6th-grade curriculum teaching gun control is based on motiveless Las Vegas massacre and has some parents concerned

Gun control debate pushed onto 6th-graders as the Establishment attempts to groom the future population to become fully-disarmed mindless snowflakes

(INTELLIHUB) — Educational curriculum posted on JuniorScolastic.com titled Guns in America: The tragedy in Las Vegas has reignited the debate over America’s gun laws is disturbing, to say the least.

The Common Core-based propaganda piece uses the motiveless October 1 Las Vegas massacre as an example to segway into how the mass shooting has “reignited the national debate over gun control” which has created a stir among some parents in Arizona.

“The United States has more guns than any other developed country—and far more gun violence,” the curriculum reads. “Would stricter gun control laws help lower the number of gun-related deaths? Congress, like the nation, has long been divided over the issue.”

One concerned parent in Arizona told Intellihub in an email:

No one wants this. This was my daughter’s 6th-grade curriculum.

It bothered me one, that gun control was taught to my 6th-grade kid without my knowledge. And two, that an unsolved case with no motive was used as an example.

The curriculum is listed at a “1200L” reading level which is designed for the 10th-grade or higher but for some reason is being taught to 6th-graders at an Arizona school.

Do you think gun control curriculum containing mass shooting propaganda is a good subject to teach 6th-graders?

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