A very depressing child abduction social experiment

By True Activist

So you always tell your kids not to talk to strangers right? Do you actually trust that your kids will take your advice and not wander off with some stranger(s)?

This video shows just how easy it is for predators to win a child’s trust.

However, where do we have to draw the line to not go overboard with the “stranger danger” mentality so that our kids do not grow up thinking everyone is a potential predator?

As one reddit user highlighted: It’s not just a matter of “don’t talk to strangers,” it’s a matter of teaching them “If a grown-up is trying to convince you to go somewhere with them, without your parents knowing, that is a bad situation. Period.”

Please let us know in the comments whether you think this is a good experiment or total fear mongering…

This article originally appeared on True Activist.