MKULTRA, Mind Control and Super Soldiers

MKULTRA "Super Soldiers" are now into their 5th generation and are capable of many feats. A company named Cyberdyne, INC actually has weaponized military grade exo-skeletons designed for combat. Commercial grade HAL suits are available to the public sector at their Japan based site. Coupled with an occasional FEMA "BIG DOG". These could serve as future hunter seeker teams in times of civil unrest. Please view the exclusive Intellihub video on the SSP posted below.

The Intellihub

“Soldier X” in the below video speaks of operations carried out in the military such as false flag bombings, mind control, depopulation and exploitation of U.S.soldiers.

The story much resembles the Duncan O’Finioan story where he was involved in the MKULTRA “Super Soldier Program” a spin off of project talent. MKULTRA is a blanket term for over 132 sub projects; one of which is Project TALENT.

Project TALENT involved universities across the nation compiling test data to use unusually gifted people for military programs. One such program was the SSP or “Super Soldier Program”.

Below is the actual Intellihub Report on the Super Soldier Program & MKULTRA mind control