MD cops assault man for filming and say “you have no freedom of speech”

A man filming an arrest outside of a bar was assaulted by police and told that he has no freedom of speech

By John Vibes

MARYLAND (INTELLIHUB) — In Towson, Maryland, a college town with very little crime, police were recorded assaulting multiple people for seemingly no reason.

The video does start after the altercation began, so it is hard to say exactly what happened, however, the video was apparently taken just after the bars let out, so it is highly possible that those who were being harassed by police were simply joking around with friends and not moving to their cars fast enough.

In this newly posted video, police are seen threatening a man for videotaping, assaulting him physically, threatening him with arrest, demanding he leave, then demand he show them “respect.”

The man can be heard saying, “I though I had freedom of speech here?”


“You don’t,” the cop tells him.

It is perfectly legal to film police in the state of Maryland.

Last year, journalist Mannie Garcia was arrested for filming police as they detained two men in Maryland.  Garcia was charged with disorderly conduct, but the Justice Department has confirmed that he was within his rights to film the cops.

Baltimore County cops doing their thing at the Towson bars. from Gootz on Vimeo.

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  • nemlive they violated 3-4 INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS

  • Lar

    Someone should blow that cop away.

  • Tracer76

    Yes you do have the right to film any and all cops. This was a ruling in the United States Supreme Court. The only time you cannot is if they are Federal and also if they are staking out a home. But in a case like the above these cops have broken the law. They are classed as a public servant by Federal Law. Which also means they are a civilian with a badge. Too many cops are like this here, there are others that do not care if you film. But the ones that do are hiding something and should be investigated, along with the rest of the PD including IA.

  • Sooriamoorthy

    You do have the right to kill cops too, just as you have to kill criminals in self-defense. And cops are even worse than criminals; they are pigs.

  • Giest

    I don’t think your message is about wanting to film police, but more wanting to get in the way and cause more of a problem. Give the entire story… the bars have just let out, people were getting into fights, throwing trash, and if someone gets hurts you are the first to cry, “Why aren’t the police doing anything.” You can film whatever you want, but in a crowd situation when people want to fight, throw things, have sex in the park, whatever, then the police have a right, a duty, to take action. When they say move and clear the street, then you should act like a grown-up and comply. Instead you decide to assume the role of the obstreperous
    little child and dare someone to intervene. Grow up, little ones.

  • Big Dan

    You’re 8x more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.

  • Piet Fonck

    this just shows that people have the right to be assholes if they want to be.
    Technically this guy didn’t do anything wrong, but he pissed off that man and kept antagonizing him even though he must have realized that the police officer was acting out of emotion and wasn’t really thinking. He just wanted to do his job (which comes with danger) without dumbasses standing around distracting him. To me, that desire seems completely understandable, and so his reaction does too if you ask me. my opinion: the guy filming is a douchebag who doesn’t realize when to stop, but he didn’t break the law. Get the poor soul a medal :p

  • Gina Pocan

    I have to agree with you on this one. He seemed like he was taunting the cops. He is very lucky that cop controlled himself. Many don’t.

  • Gina Pocan

    Tracer he was antagonizing those cops, can’t you see that??? Why put yourself in that position. He had enough footage of the arrest before he started shooting his mouth off. Know when is enough. He should have just got his footage, went home and put it on youtube if that was all he wanted to do. He didn’t need to become the limelight.

  • jake

    A jerk is allowed to be a jerk, doesn’t mean a cop can revoke said jerk’s first amendment right just because he was being loud and rude. Being rude and antagonizing isn’t illegal.

  • jake

    taunting the cops isnt breaking the law, but once the cop made physical unwarranted contact, he did break the law.

  • thetruth

    i was there, the people getting locked up were fighting each-other, and then started fighting the cops who were trying to break it up. The guy who recorded this was shouting stuff and inciting the crowd (I’m pretty sure inciting a disturbance is a crime in MD) he wasn’t randomly targeted, its 2014, everyone and their mother had a cell phone out recording.

  • Tracer76

    So you did not watch the video at all. As soon as the cop turns around, And seen that a camera was on him and others there, the cop became the assaulter. You have a lot to lean about this. And yes the person takeing the video does have the right to ask “What crime have I committed” The cop did not answer the question. Also if you have a good set of head phones there are more then just him at that location watching this. The part where the cop turns on him because he has a camera, the people in the rear of that person were the ones yelling you can plainly hear it very well. The cops actions were in the wrong the whole time.

  • fortuenti

    these “public servants” need to be educated in the Maryland Declaration of Rights!

    “That the People of this State have
    the sole and exclusive right
    of regulating the internal government
    and police thereof, as a free,
    sovereign and independent State.”

    “That all Government of right originates from the People,
    is founded in compact only, and instituted solely for the good of the whole;
    and they have, at all times, the inalienable right to alter,
    reform or abolish their Form of Government
    in such manner as they may deem expedient.”

