73,000-year-old cave drawing found but what does it represent?

Researchers can't figure out what is depicted on the earliest known cave drawing which dates back 73,000 years.

Researchers claim a newly unearthed piece of rock is the oldest known piece of cave art on the planet and is likely 73,000-years-old, according to a new report out of The Guardian.

The object displaying red markings was discovered and excavated with spearheads and other artifacts at Blombos Cave in South Africa which is about 186 miles east of Cape Cod.

cave painting
Craig Foster/University of Bergen

“Until now, the oldest known drawings have been the more impressive and extensive works that cover cave walls in El Castillo in Spain and Maros in Sulawesi, Indonesia. But those abstract and figurative images were made more recently, 40,000 years ago at most,” reports The Guardian.

Researchers and archeologists do not currently know what the drawing represents.

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