ABC Reports Multiple Shooters at Theater Massacre
July 21, 2012

Update: Second Operative Got Call to Open Colorado Theatre Door for Shooter

Multiple suspects have been reported by ABC and others.

A second suspect could be at large.

Here is the ABC report;

James Holmes the alleged “Lone Wolf” gunman who opened fire in a Colorado theatre at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie killed 12, and injured 50 in a MKULTRA style shooting spree that ended in his arrest.

However, eyewitnesses and press admited early on that a second shooter was involved.

Colorado marks the scene of three mass shootings since Columbine.

Police say that the shooters apartment was indeed booby-trapped with multiple IED’s in gas and powder form rigged to tripwires and more.

One of the weapons used in the shooting was a stock AR-15 equiped with an aftermarket 100 round drum.

The suspects hair was allegedly dyed green as he was imitating the Joker from the Batman series.

Police were said to be on scene almost instantly.