    “… Wherefore, whenever the ends of Government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the People may, and of right ought, to reform the old, or establish a new Government; the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.”

    ** REPEAT **

    “… the doctrine of non-resistance
    > > against arbitrary power
    > > and oppression
    > > is absurd,
    > > slavish
    > > and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.”

    Needless to say, when I was a student in Montgomery County, Maryland public schools –supposedly the finest in the state — I never heard a thing about this in ANY classroom. I wonder why?

    You don’t have to be a Marylander [a once great state that has degenerated into a mini-SOCIALIST REPUBLIC/POLICE STATE] to appreciate these principles:

    Maryland Constitution – Declaration of Rights

    And it’s most unfortunate that most Marylanders are unaware of such principles being the very foundation of their government. Again, when I was a student in Montgomery County public schools –supposedly the finest in the state–I never heard so much as PEEP about this FUNDAMENTAL document.

    In closing, I should note that when I met former pro-drug policy reform State’s Attorney for Montgomery County, Andrew Sonner –with whom I had engaged in friendly correspondence after he publicly announced in 1996 his office would not longer be prosecuting low-level drug cases anymore [the system got rid of him by promoting him to Special Appeals Court judge ], I asked him what would happen if I printed excerpts of the Maryland Constitution – Declaration of Rights with the official state seal and all and distributed them to prospective jurors at the courthouse as they arrive for duty –With particular emphasis on Article 23

    “In the trial of all criminal cases,
    the Jury shall be the Judges of Law,
    as well as of fact, except that the Court
    may pass upon the sufficiency of the evidence
    to sustain a conviction.”

    … how that would go over. He thought it was a great idea but I had better have a team of lawyers behind me because I would promptly be arrested and all prospective jurors dismissed.

    Think about that a minute… being arrested for enlightening my fellow citizens about the very foundation of our state governments and its laws? If that isn’t TYRANNY I don’t know what it is! In a free society, the state would make sure that jurors were aware of those rights before empaneling them.

  • Johnny

    Cops are fascist pigs.

  • Boner Jacobs

    Ah, the cops in this country are all criminals. Good for nothing thugs. I’ll always take a civilian’s side over these bums.

  • Johnny

    The guy with the Camera did not appear to be taunting the cops, but others in the crowd he was in did, the voices were different. Still, the cop illegally assaulted the cameraman regardless of how much of a jerk he was, and that cop should face charges for assault and battery regardless.

  • Civilwar25

    Anyone realize is was only the Baltimore County Police that was harassing him, the Maryland State Trooper was just doing his job and didn’t even try to tell the student that he was wrong in video taping?

  • C

    I go to Towson University, and the area is definitely not “low in crime,” which is exactly why the police around here would better serve the community dealing with crime rather than drunk college kids.

  • Wheel

    So, obviously we got the edited version. Would like to see most of you wrestle with drunks, get jeered from the sidewalks, then get lectured on the constitution by a guy who probably has no idea how many rights are being stripped away on a daily basis without him even raising his head from his smart phone screen.

  • Ashamed America

    You know, I’m not one to comment often but you all just seem cold hearted. Why don’t you put yourself in their shoes, keeping control of a crowd of hundreds of drunk college kids who believe that they are allowed to do anything they want to do. What are all of you people doing that have sat on here whining about cops being this or that. What, you got locked up for something you don’t agree with? You’re upset that the police actively try to keep peace? We’re all human, we all say and do things out of anxiety, excitement, or even nervousness. If these punk kids simply walked away, nothing would be done. Filming it is exactly what they don’t need, MORE OF A SCENE. I guarantee every single person in here would be dialing 911 and requesting police assistance as soon as they were a victim, but since were sitting here looking at ONE side of a story, you want to bash them. You realize even if anyone was locked up, your innocent until proven guilty by who, the police? NO..a judge. So if your disorderly, get locked up for being disorderly, and then complain. Well whats your argument. Get a life people, worry about yourself. And please, I’m sure our police have way better things to do than to help you selfish inconsiderate, know-it-all type people.

  • NunyaDangBisness

    Hey, you have some cop jizz on your chin, might wanna dab that up.

  • Native Born American

    The cops involved need to be arrested and charged with felony assault. That was a clear violation of department policy and the guy’s rights. In the least, they should lose the badge and gun.

  • Melissa Guthrie

    wow baltimore finest i dont not like cops that abuse their jobs

  • Javafutter

    I would be curious to see what was happening before all this. I used to be a bartender years ago and drunks cause problems. Period. I don’t know what these officers were dealing with before this guy came in.

    Yes the officer handled it poorly, he didn’t keep his cool.

    But if you’ve ever tried to get a bunch of drunk idiots away from causing problems and getting themselves and others killed you might look at this a bit differently.

