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Shepard Leigh Ambellas is a nationally syndicated talk show host, journalist, filmmaker, film producer, musician, and founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub (news and politics) which is one of the most popular alternative news websites in the world and the U.S. alike. Established in 2013, is now ranked in the 1% tier for all Internet traffic worldwide according to

The Shepard Ambellas Show is nationally syndicated on iHeartRadio and climbing the charts fast. Apple Podcasts currently lists the broadcast as #53 in the U.S. “news and commentary” and #64 in Canada.

Shepard Ambellas is one of the few independent (alternative) news personalities to have his work picked up by the Drudge Report for his news teams provocative Bilderberg Group coverage in Chantilly, Virginia in June of 2012. The Drudge Report headline article “Alternative Media Group Plans Wall-to-Wall Bilderberg Coverage” was later spotlighted on the Alex Jones Radio Show by Alex Jones himself when talking about “the power of Drudge“.

Being at the forefront of an alternative media research community and the truth movement, Ambellas is well-known for his extensive, informative, cutting-edge interviews with hundreds of notable guests and whistle-blowers from around the world.

Originally inspired by his first appearance on the Alex Jones Show and Prison Planet T.V. on March 25, 2009, where Ambellas discussed how the Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for US Citizens, an article he authored which was featured on, one of the top alternative news websites in the world.

Ambellas has appeared on nationally syndicated radio shows, including Coast To Coast AM, the largest late night terrestrial radio show in the world (on a highly rated broadcast), Internet radio, television, several films, books, and print news media including the London Guardian newspaper in an article titled Bilderberg 2012: bigger and badder and better than ever. Ambellas’ work has also been linked to tens-of-thousands of websites worldwide.

Ambellas also appeared on the Travel Channel series America Declassified where he also conducted an independent investigation of the deep underground military base (D.U.M.B.) located on the Denver International Airport’s property. During the investigation, Ambellas was able to obtain a whistleblower’s first-hand testimony. The Travel Channel has 37 million viewers in 97 million homes.

Ambellas is the executive producer and director of Shade the Motion Picturea documentary film released which he released on Oct. 15, 2013, on various formats. The powerful film exposes a sinister agenda of the global elite, proving that diabolic testing is being conducted on the populace of earth. Shade the Motion Picture is a concept created by Shepard Ambellas and Avalon in March of 2012. The film is co-directed and co-produced by Jason “The InfowarriorBermas, producer of several films including Fabled Enemies and Loose Change, the most viewed documentary in the entire world. Bermas also hosted and co-hosted the Alex Jones Radio Show early on, working side-by-side with Alex Jones himself.

On May 20-22, 2012, Ambellas, Jason Bermas and others, covered the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Chantilly, VA. Along with Alex Jones, Dan Dicks, Mark Dice, Charlie Skelton (London Guardian), and other well-known media personalities. The event was a milestone in alternative media, exposing the 58-year secrecy and agenda of the Bilderberg Group.

Shepard Ambellas’ coverage included exposing key globalist heads of the banking, military-industrial, and governmental sectors with exclusive photographs and videos captured by Ambellas, which have been featured on hundreds of websites worldwide, including, and, the largest news website in the world.

According to Michael Tsarion, renowned author, researcher, and frequent guest on Shepard Ambellas’ former radio show, the Bilderberg Group’s “main objective is creating a world government ruled by an elite group of people whose main objective is to control the natural resources of the planet”.

In 2013, Ambellas also founded Unbound Radio, a highly popular Internet radio station that cast some of the top activists and personalities in talk radio. Unfortunately, six months after launch the network was infiltrated by moles then hacked.

Additionally, Ambellas is also a musician and songwriter who recorded a demo in 2009, produced by Craig Lawrence, entitled “Wilt” featuring Yael Lanciano, vocalist of Paranous10th Cycle and Buried By Design. Ambellas is currently working on his first full-length, professionally produced, studio album.

Shepard Ambellas is also a regular contributor to Alex Jones’s Infowars platform where he most recently presenting the “helicopter theory” which detailed how an elaborate exfiltration and air assault were all possible during the 1 October massacre in Las Vegas.

Ambellas is a lead investigative reporter on the Las Vegas Massacre, logging over 2000 hours. You can read over 200 of his reports on the subject here.

Ambellas has authored over 150 reports on COVID-19.

Check out Shep’s podcast with John McAfee in which the millionaire computer programmer announces the launch of his new GHOST cryptocurrency platform. 

Ambellas’s latest film Shackled To Silence is now available on DVD.

Ambellas is scheduled to appear in a few new and upcoming films and television shows.

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