YouTube Investigator: ‘Flight 370 landed at Diego Garcia military base, plane and passengers then put in a Faraday style hangar’


Most recently Montagraph produced a video detailing the possibility that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was landed at Diego Garcia, a top-secret military base controlled by the U.S.

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Montagraph, who is also the face behind the popular “Montagraph” YouTube channel, is known for his thought-provoking videos. In his most recent video titled “Flight MH370 Is At Diego Garcia – Here’s The Proof”, Montagraph laid-out a brief timeline of events that really make sense. In fact his theory makes more sense then any of the mainstream media’s recent conjecture.

In fact, the video details how flight 370 departed Malaysia’s Kuala Lampur Airport at 12:41am on the Mar. 8, disappearing from radar and tower communications around 1:21am after making a rather sharp turn-back to the west. This is key information which led Montagraph to the next part of his investigation.

According to Montagraph and others, the plane was seen flying low at the southern tip of the Maldives Islands around 6:15am, on the morning of Mar. 8, 2014. After referencing flight times and distances, Montagraph concluded that the plane would have been in the vicinity of the Maldives around 6:25am. “That’s only a ten minute difference”, stated Montagraph.

Montagraph then stated that MH370 most likely landed at Diego Garcia and the plane may have been ushered into a massive “Faraday cage” style hangar to avoid passengers from communicating with the outside world. 

Montagraph speculates that the plane will later be crashed into the ocean for press coverage and none of the passengers will be retrieved as they likely are still being held at a military facility.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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    Stupid statements like that are exactly why people worry about who is carrying a firearm. Since no responsible firearm owner would make such a leading and malicious statement, I have to suspect you are a left wing nut trying to fuel the fear.

  • ubmediagroup

    Nice report!

  • disqus_RtcUuEm0tF

    This is as credible as the rest of the them…time will tell….

  • Schawminator

    The only problem I have with Monty’s statements if true, the Chinese Coco Island Facility, also in the Indian Ocean knows of this flight path and this plane could not have flown under their radar systems. Both islands have Aegis type systems There is no way this plane could have encroached this area’s air space without either island detecting it. If Monty is correct that would make the Chinese complicit in this as well.

  • Schawminator

    Plus, this is the original flight traking report that the News Media will not show. They are showing the March 10th tracking not the March 9th tracking report.

    When are we going to start saying we have been Sandy Hooked again?

  • Swim

    Thats not true. There is no question that a plane like that could have anti radar tech, there are reports of employees of company that makes that exact tech being on the plan. It was most likely at test flight for the tech.

  • realman10000

    Making an article based upon what “Montagraph” says makes your site look stupid.

  • brenddog

    stop looking in the ocean ,I don’t believe the plane crash ,start looking on land ,I believe all passengers are still alive,i have been watching this since it happened,and everything the news people are saying ,but not once has anybody looked on land,

  • LesBaer1911

    I think this plane landed at this evil naval base also. Thought so all along.
    Up 45,000 ft; down 12,000 ft. Strange.

  • Pingston

    They looked over all the land from Malaysia to Kazakstan, checked every radar archive. I believe it was hypoxia that killed everyone and the auto-pilot drove the plane south after the pilots had tried to save it. The Lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold may well have caught fire and smoked out the plane or burned up communications equipment. It flew south until it ran out of fuel.

    Diego Garcia is capable of landing a 777 and hiding it. But to what end? Why kill so many innocents? Lots of satellites watching everything so you never know who’s watching. Nope, this was an accident of complex circumstances and authorities are chasing down every lead before making their conclusion.

  • Nancy DeVisser


  • Mike

    thank you for being reasonable and not just assuming it couldn’t have happened because China hasn’t spoken about it…who knows if they were complicit or not and for what reason, but everything is a possibility. They could even be gaming the Western media to not cover the Ukraine crisis sufficiently due to the plane crash speculation, but then again we all know they don’t even need to game our media, it is plenty misleading as it is.

  • Mike

    even equipped with anti-radar tech, I would think an object as large as a commercial plane would still appear large enough on radar to draw attention. Sure, they could have pulled a few tricks and made it appear much smaller to radar arrays, but it would require stealth paint and probably millions in technology to sufficiently cloak an aircraft that large and unwieldy.

  • American Infidel

    TOP SECRET MILITARY BASE? I’ve been there…..what a crock! I can’t believe people actually fall for this crap! Are they REALLY that gullible and stupid?

  • secretsam

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  • secretsam

    This stuff is so far beyond my ability to comprehend. All of you are like true secret agents….where do you get your info? Do I ever have a chance at getting as smart and insightful as the rest of you? Have you guys ever seen the TV show Doomsday Preppers? I bet you’d really be great on that show. What books and magazines should I read?

  • KungFuSV

    So you’re saying that the purported Chinese Coco Island facility has an Aegis type radar system? Upon what evidence do you make this claim that China even has an Aegis type radar system in its inventory?

  • KungFuSV

    You’re suggesting that a Boeing 777-200ER can be made to be stealthy? Really? But even if so, *why* would they, in particular, make MH370 (belonging to Malaysia) stealthy and where/when did they make such an enhancement to that air frame?

  • KungFuSV

    This analysis appears to have ignored the fact that the times quoted at the Maldives (6:15 AM UTC+5 for claimed observation) and Kuala Lumpur (12:41 AM UTC+8 takeoff) have a time zone differential of 3 hours, so the idea that the flight took a bit more than 4 hrs flight time from Kuala Lumpur to the Maldives doesn’t match what the local times should be after the time zone differential is taken into account (00:41 UTC+8 to 06:15 UTC+5 is around 8-1/2 hours) … as for landing without tower clearances, the Boeing 777-200ER needs only 5,100 feet to land and 8,000 feet to take off, so there may be several candidate air fields without commercial airport towers that meet such criteria … also — since Diego Garcia is such a tightly controlled military facility, how can MH370 be allowed to approach, much less land, there at all? Is there the suggestion that the pilot conspired in advance with Diego Garcia to fly and land there? For what purpose and what happens to the 239 people on board?

