A Mickey Mouse Police State

(INTELLIHUB) — Back and forth, inch by inch the globalist are tugging at the general population and in most cases gaining ground. The moronic public caught up in the activities and amenities force fed to them through social programing sometimes do not realize the big picture. Heck even I am guilty, I watched an episode of the Apprentice the other day. Through this programing the mind is tricked into seeing a false reality. A reality in which the masses of sheeple are controlled by a few masterminds, and submit to their criminal laws and procedures.

In reality this is what I refer to as a Mickey Mouse police state. Nothing is what it seems. We the people actually have more power and control. But will our fluoride filled brains ever tell the body to stand up and react to counter this false reality the New World Order has projected.  After all there is more of us then them. Why do we fill like a mice in a trap?