. Actually, I take that back. Why hijack a plane with mostly innocent civilians? (I refer to the two Iranians who had stolen passports.) If you wanted this specific aircraft, why hijack it with civilians on it? I mean, it would be a hell of a lot more of a tricky business if I were military personnel, if I planned a hijack with innocent civilians, cause if I’m found out, then I have to give my reasons for why it was the right call.

    If you can answer any and/or all three of these, I’ll be impressed.

  • Slipmatwax

    Why don’t you find out who was on the plane instead of making assumption that all passengers were “innocent civilians”

  • Slipmatwax

    “While four passengers who boarded a missing Malaysian jet are under
    special investigation for stolen and other passport-related issues,
    twenty passengers were involved in cutting edge electronic technology
    used for defense purposes, including electronic warfare, such as weapons
    that can “cloak” or make planes invisible, appearing to vanish. If this
    is the case with the missing jet, the event points to terrorism.”

  • Slipmatwax

    Use a new search engine called Google and do some research yourself. You are seemingly very knowledgeable about all the research that has been done on this

  • Iain Ballantyne

    Yeah… it’s not meant to be in the USA. Google ‘Diego Garcia’ smh

  • bullshit
  • Stephen K

    I love how the guy claims to have shoved a phone up his ass.