  • john doe

    STRONG POSSIBILITY TO SUSPECT MH370 was intentionally flying
    to Diego Garcia:

    A) Note: There is a 2 hr. time difference between Kuala
    Lumpur and Diego Garcia and 3 hrs. Between Maldives and Kuala Lumpur.

    B) Taking time zone into considerations, eye witness
    statement at Maldives within the stated time frame is possible. Maldives is only about 240-270 miles FROM
    Diego Garcia.

    C) This equates to a total flight time just under or close
    to 8 hours which coincides with ping satellite data evidence from UK on March 11
    and released to medial on March 24.

    D) MH 370 had enough fuel to fly close to 8 hours.

    E) Military aircraft always fly without tuning ON the Transponders.
    Still military radar find and track them. Why no information is being shared from
    Military radars or satellites?

    F) Rolls Royce stated earlier Malaysian airline did not
    subscribe to engine ping service. All of a sudden we have information from civilian
    satellites stating the pining happened.

    G) First we had information stating it is coming from US satellite
    firm based in Colorado. Even Australian
    PM confirmed, this information was passed from USA.

    H) On March 24, we now hear it is coming from UK telecommunication
    and Data satellite. The CEO of this firm clearly stated last ping was from southern
    Indian Ocean. Even Malaysian PM clearly stated it is from souher Indian ocean.
    It can be anywhere in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia is located in the southern
    Indian Ocean. No government personal to-date clearly stated ‘is not from Diego Garcia

    I) This specific UK satellite was stationed south of Pakistan,
    west of Diego Garcia. Will you believe Diego Garcia, which has best radar
    system in the world (monitors whole of southern Asia and Indian Ocean), nuclear
    capability and control center, US satellite command center, NASA command center
    has no information on MH370??

    J) Diego Garcia also had a BAN on all flight for 72 hrs. period
    from March 8, 2014. Why? (for three days)

    K) Google maps on Diego Garcia are all imbedded with fake photographs
    and approach to Diego Garcia has fake pictures. Why?

    F) Reason staying transponder was shut and MH370 was flying undetected
    for 7 hours is biggest lie. Military radars located in Malaysia, Indonesia, USA
    (USS kids, USS Pinskley), Australia, China war ships, Tiwan, Maldives, and
    specially super military radar located at Diego Garcia must have seen MH370
    flying without a transponder.

    G) Media has never asked the right question or stirring the story
    in the wrong direction, since imbedded journalism has taken over MH370 story.

    H) If a civilian aircraft is shot down by the military, no
    government would want to take responsibility and best is to find a solution and
    state it went down on its own in the remote part of Indian Ocean, and try to fabricate
    evidence that is partly convincing to the world.

    I) Imbedded journalism is at its peak again with MH370 disappearance.

    J) For world peace it is best to state the plane went down
    on its own in the Indian Ocean which is had to recover.


    1) If someone wanted to kill all the people in MH370, there
    is no logical reason for them to continue flying for about 7 hours to middle of
    Indian Ocean and crash land. If the motive was to ditch and kill all
    passengers, they could have crash landed near Malaysia rather than wasting

    2) Unless they had other motives, for example if it was a
    suicide mission (kamikaze mission); the goal would be to take down something more
    valuable with you, in addition to passengers your have on board. Diego Gracie
    could have easily been the target due to its significance in the world. Intent
    to crash into Diego Garcia could be the sole reason for them to continue flying
    toward it. (Motive) [MH370 pilot deleted Diego Garcia in the flight simulator.

    3) When any plane is approaching a strategic location;
    populated region or sensitive military installation, the correct action is to shoot
    it down first. For any government the dictions to eliminate and diffuse the threat
    are better than taking the risk of not acting and bearing the consequences of

    4) Diego Garcia is top secret base with nuclear and other capabilities
    and will not allow any civilian plan to land or enter its air-space. The right
    thing to do is warn the plane first and if it did not yield, shot it down. All indicates
    the military has shot down MH370 on it approach to Diego Garcia.

    7) US government or any government would not allow any kamikaze
    mission to approach any of ist strategic or sensitive installation.

    5) Once MH370 is shot down, it is important for Governments
    to do what it takes to minimize collateral damage.

    6) I am sorry to state, shooting down MH370 is the best
    thing in such a situation and we all need to live with the bold and best
    decision taken.

    Implanting evidence and fabricating evidence is good thing for
    normal humans so they find PEACE within themselves. WE NEED TO THANK THE

    Lumpur or crash over a populated CITY in Asia or CRASHED INTO DIEGO GRACIA…. IMAGIN
    what the consequence what have been.

    TIME TO HEAL and move on…..since treat from MH370 was successfully
    DIFFUSED. Innocent passengers or people always get CAUGHT in-between.


    Because 4 of them were shareholders of 80% military patent.Their partner is Mr. Jacob Rothschild, who now become 100 % owner of that multimillion $ patent. …and many other things a part of that fact.


    so the statements , the stupid cover ups and manipulations by the CNN, BBC, CBS, FOX and the rest of the bullshit mainstream media …



  • Realist

    So much stupidity in one place. As someone who has actually been on this island, this theory is laughable.

  • KungFuSV

    F#1) Malaysia Airlines did not subscribe to an optional feature with ACARS that would have allowed better tracking info (in addition to basic engine performance info) to be uploaded to the satellites … but the basic “heart beat” pinging that is referenced in the media reports is always active (even when ACARS performance info uploading has been disabled) … this “heart beat” pinging is how Inmarsat was able to determine (through doppler analysis) that the track of MH370 was indeed the southern track towards the southern Indian Ocean rather than the northern track into the “—-stan” countries
    H#1) Actually the question of MH370 landing at Diego Garcia was directly asked of Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, during a press conference and he categorically denied such a possibility
    F#2) When the aircraft’s transponder is shut off what that means is ATC can no longer be sure of where a specific flight is … there will be constant blips on the radar screen but without the transponder code being displayed next to its blip all blips are alike so MH370 could have been “lost” in all the clutter and become “virtually” undetectable (or more accurately — indistinguishable)
    G#2/I#2) What do you mean by “imbedded journalism”?
    2) Diego Garcia is perpendicular to the suspected route that MH370 was taking while flying into the south Indian Ocean so it’s unlikely that it was headed for Diego Garcia
    4) Really? What *proof* is there that a shoot down occurred (ie, “all indicates …” — from whom/where do these indications originate)? Or is this just pure (unfounded) speculation?

