Accused Silk Road operator found guilty, faces life sentence for web-hosting

By John Vibes | True Activist

This Wednesday, a New York City Jury found accused Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht guilty on all charges, and he now faces the possibility of life in prison.

He was accused of running and operating the controversial Silk Road website, where drugs were openly, and safely bought and sold by anonymous drug users and sellers.

After deliberating for only three-and-a-half hours, the jury reached their verdict, leading many to believe that their minds were already made up to begin with. Throughout the trial, Ulbricht’s defense argued that he was set up, and was not involved in the website to the extent that he was accused.

Ulbricht’s arrest has done nothing to slow down the online drug trade, in fact, many other silk road spin-offs have risen in the short time since the original website was shut down.

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