Live grenade found in man’s carry on by TSA

Man arrested after TSA finds live hand grenade in carry on bag

By Staff Writer

grenadeLOS ANGELES, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — At least five flights and 800 travelers were delayed for several hours Friday, after a live Mk 2 hand grenade was discovered by TSA at a terminal checkpoint in a man’s carry on bag, reports say.

Shockingly, according to the TSA’s blog, “A Mk 2 hand grenade was discovered in a carry-on bag at the Los Angeles (LAX) International Airport. The Terminal 1 checkpoint was closed while the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team transported the grenade to an offsite location to be disrupted.”

The blog also reported, “46 Firearms Discovered This Week – Of the 46 firearms, 41 were loaded and 17 had rounds chambered. See a complete list and more photos at the bottom of this post.”

(Photo left: Instagram)