  • KungFuSV

    Keep in mind that most of these posts can be rampant speculation that may or may *not* be based upon actual facts at hand — the latest information is that Inmarsat has done doppler analysis of the Rolls Royce engine “heart beat” pings to their geosynchronous satellite and concluded that MH370 had indeed headed into the south Indian Ocean and most likely crashed into the waters there (after exhausting onboard fuel) … if MH370 were really headed towards Diego Garcia then the doppler signatures would have been very different …

  • Douglas Hotchkiss

    you should read the art of war but it’s a grown up book.

  • Douglas Hotchkiss

    go do some research or stfu

  • spud

    I pretty much agree with Monty except for the ending. This plane made it’s first turn at exactly after it was handed off by Malaysia. Next, I can’t think of any Chinese that have hijacked a passenger plane. However their were two individuals with fake passports and both reported to be from Iran. I think the plane was skyjacked for a 911 type attack on Diego Garcia but never made it. If the flight went to 45,000 feet, as reported, it was to release the pressure on the passengers thus a fixating them so they wouldn’t cause trouble. Next the plane flew at 12,000 to avoid radar when it was getting close over the Maldives.

    Here is where I differ, the plane didn’t make it. It either ran out for fuel and crashed into the ocean in that area or was it shot down since it had no transponder and that is a cause for such action due to terrorist 911 type of an attack.

    Who would Benifit? Iran or some body that has been the target of B52 operations in the past. Either way, 2 Iranians with fake passports, turns after ha off, goes up to 45,000 feet, was seen on Maldives at about 12,000 feet

    If the plane and the cause is never found, it could happen again??

  • KungFuSV

    Uh … the purported trajectory of MH370 would have it traveling about perpendicular to the direction it would need to go to head towards Diego Garcia … and flying at 12,000 feet will *not* allow you to evade radar! Neither will flying at 5,000 feet! Furthermore, no one (not even those at the Maldives) will be able to discern anything from the ground about any aircraft that was flying at an altitude of 12,000 feet overhead!

  • Jing Yagunazie

    the plane never left the ground. The passengers are fake and people in the airports are actors. Same as 9-11. No justifiable proof. Anyone in the buildings or the planes have ever existed.

  • LeRoux

    What proof is there the Doppler analysis is not just some hockum to make you believe the Southern flight path to discredit the possibility of Diego Garcia.
    A revolutionary new way of tracking a plane through creating an algorithm that uses these heart beat pings is created in a week. Suddenly. Yeah right.

  • Icy

    IMPORTANT; MUST be read:

    Montagraph weldone; you are 100% right because Maldives residents saw a jumbo jet with white and red stripes at 6:15am 8th March.

    People in a remote Maldivian island sighted an unidentified plane flying low over their houses in the morning of 8 March have offered a new lead in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Residents of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhall Atoll in the Maldives spotted a “low-flying plane” around 6:15 am local time on 8 March, the day MH370 vanished leaving scant trails, Maldivian newspaper Haveeru reported. But the Maldiv defence authorities say that their radar cannot detect low flying objects; this is another lie. radar can detect anything.

    You must read the below link under the title of “Did Obama disappear Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? Of course he did!”

    They landed the plane in Diego Garcia (Diego Garcia is a USA military base) then they lie to people that Iran and Russian hijacked the plane.

    They say that two Iranian young boy crashed the plane. Stop lying, the truth is disclosed now. Maldive residents saw that the jumbo is landing in Diego Garcia.

  • terrible
  • OldPizza

    These the people that are fascinated by what they see on the cover of supermarket tabloids. They create their own reality and ignore factual data.

  • OldPizza

    Yeah, right! Every major network and cable news outlet is in on a coverup. Sure they are! Now please take the little pills your doctor gave you.

  • OldPizza

    You should return to the hospital where you’ll be safe.

  • h8her

    wow, i know there are millionaires in the plane, but didnt know the details. pls enlighten us more abt them.

  • Blaise Gauba

    First of all…the so-called Main-Stream Media is owned and operated BY the Power Elite…so there is no use in thinking that any information coming from any of those corporations is worth anything at all in the way of so-called “news?”.

    Second of all, the passengers on that [missing] flight are probably already dead. If it is true that the United States Military is involved in this “incident”, and a (top secret? How top secret can it be if we all know where it is?) base in the middle of nowhere is involved, then there were either “a” or “some” number of passenger/s that the U.S. Corporate Power Structure wanted dead, or in custody. Any remaining passengers would just be considered “collateral damage” and tossed to the sharks…literally.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Complicity with USUKIsraelNATO would make it possible for “invisibility” to civilian radar, and AWACS electronic cloaking could make it invisible to military radar once the Malaysian civilian radar was out of range. Indonesia is part of the globalist club. Landing at Diego Garcia is not a problem if the black op was being run by globalists.
    Good analysis but for the identity of the perpetrators.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Globalists killed nearly 3,000 in 9-11. They kill millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, etc. What makes you think the number of murders are of significance to them. Have you studied the Georgia Guidestones on which is carved a goal of a reduced population for the planet?
    The plane had already turned west before the communications stopped after the copilot said good night. Civilian radar lost track of the plane, but not Malaysian and Thai military radar. AWACS can do that but it can’t handle cloaking for both military and civilian radar. Boeing reported in 2007 that a new remote control system would be installed in all Boeing planes within two years. This would permit the remote control from the ground or from the air.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    And the Boeing pings from the engine sensors upon landing were just an illusion? Only happens if and when the plane safely lands. Confirmed by Lignet.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    They’re part of the “machine”. That’s how the machine functions…for its own preservation and benefit.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    You’re automatically evading the issue of US complicity?

