NYPD Falsely Accused Diabetic Teen of Murder and Stole His Insulin To Force Confession

Free Thought Project

A Brooklyn family is filing a federal lawsuit against the NYPD after their 14 year old diabetic son, Richard Gonzalez, was denied insulin while falsely arrested on attempted murder charges

This past April, there was a shooting at a Foot Locker in Bushwick, New York, in which 15-year-old Isaiah Martinez was shot in the foot for allegedly trying to cut in line to buy a pair of $250 Kanye West-designed Nike Air “Yeezy” sneakers.

Witnesses told police that the shooter was named “Richie”, which led police to search through names on Facebook for a match.  Police discovered that Martinez was Facebook friends with 14 year old Richard Gonzalez, which was apparently all the evidence that they needed to arrest him and put him through brutal witness intimidation tactics.

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