4 asteroids the size of jumbo jets, one the size of car, to fly by Earth over next 6 days

More and more near-Earth earthbound objects pose a risk to life on the planet than ever before

Pixel Lifetime/Flickr

National Aeronautics Space Administration Jet Propulsion Laboratory close approach data reveals that a total of 5 good-sized asteroids will safely fly by Earth in the next 6 days and will pass at distances of over 100,000 miles from our planet.

NASA data shows that four of the five near-Earth objects have been identified to be the size of 747 airliners while one is about the size of a typical run of the mill car.

Screenshot via CENOS/JPL/NASA

The Earth has been experiencing increased near-Earth earthbound asteroid activity as the planet has entered some sort of debris cloud.

Researches say we are seeing over 4000 NEOs pass by yearly.

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