200 mph flying cars soon to be a reality

Back To The Future meets Blade Runner, 200 mph flying cars to hit the skies in near future

Intellihub editor’s note: Just like the sci-fi movies we all watched as kids, 200 mph flying cars with VTOL capabilities will soon be a reality.

From Fox Business:

Not even James Bond had an Aston Martin like this.

The British sports car maker revealed a concept version of a flying car, the Volante Vision Concept, at the Farnborough Airshow this week.

Aston Martin has billed the futuristic vehicle as a luxury car for the skies. The autonomous hybrid-electric vehicle, which has room for three passengers, is designed for urban and inter-city travel, the company said. It’s also capable of vertical take-offs and landings. The vehicle could fly at top speeds of around 200 miles per hour, according to Reuters.