G20 in Review: A Push Toward Free Trade


By Shepard Ambellas
June 23, 2012

The G20 meetings which recently took place in Los Cabos Mexico set the stage for a new era of free trade and more of a push toward the North American Union (NAU) that the globalists have most desperately wanted for some time.

President Obama meets with Mexican President Filipe Calderón at the G20 – Photo by the White House

However, during this G20, talks of free trade ran rampant with several nations, including Africa, Argentina, and others.

There was also somewhat of a focus on the upcoming pacific trade talks in which Steven Harper (the Prime Minister of Canada) was asked to attend.

The trade shields are dropped apparently, at least for the time being.

A Reuters excerpt reads;

World leaders extended by one year their vow not to put up new trade barriers at the Group of 20 summit on Tuesday in a last-minute deal that exposed deep rifts over protectionism.

The Euro was also on the table in some more heated moments of the G20 meeting.

The Guardian reported;

The European council’s president Herman Van Rompuy, speaking alongside Barroso, said a draft G20 communique showed “support and encouragement for the euro area countries and leaders and for the European Union as a whole to overcome this crisis”.

“We are not the only ones that are so-called responsible for the current economic problems all over the world,”  he said.

Carefully eluding to the fact that the bankers orchestrated the economic crisis in some way and that EU as a whole is not responsible.

On another front, Russia’s president Putin also attended the G20.

It was rumored that Obama and Putin talked about disagreements in Syria and other issues that have created tensions between the two nations.

Putin (Russia’s President) and Obama at the G20 in Mexic0 – White House Photo

As a former KGB operative Putain seems skeptical of the full scope of the US agenda.

It seems as if Russian factions set themselves apart from the standard New World Order agenda and are operating somewhat independently from the main sect.

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