    Perhaps the USUKIsraelNATO collaborated in a hijacking of valuable human expertise in Chinese military secrets and their computer hardware and software.

    Perhaps a US AWACS was needed to cloak from civilian radar as well as take over flying by remote control. But the Malaysian military radar picked up the new flight path toward Diego Garcia and the globalists were not able to control the Malaysian news release of the radar returns about the turn west.

    That plane could have been unloaded, given a new transponder code as a military cargo jet, refitted, refueled, and flown out of Diego Garcia without passengers, and either ditched in the southern Indian Ocean, or flown anywhere in the world that the globalists can control information.

    Monday, a similar Boeing 777 flew out of Miami without transponder on and was diverted in The Netherlands as it approached Amsterdam and the Nuclear Security Summit.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    Lots of people were in the Pentagon when the “missile hit this building” (Rumsfeld) But that does not give them anything more than bragging rights. Anyone who has had permission to be on Diego Garcia hardly has anymore credibility than Jay Carney.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    People on the Maldives reported that the aircraft was so low that they could make out the outline of the doors. Diego Garcia is at the south end of the island chain.

  • Lizzylizzard

    Why the rapid turn around by the plane?

  • ALittleSkeptical

    Passengers could have used their handphone while still in the plane and not in the Faraday cage yet.

  • KungFuSV

    What is AWACS “electronic cloaking”? Is this a new technology that we haven’t heard of yet? How does it work?

  • KungFuSV

    Are you sure these weren’t the same “heart beat” pings that Inmarsat was receiving from the Rolls Royce engines on MH370? If so then how do these pings indicate that the plane had landed rather than gone “out of commission” (eg, crashed)? I am aware of the Lignet posting but perhaps the later (more recent) doppler analysis done through Inmarsat supersedes the earlier Lignet posting?

  • KungFuSV

    It’s very basic physics and the effect has been known since 1842 … look up how doppler shift works and you’ll better understand what it’s all about and how it’s relevant to this situation …

  • KungFuSV

    Did you *not* read prior posts that pointed out the *error* in the original analysis that *ignored* the time zone differences between the Maldives and Kuala Lumpur? The flight time to go from Kuala Lumpur to the Maldives does *not* add up with the reported local times if you take into account the 3-hour time zone difference! Also — just *how* can Maldive residents see any aircraft landing at Diego Garcia when the two places are 460-800 miles apart (depending on which Maldives island is referenced)? They must have Superman’s vision or what?

  • KungFuSV

    No … the two places are 460-800 miles apart depending on which Maldives island you reference …

  • KungFuSV

    What Chinese military secrets? I heard there were a bunch of Chinese artists on MH370 returning to PEK from KUL — so what is the purpose of hijacking MH370 just to unload passengers and then ditch it in the southern Indian Ocean afterwards? What do they do with those passengers who were unloaded? Can you give a reference (URL) to the purported Boeing 777 flying from MIA to the Netherlands that got diverted on Monday?

  • KungFuSV

    “Boeing reported in 2007 that a new remote control system would be installed in all Boeing planes within two years.” — can you give an attribution for this statement? Even if such a control system were to be installed, it would most likely be done at the factory during the aircraft build … since the Boeing 777-200ER that was MH370 had been in service for 12 years already, I guess it missed the timepoint for any such installations, anyway …

  • Mike Irwin

    It works in conjunction with the chemtrails that planes have been laying down since the 1920s. It’s taken that long for it to be a viable technology because it took time for the toxic chemicals to build up in the atmosphere.

    Or so I’ve been told on ultra secret hush hush web boards…

  • Demonio

    Another nut posting outlandish views with absolutely NO proof. Theories and timelines aren’t proof folks..and shame on this website for posting this garbage.

  • Martin351

    It’s not so much that they may be conspiring.. we already know it’s there or over there. It was already reported and remained online/active for 2 days that the Diego Garcia radar picked up this flight. After that, it was removed from online. Now if anyone got a screen shot of it.. It’s also known there are eye witnesses of it. It’s very easy to silence witnesses if they want to continue to live where the are.

    We also know that the flight was in fact under surveillance from the US because of it’s suspicious cargo load. Given all this, we know for a fact the plane is not where they are looking for it, it’s a complete cover up. Whether the chinese are in on it or not is another story. Whatever that suspicious cargo load was on board.. who was it’s intended receiver?

  • Martin351

    The time zone differences are spot on.. what are you talking about? The plane had enough fuel to get there, it did, and the eyewitness reports line up within 10 min of the time frame taking into consideration the time zone difference.

    Of course they wouldn’t see the plan land in the Diego Garcia Base, but they did see the damn plane flying overhead in the direction where Diego Garcia was. What part of that don’t you understand? Unless you are late to the party and only started following this a few days ago, I can understand. If you had been following this from the beginning, your either A) Being completely ignorant on the subject or 2) Know the truth and playing part in the cover up. Although I tend to think you only started following the story a few days ago.

    Fun fact for you, Diego Garcia already reported on March 9th (I think it was) that they picked up flight 370 on their radar. That remained online for all to see for 2 days, then got subsequently removed. There you go, there is your answer. They either have it there, or they know exactly where it is.

  • Martin351

    It is proof when you have eye witness reports, and the very Naval base itself reporting on March 9th that the plane was on their radar. So my question is now, what’s wrong with you? Do you not read? Completely ignorant? Or only started following this story starting with this article?

  • Martin351

    It was already reported those 2 individuals with fake passports on the plane were not threats; they were labelled exiles. If they wanted to cover it up going that route, they could probably fool enough people in stating 2 iranians with fake passports hijacked the plane; but they put that to rest.

    I think your theory of the plane being shot down because it cant be identified is more believable; however it was reported on March 9th that flight 370 was indeed caught on Diego Garcia’s radar. They obviously knew what flight it was… question is, depending on what cargo was on board, are they more likely to shoot it down, or escort it to their base?

    I’m guessing escort.

