10 bad-ass gifts for women who don’t need anyone to save them

If we’d like to be safer (and who wouldn’t?), then we need to stop crying to the government to save us with more legislation

We see a lot on the internet lately about “empowering women” and keeping women safe from assaults.

And it’s true: being female isn’t risk-free. The Department of Justice says that 90% of rape victims are women and that 1 out of 6 women in America will be raped during her lifetime.

Unfortunately, the laws and campus rules that are supposed to provide “empowerment” usually means making rules that are discriminatory toward men. And, friends, that does not make you more powerful, nor does it make the world a safer place for you or your female progeny.

Having raised two bad-ass daughters as a single mom, I can tell you for a fact: women can empower themselves in ways that don’t include skewing the game or making ridiculous laws that only the law-abiding will follow anyway.

If we’d like to be safer (and who wouldn’t?), then women need to stop crying to the government to save them with more legislation. Instead, we need to take control of the situation by preparing to defend ourselves. Making more laws won’t solve the problem. It’s simple: rapists and abusers are criminals, and criminals are people who break the laws. Therefore, as usual, extra laws would only affect people who were unlikely to commit the crime in the first place.

Personally, I believe that an armed woman is a safer woman. Because nothing says equality like pulling out a Glock.

However, not everyone is willing or able to carry a gun.

In some states, it isn’t legal. There are some people who are uncomfortable with the idea of it. And if you do have a concealed carry permit, there are some establishments where you aren’t allowed to bring your firearm.

This doesn’t mean that a gal has to be defenseless, however.

Real empowerment comes from taking care of yourself. Here are 10 non-gun-related gifts you can give to show the women in your lives that you love them and want them to be safe. My own daughters will be receiving presents that keep them safer this year. Shh…don’t tell them!

Safety Cat Keychain


If you happen to be a criminal, these keychains would bring a whole new meaning to “crazy cat lady.” However, if you are the person holding this keychain, you’ll be striking a blow that won’t soon be forgotten.

Order here.

 Ruger 3-way Ultra System


Not only does this system shoot pepper spray 15 feet into an attacker’s face, it blinds them with a bright strobe light, and deploys a shrill 125-decibel siren to bring attention to your plight. All of this within ONE SECOND. Mr. Attacker sure didn’t realize who he was messing with. PS: This isn’t a one-hit wonder. The pepper spray canister can be easily replaced.

Order here.


Buy your favorite female some lessons. They can be straight self-defense, a discipline like Krav Maga, or even lessons on how to use devices like tasers and pepper spray. I recommend ongoing training as opposed to single lessons.

The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence

Are you surprised to find a book on this list? No, I don’t want you to hit an attacker with it. (After all, this one is a paperback, so it wouldn’t hurt much.)  This book discusses honing your instincts. The author, Gavin de Becker, is an expert in threat evaluation. He teaches you to listen to that little voice inside that warns you something is wrong. All of the weapons in the world won’t help you if you don’t know when to use them.

Order here.

SABRE Pepper Gel



You’ve probably heard of pepper spray, but pepper gel may be a better option, because it has an 18′ range and is less likely to be affected by the wind. What’s more, the gel clings to the attacker’s skin, unlike pepper spray. Sabre is a trusted brand, used by police forces across the country.

Order here.

Personal Alarm “Pager”


This little gadget is designed to look like a pager and can be clipped on to your jacket pocket or waistband. With a press of a button, an ear-splitting alarm will sound which will bring a lot of attention to an attacker – it’s much more effective than screaming for help. This is more of a deterrent than a weapon, but attackers are like cockroaches. They prefer to scurry around unnoticed. The benefit is that this device can be carried nearly anywhere – planes, public transit, or places where you have to walk through x-ray machines.

Order here.

Tactical Flashlight


Anything beyond 200 lumens can cause temporary blindness, and this flashlight has 1200 lumens. It can also be set on strobe for even more disorientation. It has SOS flashing options, a rechargeable battery, and is water resistant.

Order here.

The Sting Ring


Talk about packing a punch – this ring with zing fits over your knuckle and delivers a blast of 950,000 volts. It’s perfect for runners or that dark walk out to your vehicle. Check your local laws if you are concerned about being in violation of them. Several states frown on these devices.

Order here.

Personal Defense for Womenpersonal-defense-for-women


What? Another book? YES. When you know in advance what you’ll do if you are attacked, you will be able to act more quickly and decisively. The precious seconds can mean the difference between being a victim or being a victor.

This book is written for women, by a woman. She’s got serious creds too – the author of this book is a 10 year veteran of the Seattle police department, as well as a firearms instructor, author, and fervent 2nd Amendment advocate.

Order here.

The Door Jammer


This gadget is super-freakin-cool. If you block a door with it, no one is getting through it, unless they happen to be an axe-wielding maniac, in which case, they’ll just chop through the door. However, against your everyday intruder, this is an excellent deterrent. We used one on our cross-country trip to fortify those flimsy hotel doors.

Another great use for this would be to tighten the access to your safe room –  a place in your home that has been designated as your retreat if someone were to break in.

Order here.

O-Mega Star Warrior Stun Gun


It would be difficult to overestimate the awesomeness of this device. Not only is it the strongest tazing device available for civilians, but it has a special little surprise in the design. The entire circumference of it is electrified all the way down to the handle. If an attacker tries to grab it from you and take it away, he’ll be in for quite a “shock”. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Plus, it looks like something from Star Wars, so it’s geeky cool, too.

Because of the large size, this device is more appropriate for home or vehicle defense.

Order here.

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