  • yerbullshit

    Sue every one of those pig bastards!

  • Joseph C. Krywalski


  • Vin

    The person who filmed the communist pig assaulting and threatening him should go to internal affairs and make a case of it. Get that piece of shit pig charged for the multiple crimes he committed. Then get a lawyer and sue the pig department, the county and the state. This is why the communist pigs don’t get no respect. This is why I have no respect for these communist pigs. These people were not interfering with their so – called investigation.

  • Vin

    As long as no one is interfering with the communist pigs do their so – called duty, They have NO RIGHT TO TELL ANY BODY TO GO ANYWHERE PERIOD !!!

  • Vin

    If that pig can’t control himself, He should not be wearing a badge & carrying a deadly weapon period !!!

  • Charlotte Carney

    You have the right to record anyone within the state of Maryland. As long as the person videoing does not infringe upon your personal space and is not threatening you in any manner they can record you and your actions.

  • Vin

    What fucking video did you watch ? That pig lost his control when he assaulted the film maker which against the law.

  • Vin

    That’s cause the trooper knows filming is legal ! Good for the trooper.

  • Tetris_

    please, don’t just throw that word around when you have 0 clue as to what fascism actually is. alternatives: pig bastards, state organized gangs, sacks of corrupt shit; however they are not in any way fascist

  • Donnie Nickerson

    In his defense the police approach him first, before he started antagonizing the cops.

  • Tracer76

    That is correct.

  • Tracer76

    Johnny is correct in this issue as well. Gina you have a lot to learn there little one. Anyone with a good ok decent set of speakers or head phones ect. could tell the difference in all the peoples voices if you could not, you might want to get your hearing checked.

  • Tracer76

    That is correct.

  • Tracer76

    There is a difference here though let me point that out to you. The person was recording a video, once spotted the cop decided to abuse his power. And then the rest followed his lead. Once the cop knew they were all be recorded they act like this to hide something that is illegal, look up this new thing its called Youtube I know you never heard of it before. But that is OK, newbie we can all guide you on how to use something called the internet too.

    The officer did not do anything till he knew they were being recorded.

  • LawrenceNeal

    There are thousands of us for every one of them. Instead of standing and filming, what is needed is Human Waves.

  • jimmyt

    The only good cop is a dead cop

  • Mountaineer

    With most LOCAL police jurisdiction this is the way they conduct themselves, as BULLIES!! The experiences I have had with state level police has been much more professional. Just sayin!! IMHO!

  • Ridiculous

    The comments here are completely insane. You sound SO intelligent calling them “Pigs.” When someone assaults you next time, breaks into your house, kidnaps your child, anything like that. Make sure you don’t call those “pigs” to help you.

    I didn’t see one thing wrong with what they did. I hope next time YOU go out there and control a bunch of drunk a-holes who are fighting in the street….at the same time preventing the rest of the a-holes causing a scene.

  • J.C.

    I agree. This one was not that bad. The police were trying to do their jobs in front of a crowd of drunken people. If the crowd wouldn’t have been taunting the officers and making a scene they probably could have stayed longer and filmed. I’ve seen way worse ones before on YouTube. I’m not slow jerken the cops be any means, they intimidate me as much as the next guy, but this time, eh, not that big of a deal.

  • J.C.

    When I read this all could imagine is someone screaming at their computer. You need to chill out bruh. It’s just a video of something that really wasn’t that big of a deal. They’re way worse vidoes of police brutality on Youtube. Check this one out, it’ll really grind your gears.

  • Gootz

    I’m the guy who filmed this. The only time I opened my mouth was when the police officer approached me and told me to get out of his face.

  • Robert White

    Anyone smell bacon?

  • Maddie

    Towson has tons of crime… like on a daily basis. This journalist isn’t very good at researching…

  • SarcasticIdealist

    While the cops were out of line and acted inappropriately, did you have any reason for filming them other than that it was legal to? Just seems like you are baiting the cop and try to get some fame.

    Oh and using “freedom of speech” as an excuse? LOOOOOOOLLLLLL

  • Anticommunist Rightous

    Cop should be FIRED in that second. Does he think this is Soviet Union and he can do whatever he’s pleased to do? Threatening to arrest a bystander just because he was filming? Then using profanities. He totally lost it and that CLEARLY indicates he should not do this job.

  • pissed_off

    has americans lost the right to walk the streets 24/7? Or is there is a law that says a cop can play bitch nazi and clear the streets whenever he feel like it? Which is it Bond?

  • pissed_off

    Americans ingeneral have lost all their constitutional rights…and if they don’t start killing cops like the pigs they are, they willl lose the right to breathe God’s fresh air!

