4 armored deuce-and-a-halfs pass through Iowa on DoD rail-cars

Routine military transport captured on camera

AGENCY, Iowa (INTELLIHUB) — The transport of military vehicles on rail-cars is routine for the most part.

In fact, just last Sunday, four 2-1/2 ton armored military trucks were spotted on DoD rail-cars passing through town.

The entire train was captured on video and posted to the “A. Train” YouTube channel.

The video’s description reads:

A westbound BNSF mixed freight train passes by the town of Agency, Iowa on February 26, 2016. The train’s second locomotive is an AC44C4M that was recently rebuilt and repainted from a former Santa Fe Railway Dash 9.

At 2:03, there are four military vehicles riding on two Department of Defense flatcars.

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