2016 children’s’ film “Hedgehogs” depicts pandemic and vaccine rollout

2016 kid's film predicts 2020 COVID-19 pandemic response, almost to a tee

The 2016 children’s animation titled Hedgehogs foretells the story of how a new vaccine ultimately saved the populace of the world from a pandemic outbreak spawned by small animals.

In the film, people dressed in bio-suits can be seen spraying a city street with disinfectant upon the onset of the outbreak. The uncanny scene literally mimics the 2020 footage out of Wuhan, China, to a tee.

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As a result of the pandemic scare, people put on masks immediately out of fear. Does this remind you of anything?

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In the film, in order for the star hedgehog to get placed in a new home with a good family, he will have to show a good “bill of health” and later be vaccinated in order to be returned into society.

The “infected” animals were subsequently tracked with GPS locators which resemble current contact tracing programs in 2020.

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The realtime tracking margin of error in the animation is just one inch. They can track these animals within one inch anywhere on the planet.

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Making things even more sinister, an elite and powerful human villain doctor in the film claimed that he was taking the animals to “shelters” but as it turns out the animals may have never actually been taken to shelters but may have been taken to a facility for their extermination.

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“Gentlemen initiate Operation Bye-Bye,” the villain instructed his two henchmen.

The henchmen looked at each other confused and asked: “Is that the cotton candy one?

“Doctor… is Operation Bye-Bye the cotton candy one or the extermination one?” one of the henchmen asked aloud.

Keep in mind, this is a kids film launched in 2016–four years before the current COVID-19 pandemic. The film literally lays it all out as it is unfolding today.

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The diabolic doctor went on to explain to the young man who wanted to save the animals that the hedgehogs “are diseased carrying vermin” that “need to be eradicated for the greater good.”

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The Orwellian animation goes on to depict a mainstream media push to roll out a new vaccine that will defeat the respiratory illness.

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“I’m also happy to announce that we’ve discovered a vaccine–you no longer have to live in fear–everybody can get back to their normal lives because we are about to kick this dirty little virus back to the stone age,” Domestic Biological Head Doctor Huang said.

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