A “monster of a storm” may hit the East Coast next week

“The potential for a strong coastal storm system is increasing next week as multiple pieces of energy come together. However, where this system tracks remains highly uncertain and will ultimately determine sensible weather impacts along the East Coast. Subtle changes to the forecast may be the difference between a snowstorm or more Arctic cold and little or no snowfall,” said Ed Vallee, a meteorologist who specializes in Northeast weather.

As the New Year’s festivities begin, the increasing threat of a major East Coast snowstorm is possible for the second half of the upcoming week. Recent Weather Channel computer models are in agreement that a surface low-pressure system will develop off the Southeast coast Wednesday, then charge up the coast towards the north-northeast over the western Atlantic Ocean Thursday. According to the report, “this low will also intensify at a rapid pace thanks to a sharpening southward plunge of the jet stream into the eastern U.S.”

With the cold air in place over the East Coast, the Weather Channel provides two scenarios of what could happen next week:

  • A track closer to the East Coast would increase the odds of more widespread and heavier snow.
  • A track farther offshore would diminish the chance of snow for the East Coast.

“This is likely going to be one monster of a storm later this week. Seeing ensemble members between 950-970mb with an ensemble mean of 982mb is absolutely impressive for a 5 day lead time,” said 

“High probability (~70%) of an area of low pressure below 990mb off the New England coast from the European EPS is quite impressive on day 4. This storm means business – just have to nail down where it decides to go,” he added.


With much of the United States dominated by cold weather. Americans will be ushering in a dangerously cold New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day, along with the threat of a major East Coast storm later in the week.

In the past week, the frigid temperatures across the United States triggered President Trump to tweet: “perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming,” which incited a wave of angry global warming alarmist on social media.

Meanwhile, in Erie, Pennsylvania, the city has been buried in almost 7-feet of snow since Christmas Eve, shattering precious records:

Needless to say, the 120.8 inches of snow so far in December (as of 5 p.m. EST Saturday) is the city’s snowiest single month on record, clobbering the previous record of 66.9 inches in December 1989 by over 4 feet.

A West Michigan couple’s video has gone viral after they captured a massive pile-up on U.S. 31 Friday, due to the wintery weather.

Much of the Northeast, Northern Central, and Northern Rockies are covered with snow.

And lastly, the Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) is currently registering a weak La Niña, which usually indicates more winter weather for the Northeast. This could further complicate Trump’s economic growth narrative in 1Q18, as much of the Northeast is paralyzed with frigid temperatures and snow.

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Featured Image: Greg Westfall/Flickr