100,000 Irish Protest IMF, Austerity Plan & Bank Bailouts

Irish Protest on IMF

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By Avalon

Over 100,000 Courageous Irish braved the cold weather to protest the Austerity Plans being supported by Irish Government and initiated by MASSIVE Banker Bailouts proposed by the European Union and provided by the IMF.

The IRISH have something to say about this – NÁ AR MO Féach

What we are witnessing is a GLOBAL REVOLUTION in Opposition of Banker Bailouts generated by speculative losses by these banks – to Socialize Debt and further Plunge the World into Economic and Social Destruction.

The following video is provided by WE ARE CHANGE EIRE (IRELAND)

Video Description:

Jim Corr: March from Wood Quay Dublin to the GPO at 11am Saturday 27th

 Jim Corr has made a heartfelt appeal to the Irish public that we must act or lose our country.

Jim has bravely spoken out on many occasions in the national media.  Each time he draws praise from around the world from the MILLIONS who can see whats happening here and around the world, and ridicule from the mainstream media, media who are all owned and controlled by the people Corr correctly points out are using the financial system which they designed to take over economies and hence countries, the world over.

We Are Change: Ireland © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Video Description:

On the 27th of November, the people of Ireland took to the streets of Dublin to say No to the IMF, the Austerity Plan, Corrupt Politicians, The EU and The NWO! Outside the GPO, Christy Moore addresses the People of Ireland in the most heartfelt way, through song! “The System doesn’t Work!”



The Protest in Ireland is but one in a series of RECENT protests if one remembers the Greece situation. The current outlook is that Portugal and Spain are next in what can only be an ENGINEERED Collapse of the Financial Infrastructure. If one cannot see the engineered and orchestrated design of this Worldwide Financial Destruction – then you never will. The Mastermind behind this according to many analysts (not in the MSM mind you) is The INTER-ALPHA GROUP.

The INTER-ALPHA GROUP is a ROTHSCHILD creation dating from when the United States was taken off of the Gold Standard in 1971. This group of Banking Corporations exercises control of 70 plus percent of the entire World Economy. The Inter-Alpha Group details are available via Google – about 47,600,000 results.

Incidentally, only 48 hours ago, the National Australia Bank experienced a technical glitch – was this to avert a Bank Run.

The people of Australia watch current events – maybe they were attempting to get what funds they could before a Bank Holiday is declared, preventing them to get available assets or devaluing their deposits.

In the United States, ING Bank (newly formed in 1991) and Royal Bank of Scotland are the predominant Inter-Alpha Group Partners. ING Bank(1.169 Trillion Total Assets 2009) also owns insurance company ING DirectRoyal Bank of Scotland Group owns Citizens Financial Group.



 EU approves bailout deal for Ireland

Update: 3:19 p.m. on Sunday, November 28, 2010

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union nations agreed an 85 billion euro ($113 billion) bailout deal for Ireland on Sunday to help the debt-struck country with its banking crisis, and sketched out new rules for future emergencies in an effort to restore faith in the euro currency.” – Washington Times


Jim Corr: March from Wood Quay Dublin to the GPO at 11am Saturday 27th

Ireland must find €17.5bn from its pension fund and reserves for bailout

Ireland bailout protest draws 100,000 to Dublin streets

Spain, Portugal and Belgium set to follow Ireland into abyss as debt crisis threatens to destroy the euro
EU approves bailout deal for Ireland

Rothschild & Sons

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