  • Martin351

    The residents reported the plane was travelling in “X” direction. That “X” direction put it on path with Diego Garcia base. Are you from that base and playing in part of the cover up? If so you are doing a complete piss poor job of it.

    Your also forgetting that the pilot had the Maldives Male international airport in his flight simulator at home. It’s also known pilots have alternate landing places in case something goes wrong..

  • KungFuSV

    Do you know how to correctly account for a 3-hour time zone difference when calculating time intervals? Plug that correctly into your timing calculations and see if your purported time-of-day hour still matches up at all (don’t even worry about any 10 minute differences)!

    I’ve followed this event since Day One … what I find interesting is that *you* are *not* using your proper reasoning abilities in coming to the conclusions that you do … for example, how far apart do you think the Maldives and Diego Garcia are? And what part of the doppler shift analysis that Inmarsat performed don’t you understand? Did you miss the part of that analysis where they ruled out the possibility that MH370 went on a northern arc? The doppler shift signatures just do *not* match up (based on what Inmarsat has reported) … so you can believe what you want despite what the facts (as revealed thus far) tell the rest of us!

    This all said — I *do* think that the USA government *does* know way more than it has/is revealed/revealing … but that’s all good because I don’t think that they should reveal everything about their means/methods so that everyone in the world can dissect their intelligence infrastructures … despite Snowden’s leaks … but I *do* think that the USA government should plant some key “hints” along the way to “steer” the investigators in the right direction *without* revealing the exact means/methods by which they arrived at their info/conclusions …

  • KungFuSV

    So just because a plane heads in “X” direction, therefore, it landed there? Just *where* do you come up with such a baseless conclusion? Also … the pilot might have had dozens of different airports in his flight simulator, including the Maldives and maybe even Diego Garcia — so what? How do you connect any dots just from the list of airports he had in his flight simulator? Suppose he also had Mecca and Medina airports in his flight simulator? Or how about Los Angeles? What does that prove?

  • KungFuSV

    Do you have affidavits from such “purported” eye witnesses? Reports had also said that this was the first time those in the Maldives had seen such an aircraft (like a Boeing 777), so how would they know exactly what they saw was representing? Also … do you have the radar tracks from the radar you purportedly referenced on Diego Garcia? How do you know what you “read” about that aspect is even close to being accurate and not just perpetrated as more “conspiratorial conjectures”?

  • KungFuSV

    Exactly *what* did this purported Diego Garcia radar show? Another blip in the sky? Without its transponder and ACARS active, *any* unlabeled aircraft can be attributed as *anything* you want because it’s *not* identifying itself to air traffic control … how do you know that such an unlabeled blip on radar wasn’t an unlabeled military aircraft transiting through the region outside of prescribed commercial airline travel corridors and, thus, had *nothing* to do with the whereabouts of MH370?

    What “factual evidence” do you have that the USA had MH370 under surveillance for its suspicious cargo? And what, exactly, is the nature of this suspicious cargo that peaks the interest of the USA? Is this just another conspiratorial conjecture?

  • KungFuSV

    Explain exactly *how* anyone can know *what* aircraft flight an unlabeled blip on a radar represents when that aircraft’s transponder and ACARS were not active? So *how* do you conclude that an unlabeled blip on a radar, even if seen from Diego Garcia, represented MH370 and not another, unrelated, military aircraft that was transiting through but not flying along prescribed commercial airline corridors?

  • macpir8

    here is my speculation on this matter…

    flight MH370 was hijacked by a CIA operative,

    the Boing 777 has been fitted with a nuclear bomb ( the aircraft is to be used by the USA government ),

    the Boing 777 will deploy the nuke to a “unknown” USA city ( another 9/11 false-flag OP ),

    once this happens, Iran will be blamed for the disappearance of flight MH370 and the bombing

    Israel will then attack Iran’s nuclear facilities on 15th April 2014

  • mouse

    considering the fact that the NSA has back-doors into _everything_ i wouldnt be surprised if there were only rudimentary ‘stealth’ measures taken in meatspace, hacking and overlaying a false radar return as needed is not out of the realm and much simpler than the more complex ideas floating about.

  • Bradley Boothe

    Aegis systems are a 1970′s-1980′s technology…we have sold/let it be “stolen”……………………….( cough …cough Israel..)from us many times over… let me ask you this ….what makes you think the Chinese DONT have it ?

  • Eurotrash

    They reported in the media that they are using a new algorithm to track the pings. It’s never been done before this case.

  • sebastiandunbar

    You insane fools that believe this crap should smack yourselves on the head – come on, use your common sense, this conspiracy crap has really gotten out of hand. Shame on you folks. Stop giving these deluded fools air time. The plane suffered a cockpit fire and went into the ocean. Eventually they will find it, it’s only a matter of time.

  • sheila

    I don’t believe this guys bull. If that plane was hijacked and they planned to crash that plane into that island they would have shot it down. I don’t think they would allow any plane to land since it was a military base.

  • sheila

    This plane may have landed somewhere but i don’t believe on this base. If the plane was indeed hijacked and i do believe that it was, they planned on crashing it somewhere or landed it in one of the terrorist countries and plan on using it fully loaded later.

  • Dean Fang

    Any type of system can be blinded by the system of money. It makes you wonder who isn’t bought out. Who isn’t in on this? LIke my dad used to tell me. Nothing ever changes except the faces and the names.

  • KungFuSV

    The Aegis systems are constantly undergoing updates and upgrades even if its origin dated back to the 1970′s-1980′s era …

    The onus of proof rests with the person making the original assertion … let’s say for argument’s sake that the Chinese do have a system similar to the Aegis … where’s the proof that it is deployed on the Coco Island facility rather than strictly on their Navy warships?

  • KungFuSV

    Which means that they’re using this doppler shift analysis technique in a situation that normally wouldn’t warrant such use … but this is not a normal situation so this technique was called into action …

  • KungFuSV

    Wait … chemtrails from planes since the 1920s? What did they use? Biplanes? :-P

  • KungFuSV

    And where, exactly, will this outfitting with a nuclear bomb take place? What does the USA do while Israel “attacks” Iran’s nuclear facilities? Sit on our collective butts and suck our thumbs?

