Despite all of our current technology, one day we may be left in the dark

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB.COM) — If all or large portions of the U.S. power grid were to go down for extended periods of time the repercussions would be catastrophic to say the least, as humans are so reliant on electricity nowadays. And shockingly, according to FEMA, such a scenario may actually play out in the near future, kicked off from severe space weather far more powerful than the geomagnetic storm of May 1921.

In fact “more than 300 large extra-high-voltage transformers are at risk of failure or permanent damage” and “large-scale blackouts” may affect more than “130 million people in the U.S.” says a FEMA report dated March 1, 2012.

While such an event is not certain, it’s “plausible”, especially with a large “Coronal Mass Ejection” (CME) directed at earth. Such a CME would pose a major security threat.

Mark Sauter, an adviser to security companies and coauthor of the textbook Homeland Security: A Complete Guide, said severe space weather poses a major homeland security challenge.

“It occurs rarely, can’t be predicted, full protection is impossibly expensive and the potential impact ranges from inconvenient to cataclysmic,” said Sauter, who obtained the document under the Freedom of Information Act., reports The Washington Free Beacon.

If a CME were to take place we would have about a 24 to 72-hour warning before all hell breaks loose on the face of our planet. Additionally all air traffic would need to be grounded as GPS devices would likely fail or give false readings.

“Extreme space weather” would also cause major power outages, likely for extended periods of time, making it difficult for the U.S. government to provide “life-saving” and “life-sustaining” resources to affected swaths of the country. Essentially a Mad Max type scenario would ensue, and the results would be devastating.

Communication systems would go down, grocery stores would no longer to be able to cool food, trucks and planes may no longer be able to ship supplies, water and well pumps wouldn’t work, heating and air-conditioning units wouldn’t operate, septic and sewer systems would back up, gas pumps wouldn’t operate — virtually everything would come to a stand-still.

Can you imagine 130 million people, or about one-third of the U.S. population being crippled?

Source: FEMA
Source: FEMA

Within 36-hours following a CME power will likely be restored to about “65 million people”, still leaving another 65 million in the dark, possibly for months, according to FEMA.

Moreover, the military and/or U.N. would likely be dispatched throughout regions of the U.S. adding to the anxiety amongst the citizenry.

To boot FEMA also has plans in place to deploy Federal resources for “body recovery and victim identification”, along with “fatality management services” and “temporary mortuary solution[s]” for the dead.

Mass search and rescue teams will also be deployed to “gain and maintain situational awareness” of the “operational environment”, post CME.

Are you prepared?

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