A Review of Government Attacks on Parental Rights

By Sergey Baranov

California Governor Jerry Brown signs bill that would allow 12 year old children to give their own consent for vaccinations without any parental knowledge or permission.

(INTELLIHUB) — It was the end of 2011 when I expressed my outrage in the blogosphere with regards to the newly signed bill AB499 into law by California Governor Jerry Brown, allowing 12 year old children to give their own consent for vaccinations without any parental knowledge or permission.

To me it was quite obvious that the pharmaceutical industry was pulling the strings behind the scene in order to push their dubious, untested and dangerous vaccines which are known to cause all kinds of neurological disorders including death.[1][2] But was it all about money?

Well, not as far as I could see. To me an assault on parental rights was apparent. But I digress. The point here is that when I heard the news, I thought it set a very dangerous precedent and opens doors for perverts who would love to see the age of sexual consent lowered, to avoid a prison term for their crimes. When I proposed my thoughts on the subject, I was seen by some people as a ”conspiracy theorist”, something that was surprising to hear considering the sensitivity of the subject. Nevertheless, I’ve said what I’ve said with a hope that my words have sunk in to people’s hearts and minds.

Then my argument has become a part of my personal history and forgotten, until recently I was shocked by a headline: ”Age of consent should be lowered to 13 to stop persecution of old men, says top barrister”. [3]

I am fluent in four languages and to be honest, I’ve had a hard time to find words to express my outrage, which I assume would be understood not only by a parent, but by any normal human being. If the barrister’s proposal would become law, how many children would that put at risk? If the only protection the kids now have will be removed, what would stop the predators going absolutely wild while preying on the innocent, knowing that their crime has become a new norm?

What will happen to our society if common sense and moral standards drop? How long will it take before someone like the Roman Emperor Caligula becomes a cultural icon? Considering the latest news such as: ”France set to ban the words ”mother” and ”father” from official documents”, as a father, I have a deep concern for the future of our children.[4]

When a criminal is not seen as a criminal anymore, we should be alarmed. The threat to the family unit and the slow substitution of moral principles are part of an ongoing demoralization campaign which will eventually lead to destabilization and a societal collapse.



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Sergey Baranov, is a contributor to intellihub.com and author of the book ”PATH”
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