3 Ebola-infected detainees escape forced quarantine, take a stroll through big city, 2 die, 1 recaptured

Some warn a worldwide pandemic may be on the horizon, as Ebola cases start to ramp up inside the Democratic Republic of Congo


DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (INTELLIHUB) — Three Ebola infected detainees who escaped mandated quarantine measures in the city of Mbandaka on on Sunday were displaying symptoms of the deadly virus before two of the three were later found dead.

Officials report, they apprehended the straggler who randomly strolled among a population of 350,000. However, at this time officials are not sure if the trio’s quarantine violations will be responsible for the incubation of a global pandemic but some do fear the recent outbreak could gain steam and become larger than the 2014 outbreak which killed over 11,000 people.

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Doctors Without Borders has set up two clinics within the region where they have rolled out trial-tests for a new vaccine which some locals fear may be what’s actually killing people.

Over 8,600 vaccines have already been distributed and another 8000 will arrive soon as locals become human guinea pigs.

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This marks the first time that vaccines are being used to fight an Ebola outbreak and field testing has already begun.

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According to CBS News reporter Debora Patta who is currently in the region, the new vaccine doesn’t actually cure Ebola but instead only stops the spread of the virus.

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Wait a minute — so, does that mean it just kills the infected? What is going on here? A major eugenics operation comes to mind or possibly some sort of depopulation agenda.

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Patta reports that health workers are being vaccinated first before they move into areas with high infection rates. “Geography and topography are also major concerns,” as officials struggle to get makeshift medical facilities set up.

“This will radically change the way the disease is dealt with,” Patta explained. So, hopes are very high that this vaccine will contain this particular outbreak.”

Those who choose not to be vaccinated may also chose to “pray away” the virus while others feel Ebola is brought on by a “curse,” as a means to cope with their fears.

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The current mortality rate for the virus is nearly 50%. Meaning, 1 out of two people that become infected will die.

Dozens of people have already been killed by the outbreak and more are expected to die as a result.

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Withal, the Center For Disease Control and Prevention has not yet issued a travel ban or trade ban to the region for reasons unknown.

From EcoHealth Alliace:

The analysis ranks the United States 17th on the list, with 0.5 percent of outgoing passengers entering the country. The U.S. cities with the highest percentage (greater than 0.01 percent) of incoming passengers coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo are:

  1. New York (JFK): 0.13% of US-bound passengers coming from the Region of Interest (ROI)
  2. Miami (MIA): 0.11% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  3. Atlanta (ATL): 0.06% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  4. Boston (BOS): 0.05% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  5. Los Angeles (LAX): 0.05% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  6. Detroit (DTW): 0.04% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  7. Washington, D.C. (IAD): 0.02% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  8. Cincinnati (CVG): 0.01% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  9. Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW): 0.01% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  10. Newark (EWR): 0.01% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  11. Chicago (ORD): 0.01% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI
  12. Ft. Lauderdale (FLL): 0.01% of US-bound passengers coming from ROI

It’s also important to note, the crisis struck on the same day a Ebola funding proposal nosedived after U.S. lawmakers in the House and Senate failed to act.

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