3D computer modeling reveals 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay crime scene was actually mocked up on the 61st-floor


The FBI and LVMPD went to great lengths to hide the fact that the crime scene photos were actually taken on the 61st-floor of the hotel, not the 32nd

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A highly detailed 3D computer imaging model was recreated by an industry professional using 3D Studio Max, a computer graphics program used to make games, 3D images, and film effects.

The graphic analysis, posted to the HDRCFX Cornwall YouTube channel on Friday, reveals that what authorities are calling the 32nd-floor crime scene photos that were purportedly captured in room 32-135 were actually taken on the 61st-floor of the Mandalay Bay, possibly on 1 Oct.

The entire analysis can be seen in the following video.

You may remember, Intellihub Founder and Director Shepard Ambellas broke a major story back in mid-January after the bombshell news was overlooked by investigative reporter Laura Loomer who obtained and published the original photo showing Stephen Paddock’s car and his VPS parking log. What the reporter failed to note was the fact that Paddock had checked into a room on the 61st-floor of the Mandalay Bay on 1 October. This is, in fact, the very same floor that matches up to the 3D computer model, as seen in the HDRCFX Cornwall video.

A leaked photograph of an MGM computer screen displaying the parking summary for the alleged gunman of the Oct. 1 massacre Stephen Paddock between the dates of Sept. 25th and Oct. 2nd reveals that Paddock parked his vehicle in the garage at 2:23 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2017, and was listed as a guest in room 61-104.


The vehicle, a Chrysler Pacifica, arrived at “14:07” (2:07 p.m.) and was logged “parked” in garage “260” at “14:23” (2:23 p.m.) as indicated by the VPS record.

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You can zoom in on the VPS picture here.

The record lists the occupant of the vehicle as being a registered guest at the “Delano Hotel” but upon further investigation room 61-104 is operated solely by Mandalay Bay. This was also confirmed by MGM operators at Mandalay Bay, the Delano Hotel, and the Four Seasons, all of which told Intellihub over the phone that the room was indeed “a Mandalay Bay room.”

The room is located just nine floors above rooms 32-134 and 32-135 both of which were reportedly also rented by Paddock.

Mandalay Bay is a 43 story luxury resort, however the top four floors are labeled 60, 61, 62, and 64, skipping 63, per the building’s layout.

From Wikipedia: “Levels 40-42 (numbered as floors 60–62) are designed as penthouse suites, with a penthouse lounge on level 62 for guests staying in the penthouses. Level 43 (numbered as 64) is the Foundation Room, a restaurant and bar.”

Floors 35-39 are owned and operated by the Four Seasons.

A video showing of the elevator control panel inside the Delano Hotel verifies that the floors actually exist in the Delano as well. However room 61-104 does not exist in the Delano Hotel and is exclusive to the Mandalay Bay only, according to what three different MGM staffers told Intellihub over the phone early Wednesday morning.

It is unknown why the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are keeping this information secret from the public.

Here is a video from shot from inside room 61-104 in which Paddock rented. Notice the view of the strip.

Clark County Fire Department communications from the night of the shooting reveal that there may be more to the “event” then officials are claiming

Newly released Clark County Fire Department radio transmissions from the night of the massacre reveal that another shooter may have been high up on Mandalay Bay’s 63rd-floor in the Foundation Room where the wife of a firefighter was reportedly ‘pinned behind the bar.’

DoJ investigates Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and Ali Alexander over potential ties to Capitol rioters: Claim

The following is a transcript of the communications between Fire Dispatch and Batallion 6 Command which took place on Oct. 1 between 11:33 and 11:35 pm:

(1:27:54) Fire Dispatch: We have a firefighter’s wife at this event who is pinned down behind the bar at Mandalay Bay. We are trying to get further on the name.

(1:28:17) Fire Dispatch: Batallion 6, be advised that we are getting reports on Mandalay Bay, at the bar, we currently have a […] another active shooter up there.”

(1:28:31) Batallion 6 Command: Okay, I copy that dispatch […].

(1:28:34) Fire Dispatch: Copy that. Thank you.

(1:28:50) Batallion 6 Command: Can you confirm that last one, please?

(1:29:15) Fire Dispatch: The only information I have is it’s the bar on top of the Mandalay Bay.

(1:29:23) Battalion 6 Command: Copy. Can you confirm that there is a shooter up there? Do you have him pinned down or he just sheltering right now?

Moments later Fire Dispatch could be heard saying that she was trying to reach the woman via her cell phone but was having trouble.

Were “terrorists” roaming the hotel?

As it turns out, author and entrepreneur Grant Cardone had been holding an investors meeting which started at 7 pm inside Mandalay Bay’s Foundation Room.

Miraculously, Cardone left the Foundation Room just 7-minutes before the first volley of gunfire started from the 32nd-floor when he and a group of his friends went down to the casino floor for some action.

FBI declassified Nikola Tesla vault files: Download

Cardone’s eyewitness account from inside the Mandalay Bay:

A dozen of us made our way to the casino passing right past the shooter’s floor on 32, while he was setting up to shoot down on the three thousand at the music festival just 1400 yards across the street. It took us 12 minutes to get down to the poker room and by the time Kevin Harrington wins the first hand with Ace high against my camera guy, “Johnny the Camera Guy,” it was 10:08 pm the time the shooting was first reported.

Almost immediately, I noticed a change in the casino and amongst the staff and players. There was a new energy in the hotel, random noises and a light panic moving through the hotel.

I opened my Twitter feed to see if anything was happening, only to find out there was an active shooter supposedly at the Route 91 Country concert/festival across the street from Mandalay Bay.


It was reported by the Mandalay there was a shooter moving through the hotel. I told Elena and Johnny, “stay close to me, we are not running out, stay calm, there is one person in charge — where I go, you follow, no matter what.”


About this time, there was starting to be a lot more activity through the casino and now the reports suggested there was active multiple terrorists moving through the hotel shooting guest. Then twitter started showing up with feeds suggesting multiple hotels being attacked, bomb threats, and more.

If you have any information pertaining to this matter please contact shepard@intellihub.com ASAP.

You can listen to the full audio here:

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