PARIS, France (INTELLIHUB) — According to the Associated Press, 400 to 600 ISIS terrorists have been “dispatched” to Europe to wreak maximum bloodshed by carrying out randomized terror attacks in the region.

The Islamic State has reportedly sent highly trained “attackers” disguised as refugees to hit soft targets in Europe, which now explains the heavy influx of strong, military looking, men that were reported to have been crossing over into Europe since the beginning of the refugee crisis.

Fox 61 reported:

In claiming responsibility, the Islamic State group described a “secret cell of soldiers” dispatched to Brussels for the purpose. The shadowy cells were confirmed by Europol — the EU police agency which said in a late January report that intelligence officials believed the group had “developed an external action command trained for special forces-style attacks.”

French speakers with links to North Africa, France and Belgium appear to be leading the units and are responsible for developing attack strategies in Europe, said a European security official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about briefing material. He is also familiar with interrogations of former fighters who have returned to Europe. Some were jailed after leaving IS while others were kicked out of the terror group. The fighters include Muslims and Muslim converts from all across Europe.

Unnamed security officials say the nightmare scenario may unfold soon and that all of Europe needs to remain vigilant.

More importantly, the recent threats only beg the question: How stupid can E.U. officials be to allow immigrants to flood across borders? I mean really; what did they think would happen? This is what GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump has been talking about now for some time and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. If you have open borders — you have no country — it’s just that simple.

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