143 mph firenado ripped through California Carr Fire, some say directed energy weapons

Were directed energy weapons deployed in the recent NorCal Carr Fire? Some say yes.


A firenado ripped its way through the Northern California Carr Fire on July 26 between 7:30 and 8 pm, weather researchers find.

Researchers say the large whirlwind of fire spun at 143 mph and destroyed almost everything in its path.

NWS Sacramento tweeted on Thursday: “The NWS & @CAL_FIRE Serious Accident Review Team (SART) are conducting a storm damage survey regarding the large fire whirl that occurred Thursday evening in Redding. Preliminary indicators placed max wind speeds achieved by the fire whirl in excess of 143 mph.”


To keep residents at bay, Gov. Jerry Brown told reporters attending an assessment of the fire: “These winds events, wind storms and tornado type behavior — some of this is unprecedented.”

However, others on the innertubes feel that there may be more to the story and are speculating that directed energy weapons (DEWs) are being used to burn out NorCal residents and grab their land.

Where California goes, so goes the U.S.

Patrick Roddie posted a video to Youtube on July 29 which shows anomalies from the Carr Fire such as a tree burning from the inside out. Not to mention, melting cars and large wet logs catching fire and homes being seemingly selectively destroyed.

Some footage shows homes totally dustified to ash much like the World Trade Center towers were in 2001.

To boot, pyrocumulus clouds were also seen during the fire.

One outspoken California real estate agent and resident who lost her home in August of 2017 to a so-called ‘wildfire’ told a group of concerned residents at a conference that there are “more than a thousand red flags going on here.”

“Immediately I knew that these fires weren’t normal and it had to be some type of a military operation,” she explained. “I started looking up videos of the fires and saw how directed energy weaponry […] is very well documented […] this is not a hairbrained idea this is expensive multibillion-dollar corporate and governmental work here on these technologies.”

“These DEWs I believe have been used,” she said. “Too many fires in too many locations at once all burning as if set on fire at once. Nowhere did I see videos of areas catching on fire and spreading, though it may have happened all I knew and saw was literally that everything was on fire at the same time and that’s what the videos show.”

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There was “no warning,” she explained. “It just didn’t add up.”

The woman maintains that there is no explanation for the abrupt unannounced hurricane-force winds which came out of the east.

Currently, a massive military and law enforcement presence exists throughout all 7 fire-stricken regions of the state which can only be considered to be a silent form of martial law.

More than 1,200 structured have been turned to ash in the Carr Fire alone.

To give one example, a steel fencepost was “wrapped around a tree like a pretzel,” as reported by ABC News. This is not normal.

SJSU FireWeatherLab

Check out this footage which shows just how highly-selective the fire really was. Is this normal?

Moreover, video footage shows what appears to be “blue lasers” striking new hotspots and some people described seeing “blue lights,” blue flashes,” and “blue lightning” during the fires as swirling wind “came out of nowhere.”

Please send this information to all of your public representatives and officials. This important matter needs to be addressed ASAP. Fellow Americans may need help. Demand that Congress address this issue!

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Is California under attack by directed energy weapons?

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