Cops: America’s Baddest Street Gang

Police BrutalityBy Alfred Adask

March 18, 2013

This video below is infuriating.  It’s a collection of video-shorts on police violence.

But, these video-shorts have been “cherry-picked” to support the contention that the America’s police have become increasingly prone to committing violence against innocent Americans.  And there seems to be no doubt that the cops are dangerous to the people.  But how dangerous?  Is the growing volume of video evidence of police abuse simply the unfortunate result of a plethora of video cameras on the streets that record and post only the very rare instances of police abuse, or are the “pigs” really running wild?

•  Most Americans believe it’s tough being a cop.  Cops are portrayed as working in a dangerous world where they might be shot and killed at any moment by “bad guys”.   And they’re all heroes, of course.  So we need to give ‘em a little latitude whenever they go off the rails. After all, the stress of their highly dangerous profession could drive any of us off the edge from time to time, right?

 But, actually, police work isn’t that dangerous–at least not to the cops.  Aol Jobs lists the 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US as measured by number of deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers.  Those dangerous jobs range from #1, the most dangerous–fishing workers–to #5–roofers (I used to be a roofer for about 11 years but I never saw or heard of any other roofer dying on the job–except maybe from a hangover)–to #7–farmers–to #10–taxi drivers.

Cops didn’t even make the top ten.  You are more likely to die on the job as a fisherman, roofer, farmer, or even a taxi driver, than you are as a cop.  So, if the stress of being a farmer or a roofer isn’t enough to justify flipping out and beating the crap out of some innocent person, why should we tolerate unwarranted violence from members of the even less dangerous and presumably less stressful occupation of policeman?

•  In the video below, we see is evidence of a police “mentality” that’s prone to abusing and even oppressing Americans rather than serving them.

Is this “mentality” growing?  Hard to say.  Maybe police have always had a tendency to abuse but, thanks to the internet, we are only recently beginning to see evidence of that tendency.  Maybe the truth is finally coming out.  Or maybe the tendency to abuse has recently grown to a level that can no longer be concealed or overlooked.

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