AC360 segment turns into total shitshow over President Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville

CNN panelists argue that President Donald Trump is a racist after remarks he made condemning violence

(INTELLIHUB) — A CNN panel mostly made of up of African-American Trump haters joined Anderson Cooper Tuesday on his show AC360 where they repeatedly claimed that Trump is a “racist” in an effort to program viewers and further push the narrative of racial division in America.

One of the biased panelists said that neo-Nazis are “clapping” for Trump for remarks he made in
Charlottesville condemning the violence.

“They are saying he giving us thumbs up y’all — were good,” the panelist said. “So there you go — that’s how neo-Nazis see President Trump.”

That’s when the panel’s sole Trump supporter stepped in to defend the President which triggered chaos in the newsroom.

“Actually, they [the neo-Nazis] are clapping for you because you are buying into what they are trying to do,” the only opposing voice on the panel said. “What they are doing is, you just gave them a platform. You just read their entire message [on CNN.]”

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