  • KungFuSV

    Well … if the “hijackers” depressurized the cabin at altitude before landing, all the cabin passengers and crew will have died a long time ago from hypoxia … but even if passengers and crew hadn’t been killed by hypoxia earlier, regular cell phones may *not* work in that part of the world, depending on what type of network they are designed to use … and handheld satellite phones may not get adequate signal while still inside the jet’s cabin (made of mostly metal on top) …

  • Mike Irwin


  • Lauranne Wood

    I heard it flew over base, under radar, with a bomb, intending to drop and was shot down…Navy figured hostile…

  • Kekoa H. Manley

    Very poor proof and discussions! He’s not very good at math, is he? My God, he didn’t even take into consideration the time difference from the different Time Zones.

  • KungFuSV

    OK … I get it … an ancient plane based on a lot of “hot air”? :-P

  • Jay Spencer

    Hard evidence that one of the hijacked passengers secretly made a cell call for help from Diego Garcia is at this website: They need our help, and the US govt. won’t, as they are now busted as the perps. Don’t dismiss this as “conspiracy theory,” lives depend on it.

  • Alex Lee

    Bring the Vic Viper T-301

  • Richard Allan

    The toxic chemicals are working well. Human lifespan has increased markedly over the last hundred years LOL

  • bulldogg18

    All BS

  • macpir8

    Diego Garcia is a “nuclear bomb base” for USA bomber aircraft…

    and Israel will be “backed” by the USA once the attack happens, they have this planned in advance.

    there is going to be another 9/11 very soon, be very aware of this !!!

  • barackthedemon

    Listen mr. Special ops… Some of us know the truth, you don’t think that those involved don’t have family members in the military. Not everyone keeps there mouth shut. Plus the propose of this is to deliver nuclear weapons deep into hostile territory with out being detected or make it look like they shot down an innocent civilian plane. Giving a prelude to war

  • James

    Due to the high incidence of JIDF shillery in these comments one has no alternative but to suspect Israeli involvement.I recognize the style and tactics of some of these minimum wage assholes from other boards and the playbook is always the same,namely personally attack everyone and push the most obvious (mainstream) narrative.This is where joooooz without the mental capacity for finance or the hardware for pornography usually end up,barring a career in American politics,and they always attack en mass to give the illusion of consensus.We know the identical mate to this plane was photographed in Israel,minus any identifying markings and ‘war by deception’ is their stock in trade so don`t let them distract you.

  • ivan tankushev

    “THE WIZARD OF OZ” bedtime story!!!

    latest news is the picture and the phone message by Philip Wood and IBM
    executive who was on flight MH370 and send from Diego Garcia…It is
    not a hoax and the shills try to destroy the website that spread this
    news. However it is all fixed now.

    THE BIGGEST COVER UP EVER! Flight 370, a bedtime story -

    Identical flight 370 in Tel Aviv?

    The facts are coming from two very reliable and truly
    INDEPENDENT sources.

    So, before the officials “found the missing MH370″ in Indian Ocean there was
    a BIG cover Up which started back in 2013.

    1. The plane MH370 was actually spotted parked in Tel Aviv
    sense 21-10-2013. WHAT IS THAT MEANS ? It means that the flight MH370 had
    “twin” in Israel. They are picture of ” the same plane”
    stored in Tel Aviv, but the blog which originally posted this plane was in Tel
    Aviv has been censored from Google.


    Well, here is the blog confirming all those facts and
    evidence :

    Here what is the other fact:

    The real plane MH370 is owned by GA Telesis ( a US based
    company in Orlando , Florida ) and has been sitting there, in Tel Aviv, in
    for almost a year. GA Telesis is an aircraft leasing firm. But the
    INTERCEPTED FLEW OUT OF? ( I guess you already read that story.. ON IT’S
    WAY TO CRASH THE NUCLEAR SUMMIT…Here is the original Dutch news on
    that :
    So, the Dutch did a Great job finding flight 370!

    This story is not a hoax, drop the search term N105GT GA
    Telesis Boeing 777-2H6(ER) – cn 28416 / ln 155 into Google. Do a dated search
    to only return results from before March, and hit images. This will yield the
    four photos of the same plane been in two different places.

    The plane was previously lessee by the Malaysian Finance Ministry (not
    by Malaysian Airlines ) from the same US company in Florida.
    What happened after is the this plane ended in Diego Garcia after was ”
    vanished” from the civilians radars.

    Flight 370 took off on Friday and vanished into nowhere in
    the early hours of the morning on March 8, 2014. From the beginning, there was
    damage control, with people claiming it got shot down. But the Malaysian
    military quickly blew that by saying they tracked it on military radars long
    after it “vanished” from civilian radars and a subsequent “pilot
    switched off the transponder because it was hijacked by Iranians” lie was
    quickly hatched.

    The plane took a straight path towards Diego Garcia with
    numerous Chinese military electronics experts from five different companies
    (this has been expunged but it was not only “Freescale
    on that plane who were shareholders of the patent, which now belong
    100% to Jacob Rothschild). Diego Garcia is a topsecret military base
    that has everything needed to get people talking. That iswhy Diego
    Garcia never appeared on ANY maps from CNN or anyone else. And the plane
    crashed in the ocean, because “nothing was there for it to land
    on” ( except 3,5 km runway, which I’ve calculated myself).

    But there was a problem for that story, because the engines
    logged into Boeing 7 hours after the plane vanished from radar, and told Boeing
    all about how well the flight went. The engines do that because they care about
    their health, and celebrate with a satellite phone call after every safe
    landing. And there were other problems for the theoretical lack of a place
    called Diego Garcia, because there were 1,600 civilian people there, working
    top secret jobs, and they have cell phones. That provided a civilian cell tower
    for all the civilian cell phones on flight 370 to connect with and let everyone
    know they were alive. And one even picked up, proving it was not just a dead

    So all the smart people looked into the future and said,
    THE WORLD WILL BE THERE. That would make a good target for this plane, all to
    be blamed on Iran by the evil liars because “Iran is nuclear and evil and
    wants to destroy all the world leaders and, and, and,” they don’t have a Rothschild
    owned central bank . . . . . . . . .

