30 phone calls to 9-1-1 that Sheriff Joseph Lombardo doesn’t want you to hear from the night of 1 October

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- unless that is, of course, Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas does an exposé on the matter bringing it all out into the forefront. Please share this bombshell information far and wide, send it to everyone you know!


LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas tediously went through 518 different 9-1-1 calls from the night of the 1 October massacre in which the online sleuth located a cornucopia of information which further paints a picture of how Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo lied to the general public about events which occurred on the night of the shooting.

However, it’s also important to point out that the sheriff did not lie by choice but rather lied due to the fact that the Department of Homeland Security deemed the terror attack a ‘matter of national security’ just one day after the shooting which is why FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse was subsequently assigned to Lombardo as his handler.

The following calls to 911 took place between the hours of 10:00 pm and 11:59 pm on October 1, 2017, and absolutely eviscerate LVMPD’s narrative of a single lone wolf shooter.

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110:16 pm

When a 911 operator asked the caller if she saw the shooter, the woman who was inside the Route 91 venue at the time replied: “I think we saw the guy flying in a helicopter. […] You guys need officers in the sky because he’s flying in a helicopter.” (Keep in mind the LVMPD helicopter did not show up anywhere near the vicinity until 10:25 pm) You can learn more about the helicopters here.

Listen to call 48

310:38 pm

911 operator: “There was a shooter at the Route 91 and all that we know is that the suspects are still outstanding and there were three of them.”

Listen to call 197

410:38 pm

Caller inside Hooters hotel room #340: “They are saying there’s a shooter in the lobby of the casino.”

Listen to call 209

510:41 pm

A man who got a call from one of his employees saying that she was ‘trapped in an airport hanger’ relayed the information to a 911 operator.

“Okay, she’s in a hanger at an airport and she said that she’s seen people get shot there where she is. She said that she’s at an airport and they broke into, and ducked into a hanger [she] thinks it’s hanger number six and [said] there was shooting going on where she is,” the man explained.

Listen to call 217

610:45 pm

“Two [middle-eastern] gentlemen with backpacks and a bullet proof vest walking calmly into the hotel while everybody is running the other way, and they got people who were shot in the restaurant in front of it. I think that’s some of the shooters. It’s behind the Hooters. It’s America’s Best Value — it’s a little motel,” a man told 911.

Listen to call 242

810:54 pm

911 operator: “As far as we know there are three suspects.”

Listen to call 307

911:00 pm

“There is more than one shooter […] I want you to know there is more than one. […] There’s multiple. […] Stop telling the news that there is only one shooter there is multiple shooters and they are out there,” a woman who was being adamant told 911. The woman was at the MGM Grand.

Listen to call 342

1011:10 pm

Las Vegas Monorail Control tells 911 operator: “We have two passengers that are on the monorail platform who have gunshot wounds to their leg.”

Listen to call 356

1111:10 pm

Caller tells 911 operator: “We are stuck in the New York New York we don’t know if it’s safe to leave — we saw bodies on the floor in the Zumanity theater.”

Listen to call 365

1211:12 pm

Caller tells 911 operator: “Yes, metro, this is in reference to your active shooter — my niece [is] saying there is an active shooter now inside the Tropicana […].”

Listen to call 381

1311:31 pm

Caller tells 911 operator: “We are in the Bellagio and we heard gunshots and we don’t know what to do. […] Maybe like five to ten minutes ago. […] A bunch of people ran from outside the casino inside.”

911 operator: “[…] these shooters are still outstanding.” (i.e. the shooters are still on the loose)

Listen to call 390

1511:32 pm

A woman staying on the 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Bay in room 32-327, on the 300 wing, reports hearing the “fire alarm” and seeing “a lot of smoke.”

Listen to call 395

1611:32 pm

Woman reports to 911 that there was a shooter inside the Paris casino and that multiple shots were fired.

“I think I heard five to six shots, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,” the woman explained to the operator.

Listen to call 396

1711:32 pm

A hotel guest staying on the 21st-floor at Mandalay Bay told a 911 operator that he heard “what sounded like an explosion” around 11:30 pm just before “glass” fell down past his exterior hotel room window.

Listen to call 399

1811:33 pm

Metro: “We are getting reports of an active shooter at the Venetian.”

Listen to call 406

1911:33 pm

A woman who called 911 told the operator that her sister was in the food court at the Excalibur when a gunman came in and open fired.

Listen to call 407

2011:33 pm

Caller tell 911 operator: “There is an active shooting at the Paris casino […] we heard the shots […] maybe 30-45 seconds ago.” (The caller maintained that he continued to hear gunshots while on the phone with 911)

Listen to call 411

2111:33 pm

911 operator taking a report: “The shooter was at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmo and we have another one down in the valet of the Bellagio.”

Listen to call 416

2311:42 pm

“There’s people with guns over there at the High Roller. […] there’s a lot of people already killed in there.”

Listen to call 469

2411:43 pm

Caller to 911 operator: “So there is this active shooting guy at the Mirage.” (Caller references a male shooter inside of the Mirage.

Listen to call 482

2511:43 pm

A man staying at MGM Grand on the 38th-floor in tower number two room 37-716 reports hearing a lot of gunfire in the building within the past 2-3 minutes.

Listen to call 483

Google Maps

2611:43 pm

A man named Chris told a 911 operator that he sees a man dressed in black on the lower roof of the Mandalay Bay by a skylight.

Listen to call 485

2711:43 pm

911 caller reports that a lot of shots were fired in Caesar’s Palace around 11:33 pm.

“One woman even got shot,” he explained.

Listen to call 489

2811:43 pm

Caller to 911 operator: “We’re in the Bellagio, we can hear them shooting.”

Listen to call 491

2911:43 pm

Caller tells 911 operator: “I’m in the Linq hotel and there’s and active shooter. […] he came in the front entrance […] strip side.”

Listen to call 492

3011:44 pm

Caller to 911 operator: “They are shooting at the Flamingo […] they are still shooting now.”

Listen to call 497

The missing 911 calls

It appears that there are a number of missing 911 calls between the hours of 11:15 pm and 11:29:59, as the YouTube channel Mr. Burgundy points out in the following video: