A few “23/9” thoughts on the eve of 23 September 2015

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By Dr. Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle

I haven’t written much in recent months. I have been in a contemplative, recuperative, observer mode.

Part of my silence has to do with my ongoing recuperation process that is now in the third year, following the near fatal assault against me by the shaman with whom I resided for all of 2012, in the Ecuadorian Amazon region. That assault occurred on 29 December 2012 and brought me right to the threshold of death. It is a long road back to a semblance of normalcy, but I am a determined man and so I persist on that healthy tack.

Part of my silence also has to do with the great, multi-faceted, planetary crisis in which we are now completely enveloped. It definitely is giving me considerable pause for thought.

An accelerating, global extinction event, largely human caused. A massive die off of the world’s wildlife. The never-ending Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and the concomitant death of the northern Pacific Ocean. The relentless destruction of the world’s great tropical and boreal forests. The imminent, multi-gigaton frozen methane melt off, or sublimation, in the arctic and sub-arctic regions of this planet’s far north with all that that will entail for global atmospheric chemistry, meteorology and hydrology. The incipient, chaotic, global collapse of the vastly fraudulent, criminal, debt-based, fiat currency, economic model. The obvious trajectory towards (a quite possibly nuclear) World War III, on the part of the ZioNAZI/NATO/USSA axis of evil. The lamentably dumbed-down state of ignorance and stupidity of such a high percentage of the terrestrial human race. The rapid rise of robots and A.I. (artificial intelligence). Geo-engineering of the Earth’s atmosphere. Runaway genetic engineering. And much more.

Leading Up To 23 September 2015

All of which conjures up all sorts of apocalyptic, dystopian musings about where this welter of affairs is headed.

Nowhere good, that is my brief response. In the short term, it is hard to see how any of this has a positive outcome for the planet and the great masses of humanity.

Which reminds me that I can’t remember ever seeing so many varied, yet specific, dire predictions about a particular date as I have about 23 September 2015, even more so in that regard than Y2K or December 2012.

23/9 has already become an Internet fixture, like 9/11 — and in my time zone we’re still two days away from the date, as I write these words.

YouTube is full of videos about 23/9. All sorts of people are variously predicting one or more nuclear false flag attacks, tsunamis, an asteroid strike, the beginning of the fall of “America”. You name it and they are predicting it. You can spend hours viewing videos on these themes.

I know, because I have.

Lots of people are having dreams and visions about the great destruction that is allegedly coming, many of them specifically centered on 23 September 2015.

I would dismiss this great outpouring of predictive, subconscious ferment as a sort of mass hysteria, except that I have also had my share of dreams and visions indicating, well, chaos and war.

In one dream, I was shown how people had been badly burned by the “flash” of the sleet of sub-atomic particles that nuclear detonations had caused. The people had been nuclear microwaved on the hoof, if you will. They were not dead, but they soon would be. Their flesh had been cooked, their fat had melted, and their bone marrow had been fried. They were in unspeakably agonizing bad shape; they were not long for this world. It is not a pleasant or easy way to die.

But if there are nuclear false flag attacks, or nuclear war breaks out, it is a firm guarantee that very large numbers of people will die in just that way. Sadly, that is the unfortunate direction in which USSA foreign policy is currently trending.

It is pure madness, sheer, unmitigated evil, and yet the USSA power structure is steering the world that way.

I can’t explain it.

It is as if the Lord of Darkness himself has taken control of the minds and souls of the so-called “leaders” of the ZioNAZI/NATO/USSA power bloc and is driving them to destroy the world and everyone in it.

Given the depth of their insanity, and their manifest predilection for false flag attacks and war, the obvious conclusion is that they will continue to do more of all that they know: war, death, destruction, exploitation.

It is what they do. They do not know anything else.

I therefore conclude that dire events could very easily transpire on 23 September 2015. And if they do, my first inclination will be to strongly suspect a false flag attack agenda designed to engender war, death, destruction and exploitation. Hell, in other words.

Even if none of the specific, notorious predictions about 23 September 2015 that are circulating in various forums and on various websites on the Internet come true precisely on 23 September 2015, it does not mean that we are out of the woods, not by a long shot.

I haven’t slept well in recent weeks and I am a person who normally sleeps pretty soundly.

That is because all of the grim threats and issues to which I alluded at the top of this article remain in play and must all be successfully resolved. However, at this juncture, none of them are being resolved.

And so we sleep walk towards very dark days, indeed.


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This article originally appeared on Event Horizon Chronicle.