    Then all the diplomatic people from Rothschild sponsored
    Israel conveniently went on strike two days before the nuclear summit so they
    would not be there, just like on 911 and Fukushima. And all the smart people

    For the first time in the history all Israeli Embassies
    closed down 2 days before the nuclear summit
    ! Here is the link :

    Then flight 370 ( the original one ) , all dolled up as a
    cargo plane, flew out of Florida undetected by the U.S. air force, and
    undetected by European radars, only to be apprehended by some really smart
    flying Dutchmen and turned away before crashing the nuclear conference it was
    headed directly toward without any transponder or identification of any sort.
    Thankfully, radar really does work and the Dutch air force has not fallen into
    total corruption. Now the liars have a problem, and will go back to work in all
    their political positions quickly, because world war 3 has once again been

    If you want to know the truth do your homework and connect the dots


  • Denise Caballero
  • KungFuSV

    Somehow I think *not* because Obama and Valerie Jarrett are great fans of Iran and they won’t let Israel do any such thing, as witness how Israel has been treated under this administration!

  • KungFuSV

    You still have *not* answered the most basic question that was posed — *why* pick on MH370 in particular? And what makes you think that *you* know the *truth* (whatever that may end up being)?

  • KungFuSV

    And exactly *where* did this purported bomb get uploaded onto the Boeing 777? And exactly *how* does a Boeing 777 “drop” such a bomb? Did it suddenly grow a bomb bay somehow?

  • KungFuSV

    If you’re referring to the black-frame image that was purportedly from Philip Wood (who worked for IBM and was a passenger on MH370) and are relying on the purported GPS coordinates embedded in the EXIF fields of that black-frame image as proof of the whereabouts of MH370, you need to realize that the claim made regarding the infallibility of those GPS coordinates is, itself, fallacious … I did an experiment by downloading that black-frame image, verified that the embedded GPS coordinates did indeed point to Diego Garcia as downloaded, then modified those embedded GPS coordinates to now point to 0-deg Longitude and -90-deg Latitude … now the black-frame image says that the picture was taken at the South Pole! Digital data can ALWAYS be manipulated and those GPS coordinates embedded in the EXIF fields are no different! So I guess we should now start searching the South Pole for the whereabouts of MH370 and its passengers! :-P

  • Jay Spencer

    Let’s hear YOUR speculation about what happened to flight 370 that makes sense. All I read from you is irrelevant criticism of any theory that implicates US black ops in this crime. No one with a brain is listening to your carping anymore. Do you do this as a hobby, or are you paid?

  • KungFuSV

    There’s no sense engaging in wild speculations about this, that, or the other until more facts are known … unless you have REAL evidence about US “black ops” involvement with MH370′s disappearance, what’s to be gained with such wild speculations? Are you just wanting to vent? If so then vent away, but if you’re trying to put forth “credible” conjectures, then those should be based on plausible facts!

    This said — I *do* concede that it is very suspicious that no credible wreckage has been located to date despite all the latest technologies getting involved in the search … which could mean that the plane went into the south Indian Ocean pretty much intact (somehow) or it didn’t crash at all and is still “intact” somewhere … I don’t dispute this possibility of being “intact” but to pin it definitively to Diego Garcia seems to be going “out on a limb” … I don’t know how trustworthy his statements are anymore, but Jay Carney (White House spokesman) categorically denied that MH370 was at Diego Garcia when asked point blank about that during a prior White House press conference …

  • Pupito4u


  • Human

    Seems quite believable and more so we learn that iphone works better in ass.

  • Eurotrash

    Show me where they said they used doppler shift analysis. I’ve heard no mention of it.

  • KungFuSV

    Seriously? This has been all over the news media for a while now … here’s a quote from The Telegraph (U.K.) on 24 Mar 2014 (“How British satellite company Inmarsat tracked down MH370″) –

    “We looked at the Doppler effect, which is the change in frequency due to the movement of a satellite in its orbit. What that then gave us was a predicted path for the northerly route and a predicted path the southerly route,” explained Chris McLaughlin, senior vice president of external affairs at Inmarsat. “That’s never been done before; our engineers came up with it as a unique contribution.”

  • JD Mobely

    if the military was behind it they would .

  • JD Mobely

    Affidavits? Do you think he would have those and radar tracks? It’s not necessarily proof but a lot of clues I believe are being unfocused on or hidden/unrevealed starting with the Malaysians. You need to shut up. I know it must be fun spending every waking minute trying to debunk various theories on this thread some of which may be more intelligent than yours- but please- just shut up.

  • JD Mobely

    Of course they probably didn’t see the plane land, duh. Eyewitness reports identifying colors of the plane, by more than one person I would say is pretty significant though.

  • JD Mobely

    It wouldn’t even need to be invisible to military radar if globalists are behind it, which would mean it could go higher than you might imagine. The leftover civilians as well as the contractors aboard would simply be unneeded collateral and shot/ completely disintegrated to avoid a trail.

  • KungFuSV

    *Facts* are important to discussions unless all you want to do is to flaunt unfounded conspiracy conjectures that mislead readers! The good news is that this thread has now outlived its time frame so we should just move along to more current stuff!

  • afrobabe

    I still have questions why this plane in particular out of all the other aircrafts? And why those people on there have to go through this? Those are the main unanswered questions that I somewhat fear might never get answered. Don’t know who I feel more sorry for-us for being left in the dark and fed BS from media, the families of the passengers or the passengers and crew oboard the craft

  • JD Mobely

    Well, thank you so much for saving the day and preventing people from letting their own minds come up with possibilities. Wonder why your 10,000 expert comments don’t get many likes? Your incessant debunking of every single thought, even logical possibilities in the thread is just slightly overkill. You’re no military personnel, or aviation expert- and yet find it necessary to present yourself as such. The “fact” is no-one can prove OR disprove ANY theory on the thread as the plane hasn’t been found. If an extraterrestrial flew in on a ship in front of your face, took a dump on your head, and flew off at an extremely high rate of speed would you say it wasn’t real if 1,000 other people said it was? I bet you would stick to your guns wouldn’t ya. “Ruled out an arc”?? In reference to your other comment…. none of anything the searchers are dealing with is something they KNOW. They are taking GUESSES. And at this point a guess of an improbable but possible conspiracy hijacking is just as valid as “it crashed into the water”- until it’s found everything is on the table. So thank you, but no thank you for the never-ending “NO IT CAN’T EVER BE A CONSPIRACY” hubbalah.

