A hacker threatened to delete Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page

The event was scheduled to be streamed on Facebook Live

Intellihub Editor’s note: Could it be?

From The Verge:

Update September 28th, 3:13PM ET: The hacker, Chang Chi-yuang has decided to cancel the attack, he announced in a Facebook post. “I am canceling my live feed, I have reported the bug to Facebook and I will show proof when I get bounty from Facebook,” Chang confirmed to Bloomberg. The headline has been updated to reflect this fact, but the original article appears below unchanged.

A Taiwanese “white hat” hacker claims he’ll broadcast himself hacking Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page on Sunday, reports Bloomberg. Writing in a Facebook post to his 26,000 followers, Chang Chi-yuan promised to delete the Facebook founder’s account, and broadcast himself doing so on Facebook Live. Chang is a well-known hacker in Taiwan, according to Bloomberg.