Kansas City highway sniper terrorizes commuters, vehicular shootings reach 20 instances

In a world gone mad, commuters in Kansas City are being terrorized by a highway sniper, already wounding three

By Shepard Ambellas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (INTELLIHUB) — The FBI is now hunting an urban sniper which has already struck three people with bullets, who were traveling along a specific stretch of Interstates 435 and 470.

While authorities have told commuters using those Interstates to “remain vigilant”, others, such as Cindy Lester, say they would rather take a detour from that route.

However, interestingly, witness reports vary–while one victim claims a person, wearing a black ski mask, drove toward them, firing from an oncoming traffic lane, others say that no cars were around when they were struck.

According to a recent report by ABC News, authorities say that most of the shootings have taken place near highway exits or interchanges. Authorities also stated that “handguns” may have been used in some of the cases.

Police urge drivers to remain on “high alert”.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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  • Death_To_Tyrants

    Yes, but the problem here is that whenever you point out that the only way to fight against this is to kill those who support it, everyone has a hissy fit. You weren’t given the Bill of Rights so you could hunt, mount a gun on a wall or go skeet shooting; you have been guaranteed the Bill Of Rights specially in this case the Second Amendment so that you can kill members of the government if they should decide to form a tyranny.

    The Bill Of Rights was included in the U.S. Constitution as a requirement by many at the time of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution as a bulwark against the government forming a tyranny.

    Over your cold dead body will we step after you attempt to take over the American Government you traitorous scum.

  • BHill

    JB Campbell offers solutions to this crisis as he sees fit.


  • TheRealEvilGenius

    It would be one hell of a feat to conquer this country with Martial Law. Good Luck with that, Commies…

  • Lou

    We clearly have a criminal government. We clearly have a criminal Congress with madam Not-so-Finestein attempting to steal one billion from the US Citizens as she paves the way for tyranny with her “laws”

    A relatively few cowards have sold out this good country. Now it is up to we the hundreds of millions of honest Citizens to call them out.

  • Jim Yost

    There’s really no point in talking about it because the people who could make a difference aren’t paying attention. And by the time they finally snap out of their la la land mindset it’ll be too late to do anything about martial law or about anything else TPTB decide to do. The few who are listening and warning other are mostly ignored. I gave up trying to reach people because it was a total waste of my time and energy. I conclude that all this going on about it is like preaching to the choir.

  • Mr. Aurelio

    I would love to hear you expound upon that. no sarcasm. what do you mean? they have superior tactics training, weaponry, gadgets and armor and armored vehicles and a huge surveillance network. how do you figure?

  • Aaron Horrocks

    We outnumber them by the millions. This is why there’s a huge push to ban semi-automatic firearms, and magazines. They’re scared of us.

  • Uwonder

    Go ask the people of Afghanistan or Vietnam. All those things were useless and the superior power was beaten through attrition slowly over time.

  • ipragmatist

    Absolutely the truth. Great post….those who ignore this will rue the day. And unfortunately we will too. At a later date than the brain dead, but we will rue as well.

  • The Truth Of It

    The mass of sheeple will be lulled into slavery by willingly surrendering their rights and freedoms in exchange for free medical, free food stamps, free phones, the list of free goes on and on. They cannot fathom that “free” does not exist and that someone is paying for it. Those able to pay are the only ones capable of marginal thought and when being taxed into oblivion, their thoughts are consumed with basic survival and how they might work harder to pay their debts. Both groups are crippled by their own reasoning. The whole process will be like boiling a frog in a pot of water slowly raising the heat. When people finally say “enough”, it will be too late.

  • bluesky

    Rev 17 the beast with 7 heads are the 7 world dynasties. The last one has not arrived yet. It sustains a deadly wound that is healed by the antichrist.

  • bluesky

    The Federal Reserve is paying for it. Loaning us money they don’t have.

  • chilller

    They want us to believe there’s nothing we can do. There are more hunters in Minnesota alone than in the entire US Army. Should the US decide to use heavy weapons against its people, the global community will go nuts…possibly retaliate!

    To coin an old but vital expression, “United we stand, divided we fall.” And division is exactly what they are doing…divide us all by creating all of the different types of class warfare.
    I’m telling you right now brothers and sisters…there’s NEVER, EVER been a time in which we must band together, strong and tall, against any threat, foreign or domestic and not waiver. The party is over and they are preparing to come after us…it’s our moral imperative that we only return the favor.

  • Spectrm

    we outnumber them dramatically, will engage solely in guerrilla tactics, work slowly, and defeat them by attrition. They’ll have to bring in foreign troops to enforce CoC as US soldiers will likely drop in morale from warring against their own – if not outright mutiny.

    You forget – we defeated the most advanced and well-funded military in history once. We can do it again.

  • TheRealEvilGenius

    The Federal Reserve is owned by the Warburgs, Rothschilds and others, with the majority ownership (52% by the Rothschilds). The Rothschilds NET worth is estimated to be over $500 Trillion dollars. No hard, fast numbers are available, but is estimated based upon their global holdings.

  • bluesky

    What good is it if you gain the world, and lose your soul in the process?

  • BlackDog

    Stay Vigilant?! What?! Put YOUR a.ss out there, WITHOUT A LEVEL IV VEST, and YOU remain vigilant! Jeez, more great advice from Law Enforcement.