  • KungFuSV

    For your information, I’m *not* “incessantly debunking every single thought” as you put it … but when something is clearly implausible, I try to inject alternative (more plausible) perspectives … is this such a *bad* thing, given that, unfortunately, there are a *lot* of misinformation on this topic? And how, exactly, do you determine what my frame of expertise is? How do you *know* for sure that I’m *not* knowledgeable on matters of military or aviation? Have you been able to debunk what I’ve posted as being wrong or implausible? On the other hand, I try to convey either generically true *facts* or at least *plausible* possibilities … if you can *not* accept such rationalizing inputs that may not support unfounded conjectures, then there’s nothing else to say about your attitude … with respect to the number of “likes” I get on my posts, I did a quick survey for just *this* thread and I counted a total of 72 “likes” … so how many “likes” did *you* get on yours?

    But … this all said — I understand your frustrations so I’ll try to “tone down” the amount of postings I make, even though I don’t like to propagate clearly unfounded conjectures upon the public because some just don’t have the time to go and research the facts in depth for themselves …

  • JD Mobely

    If I would’ve posted 10,000 replies anywhere, without much positive response, then I might get the hint that I am posting drivel. Have fun with *your* thread and debunking imaginations for years to come

  • generosis
  • KungFuSV

    You’re confusing — you’ve gotten ZERO “likes” on your postings for this thread whereas I’ve gotten 72 “likes” … so exactly *who* doesn’t have any positive responses? And where did you come up with 10,000 replies that I’ve made? Can you itemize those for me?

  • Eurotrash

    He also said it’s never been done before.

  • Mik

    I believe that potentially, the plane was taken over by remote by USA military intelligence, the crew and passengers were all killed when the plane elevated to 45,000 ft., and that the ultimate objective was to get the laptops of the 20 people flying to China with electronic warfare technology that is dangerous to USA security. The plane was probably landed at Diego Garcia, the laptops removed. The plane was probably then flown by remote again to the open ocean and crashed.

    As an American, I can understand the security mentality of doing this, but I cannot accept it morally. It is murder. These 20 individuals should have been sequestered in Malaysia, and their laptops accessed there, w/o killing all of the innocents. My heart breaks when I see images off the crying relatives.

  • KungFuSV

    It’s never been applied before under the *current circumstances* of MH370 … that does *not* mean that the underlying technique didn’t already exist for over 170 years and hadn’t been applied countless times in other situations!

  • Eurotrash

    Right, with Inmarsat, they’ve never used the Doppler effect. Makes sense. I’ve heard of Doppler radar.

  • KungFuSV

    You can also relate to the doppler effect when you stand near train tracks and hear an oncoming train’s horn sound pitch as it approaches you (frequency compression) vs. as it leaves you (frequency expansion) … this is passive monitoring … doppler radars work similarly by emitting radio wave signals out (an active process) and then listening for the frequency shifts of the returned signals (a passive process) to determine the speed and direction of the objects that reflected the originally emitted radio wave signals …

  • sorgfelt

    The plane was on auto pilot when it made its hard left turn. That implies that it was under remote control, because autopilots don’t do hard left turns without more recent remote controls intended to take over the plane from terrorists, and suggests that the military are the ones flying it.

  • sorgfelt

    Most of these are hard facts, like the Philip Wood image. I used software to check it out myself. It is the mass media who ignore factual data, as they have been doing off and on since the beginning of WWII at the direction of “intelligence” agencies.

  • KungFuSV

    Uh … just *how* do you ascertain that the auto pilot was *still* engaged when that left turn was made, since the transponder and ACARS were disabled and no verbal communications to confirm cockpit activities went on during/after the left turn was made?

  • sorgfelt

    I was told by someone in the government that the communications systems were not shut down until about an hour after the turn was made.

  • Unfortunate

    What I have heard, and which seems very possible is yes- pilot and us military conspired pre-flight to land the plane there. Although there may have been an even more important objective, one appears to be an attempt to get intelligence on the surveillance and radar technology capabilities of China, primarily. That is, would the Chinese be able to track the plane and help in the search effort. I think the Chinese do know where the plane landed, at Diego Garcia, however they are not disclosing this info. And I fully believe the US military and government would find the 239 passengers completely disposable.

  • sorgfelt

    I have a degree in physics, work as a programmer, have two brothers with engineering degrees, and my father was an army spy and electronics expert and taught me a lot of things. I have worked in several military and intelligence agencies in the D.C. area as a contractor although I have avoided getting a security clearance to keep me out of work that I regard as unethical. I read lots of technical and historical material to keep up with things. I avoid supermarket tabloids. If you want to denigrate anyone for believing what they read, you should save that for people who actually believe the mass media and official government sources.

  • KungFuSV

    There is NO CREDIBLE SCENARIO that MH370 is at Diego Garcia … that black frame photo purportedly from Philip Wood of IBM at Diego Garcia has been DEBUNKED by myself on so many occasions, along with many other such similar scenarios … there is just no plausible scenario that can be justified with respect to MH370 being at Diego Garcia, beyond wild unfounded speculations …

  • KungFuSV

    This is a pretty wild conjecture, indeed! But WHERE would they hide such a large airliner and so many passengers, even if they were to conduct such activities?

  • Jenn Montgomery

    Almost July and still nothin’… :)

  • leslymill

    there is strong and compelling evidence that Malaysia 17 IS Malaysia 370.