3 signs you’re aging too quickly


How To: Boost Telomeres at Home

Weight gain, fatigue, foggy thinking and achy joints — these are the hallmarks of what we call “aging”.

But according to one doctor, that may be about to change.

“Every year we get older. But what this discovery means is, we don’t have to feel older, and we don’t have to look older,” says Dr. Rand McClain, one of the top regenerative medicine specialists in Los Angeles.

Dr. McClain’s research has to do with the science of telomeres — the tiny “caps” that protect the DNA in our cells.

Research now shows these caps get shorter and shorter as we age, leading to a host of ailments including weight gain, fatigue, body aches, and cognitive issues. Research at Harvard shows shorter telomeres are associated with cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

But the good news?

This same Harvard research says people can stop their telomeres from getting shorter… and maybe even reverse damage that’s already occured.

“There’s five lifestyle changes I recommend people make,” says Dr. McClain. “Just five, and you do them all at home. They’re all really easy, and free, and if you do them, you’re going to notice a dramatic change in the way you look and feel. It’s as simple as that.”

McClain recently put his complete method into a free online video, which has since gone viral. People who have tried it call the video “stunning,” and one health expert commented: “This really is a gamechanger. I haven’t looked and felt this good in years.”

You can watch the entire video by clicking here right now:

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