$2 Billion Spent on Elections to Show Relevancy in the Minds of the General Public

Not only have electronic ballet boxes been proven to be a fraud, we simply have no say so.

By Shepard Ambellas
December 7, 2012

Between both the Obama and Romney camps, 2012 presidential election costs surpassed the $2 billion mark setting an all time American record for the most costly election.

Was the money really spent by each party to oppose the other? Or, was it spent to run a massive psychological operation (PSY-OP) on the American populace?

Possibly a little of both, as the true PSY-OP behind the billions of dollars spent is to project an image into the general publics minds that the presidential elections really matter, when unfortunately they don’t. Americans have been duped.

As the famous Jordan Maxwell once explained to Jason Bermas and I as we ate at a sandwich shop one night before film shoot for the new documentary SHADE the Motion Picture, paraphrasing, “Our leaders are not elected they are selected…. meaning that when people talk about going to the poles to vote, one must realize the nature of a poll….  a pole does nothing more than take a consensus from the public for our leaders that have been pre-selected… giving them the information needed which can win them the hearts and minds of the American populace”.

When I heard this I was amazed at how simply Jordan laid out this concept to be easily understood. Now I am sharing it with you.


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