Police shoot and kill man just 5 minutes after he makes a cheerful post on Facebook

By Cassandra Rules | Free Thought Project

Family of Tommy McClain are speaking out against Eureka Police Department’s version of events which left McClain dead and his cousin tasered and hauled off to jail in California last Wednesday.


Nichole Mottern explained to the OutPost that McClain was living with her, her husband (who is McClain’s cousin) and the couple’s two children.

The trio had gone out earlier in the evening to celebrate her husbands birthday, when they arrived back at their townhouse, her husband was intoxicated and went up to bed.

According to Mottern, her and McClain were chatting in front of the house, when she ran inside for two minutes to go and check on her husband.

She says she saw an officer lurking around the back of her house, then run towards the front.  She ran to the front door and was blinded by the lights off the officers.


“The cops were out there screaming, ‘Put your hands up! Put your hands up.’ I put my hands up,” Mottern told the OutPost. “Tommy was already out there. He sits out there and smokes cigarettes. He came out from beside the porch… He started to put his hands up. He walked out into the grass… [The officers] were telling him to come.”

“A cop yelled, ‘He’s got a gun.’ They all fired,” Mottern explained, “I saw him getting shot from all different angles. First shot fired and then they all fired. It wasn’t one cop. It was them all. There were a lot of cops… He crumpled down into the ground. There was nothing in his hand.”

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