A Call To Duty: Help Us Expose The Globalists

The Intellihub Radio

The Intellihub Radio Show and the show’s website has been rapidly expanding. To keep up with the current demand for intel that our readers and listeners deserve we are calling for writers and interns to work with us on daily, weekly, and or monthly projects and promotions (on a volunteer basis).

“If you have a talent (not limited to writing) that you want to use, and can help us in this intel battle, let us know.”

Things that might help:

  • Writers of well crafted well researched exclusive articles. (Use our platform to get heard)
  • Large YouTube Channels to promote our channel and our videos (Visit our YouTube Here) (Convert your channel to an Intellihub oriented channel)
  • People with vast contacts and large email lists can promote our show every Sunday at 5 pm eastern that is 2 pm pacific time at www.theintelhubradio.com
  • Tell everybody about our website and show.
  • Pass out cards or flyers, blanket concerts and parkinglots at large events, malls, and more.  (We provide)
  • Help us with our store, products, and merchandising (Experts Welcome)

If you want to help out or participate please contact shepard directly at shepard@dev-test.intellihub.com