$5.1B in real military hardware transferred to local law enforcement in past 17-years


They are arming the police for war

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB.COM) — Around 8,000 agencies participate in what is now known as the “1033 Reutilization Program“, which allows them to garner free military hardware any chance they can get.

In fact from the years 1997 to 2014 $5.1 billion of valued military hardware was transferred to local city and state law enforcement agencies and approved for use on the streets of America.

To make matters worse, after the rioting started in Ferguson, over the death of Michael Brown, the Pentagon delivered “3,879 rifles” to local agencies, arming them to the hilt, in the months following, as our fierce leaders in Washington appear to be preparing for war.

But the question is: War with who?

Did it [the answer] hit you yet?

Need I say more?

Just look at Michigan for example.

Like a scene out of a war movie, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources strapped up, so to speak, big time, in November, taking in “a rifle for every officer” and 39 more for “training” purposes, as reported by the Washington Times in a recent article. And oh, by the way, we aren’t talking your regular run of the mill rifles either. We are talking full-on militarized M-16s here. The real deal. Selector-switch and all.

Of course, as expected, leaning to the side of caution, an agency spokeswoman later downplayed the fact that the rifles fire in both burst, and fully automatic shot sequences, adding that the rifles are being “retrofitted” to only fire in a semi-automatic mode, not burst or full-auto.

Even if so, what will they use all this for?

And what about the militarized armored vehicles, tanks? They seem to be appearing in droves nowadays as even small towns are equipped.

“An estimated 500 law enforcement agencies have received Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles built to withstand armor-piercing roadside bombs.”, according to the ACLU’s 2014 report titled “War Comes Home“.

Do you really think they need this stuff?

And what about the innocent people who get hurt from these botched operations?

For instance, page 6 of the report details how a “SWAT team” threw a “flashbang” grenade into the home of a “pregnant woman” by mistake, in an unnecessary deployment or resources. All of this just to show off and test their expensive new gadgets. For them it’s fun. And believe it, they have a whole lot of gadgets.

In fact, page 13 of the report documents how a “massive military grade weapons cache” is being stored by law enforcement in Arizona.

The cache, all acquired through the U.S. Government’s very own 1033 Program, includes a mere:

  • 32 bomb suits
  • 704 units of night vision equipment, e.g., night-vision goggles
  • 1034 guns, of which 712 are rifles
  • 42 forced entry tools, such as battering rams
  • 830 units of surveillance and reconnaissance equipment
  • 13,409 personal protective equipment (PPE) and/or uniforms
  • 120 utility trucks
  • 64 armored vehicles
  • 4 GPS devices
  • 17 helicopters
  • 21,211 other types of military equipment

However, all of this excessive equipment that is currently being handed to local agencies from the military offers only two, maybe three, explanations. So short of a zombie apocalypse or a full on alien takeover, we can only assume the equipment is for use against us, the American people and apparently their pets as well.

Sadly but true, the report also mentions how animals, pets, often wind up getting shot and in most cases killed during “no-knock” SWAT raids. This is the unreported byproduct of these raids, often downplayed by the media so local agencies won’t look bad.

I have myself personally interviewed a someone, on my former radio show, whom has had their family devastated from this exact type atrocity after suffering the loss a loved one, their dog, during a SWAT. During the interview I nearly teared up, it was heartbreaking for sure. I would never want to experience loss in such a way.

But the bottom line is the fact that these SWAT raids are dangerous.

In fact numbers in the ACLU report show that weapons are only found 35% of the time when “believed to be present” in homes raided by law enforcement officials, leading common folk, like myself, to believe that more than half the time the authorities must be guessing if the mission objective is obtainable or not. And to what extent are they willing to go?

So what’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is — the police are funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars, plain and simple. They work for us and should not be abusing their authorities or powers in ways not beneficial to humanity’s betterment. It’s that simple.

Ultimately the ACLU’s report recommended that SWAT be outfitted with body cameras, creating a “public record” of SWAT encounters. It was also recommended that “deployment reports” be filed “post-deployment” offering details and insight into the operation for future inquires.

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