  • Gina Pocan

    I guess you’re all right, but I think the guy should have just left the cop alone. His adrenaline was high, and God only knows how many different outcomes that could have lead to. Somebody mentioned trigger happy cops. WE ALL KNOW those exist. More than I want to acknowledge. I just think it was crazy for him to push this cop, he didn’t know how much control this cop had. Getting gunned down to make a point, I just don’t think is worth it.

  • Joseph C. Krywalski


  • travis duncan

    I bet any of you that if some drunken asshole with a video camera came into your work and harassed you and filmed you. you would tell them to go away and if they said “i have freedom of speech” you would prolly punch them too. yall are idiots plan and simple you have no concept of what its like to be a police officer. yall think there pigs and there all crooked but if someone came into your home and threatened you I bet you call the cops. oh wait that would mean you need them. I bet you wouldn’t call them a pig then would ya, you dumbasses


    Cops are real tough when 5 pile on one person, what a bunch of low end thugs! they really have serious mental issues, and they are allowed to carry a gun….to them a citizen is an enemy, they are truly mindless robots…the cop yelling I say you don’t have no freedom of speech, this no necked ROID raged slob actually believes his own BS? He too is allowed to carry a gun, we are DOOMED! Gun control should start at the cop level….they have serious issues….


    The cop walked over aggressiveness in attack mode, the cop is a serious thug…if he can’t handle the situations, he is an idiot, and dangerous to the public….cops are usually high on STEROID RAGE, no necks is first clue


    he has a shaved head and goofy hat, they are weird….


    The cop responded to it, so the cop is truly an idiot! With no neck, and cray eye…Steroids?

  • Tracer76

    I hope to god you did not breed any off spring, considering they would all be mentally challenged like you are. You might as well admit defeat why, Your handicap is even watching the video at all. He was not antagonizing the cops at all. Legally he does have the right to ask. And if a officer did draw his, sidearm at any point that would consist of a felony. So how amped up was the cop really, not at all he knew that they were being filmed to which was legal. Wow little one, please tell me you passed the first grade….. Oh wait you did not, Which means you can not understand film or that matter English. You might as well go stick you head in a hole where it belongs. The person filming was correct to do so.Oh please challenge me I dare you. This is too much fun considering to see what you voted for, and yet, you dont get the general synopsis of any of it or even what you voted for. Let see “killing of all cops” you voted up on this one. You want me to keep going considering. And yet on Giest post you vote up on the opposite who love the cops, Wow your are a closet case or just want to try and pick a fight that now has back fired. You are the largest idiot on the internet. And there is more “Big dans” post of your 8X more likely to be killed by a cop. But yet you stick up for the cops really WOW please kill your self, you are an idiot that no one needs in America at all. And yet your little ass challenges me, LOL wow how the fuck do you survive at all. Please just pull the trigger on your self your worth nothing, why, we dont want your breed here at all.

  • johndavis1

    I think ridiculous is a pig and I think you hurt his feelings!

  • Joseph C. Krywalski

    Agreed, If you are arrested you are presumed guilty THEN have to prove your own innocence .

  • Gina Pocan

    Wow are you a hateful waste of flesh you little bitch. I’m probably old enough to be your mother, but with that mouth you probably disrespect her as well. I never ever voted to kill all cops, or whatever, You talk in circles, your entire comment was all over the map, and your illiterate. You’re just a dirtbag and will not waste my time on arrogant bile suckers like yourself.

  • Ckelly

    Gina.. Please do some research before you so ignorantly spread your views on police and how they interact with the community. They do not serve and protect rather enforce the law. We the people have the right to freedom of speech. Maybe your age is blinding to the current state this country is in. We have young people being shot, MURDERED by police, this is why OUR youth must stand for what is right.. You talk about the disrespect.. I was more offended by the police officer telling the young man to shut his F**king mouth and that he had lost his freedom of speech, the freedom our founding fathers put in place to protect “We the people” from these domestic terrorist. I pray in your lifetime you never have to experience police brutality or the loss of a loved one by police hands.

    R.I.P Keith Vidal, Danielle Willard, Oscar Grant, Christopher Roupe Jonathan Ferrell, Brian Beaird, Luis Rodriguez, Robert Redus, Kimani Grey, Kendrick Mcdade, Timothy Russell, Irvan Jefferson, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorisman, Timothy Stansbury, Sean Bell, Wendell Allen, Travers Mcgill,

    This list could go on and on… This is why we have the right to video the police and the freedom to speak when there is something to be said.

  • Tracer76

    Wow you are a waste of a human considering yes you did vote to kill cops “You do have the right to kill cops too” was part of a post and yes you voted up on it which means you like it and that you would do so. Wow The one that calls someone “illiterate” which really is you considering yes we all can see what you have voted on. And no I was not talking in circles you little bitch. I was pointing the truth out about your wise ass. Thinking that she can one up everyone here HAHAHA like I said bring it., And yes you are a waste of flesh please pull the trigger people like you should die already.