Obama Trial Take Five


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Pastor James David Manning

Shepard Ambellas –

The Obama trial at Atlah in NYC is now underway for the fifth day. We have been following the Manning/Obama trial and hype surrounding it for over a month. Time is quickly passing as the verdict will be presented in the next few days.

Don’t count on a verdict causing an uprising in America; the fact is that the general public is generally unaware of the existence of this trial and the crimes Obama, A.K.A. Barry Soetoro has perpetrated. Since the very beginning there has been a media black out on Obama and Columbia University’s crimes.

The demonstrations that are taking place in and around Columbia University during the days of the trial has been significantly less than the original estimates compiled by Dr. David Manning. Originally it was anticipated that over 80,000 people would attend the protests.

There are allegations being presented to the court that Columbia will be implicated for treason against the United States of America. The University issued a degree and diploma to president Obama for a his supposed two year term. Evidence presented has shown that Obama might have never attended the University of Columbia in New York during the times in question.

In-fact, there is evidence that directly points to Obama’s involvement with the C.I.A. and contacts of Arabic decent. Statements made by witnesses before the court eluded to the fact that Obama drove BMW’s, lived a lavish life, and was constantly surrounded by well dressed middle eastern men.

It is apparent that Obama has something to hide. The very day he was sworn into office as president, he signed an executive order officially sealing his records. Never before in history has a president taken such extreme measures, for any reason. In the state of Hawaii they have even passed a law that specifically says that the government does not have to respond to requests to see Obama’s birth certificate.

“ I do not expect the world to come crashing down on Obama and his criminal crime syndicate just yet. Even if the verdict is guilty, it will be blacked out by the fully controlled medias broadcasts and publications. Alternative media is the only way we will be able to spread the word across this once great nation. Alternative media, Intel Soldiers, and guerrilla reporters are the backbone of the modern Paul Revere movement. We must not back down, we must not be defeated, no matter what the cost. I urge all of you to become active in this war waged against the populous by the global vipers of the planet. Remember, we have the numbers.  Calling all Intel Soldiers” – NotForSale

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