19-year old ‘Craigslist killer’ admits to killing at least 22 ‘bad’ people


In a shocking and unexpected admission, the 19-year old ‘Craigslist killer’ told authorities she has killed over 22 people and is part of a satanic ‘cult’

By Shepard Ambellas

PENN. (INTELLIHUB) — Accused Craigslist killer Miranda Barbour, 19, recently admitted while in jail that she had killed at least 22 people before she stopped counting, adding a twist to the already strange murderous tale.

Barbour, who is accused of stabbing a man to death while her husband strangled him after placing an ad offering sex on Craigslist, recently told press and authorities a little more information about the murder and a few others.

USA Today reported some of the grim details from one instance after placing an ad for sex on Craigslist:

[…] she agreed to have sex for $100 with LaFerrara, and they met in a mall parking lot before driving several miles to Sunbury.

She said she planned to let LaFerrara out of her Honda CRV but “he said the wrong things.”

Barbour said she told LaFerrara that she had just turned 16.

“He told me that it was OK. If he would have said no, that he wasn’t going to go through with the arrangement, I would have let him go.”

She said he was not supposed to be stabbed, just strangled by her husband, Elytte Barbour, but “things got out of control.”

She is accused of stabbing LaFerrara, 42, 20 times as her husband strapped a cord around LaFerrara’s neck from the back seat.

At this time Barbour is showing no remorse, according to reports.

However, astonishingly, Barbour admitted to authorities that she would only kill “bad” people, justifying to herself the ‘Boondocks Saints’ style slayings she was involved in.

Barbour also said she was part of a satanic cult and started killing at the age of 13 in the state of Alaska. Although as of yet, these claims have not yet been substantiated by authorities assigned to the case.

Barbour also told authorities that she could “pinpoint” her victims on a map if they wished.

In another shocking admission, Barbour said if she were ever released from jail she would continue to kill.

The Associated Press reported:

Barbour said she was introduced to murder at 13, after suffering sexual abuse as a child, by a man who had been a member of a Satanic cult in Alaska.

“I would lure these people in,” she said.

“I studied them. I learned them and even became their friend. I did this to people who did bad things and didn’t deserve to be here anymore.”

The police chief of Sunbury, Steve Mazzeo said authorities are aware of her claims and are “working with law enforcement from various cities and towns.”

Authorities are currently investigating Barbour’s claims.

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