Appeals court rules against ban aimed at keeping country safe

(INTELLIHUB) — A federal appeals court has ruled that the United States will remain wide open to incoming refugees after rejecting a move by the Trump administration to reinstate the controversial travel ban.

In an unsurprising move considering the courts open leftist leanings, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a lower court’s stay of President Trump’s travel ban targeting seven countries would remain in place.

For his part, Trump immediately Tweeted his plan to take this issue to the Supreme Court due to his belief that our national security is directly at stake.

We now find ourselves in a country where judges are now directly ruling against the actual law in favor of how they “feel” about certain political issues. Make no mistake, this travel ban is 100% legal under U.S. law.

Most observers believed from the start that this extreme left appeals court would rule against Trump, especially when you consider the fact that one of the three judges on the panel has been publicly supported by leftist organizations in the past.

“Judge Michelle T. Friedland, who is on the three-judge panel that will rule on President Donald Trump’s executive order aimed at stopping terrorists from traveling to the United States, won the ACLU of Southern California’s LGBT Award in 2009, according to the Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont,” reported CNSNews.

Additionally, the ruling by the appeals court appears to have been helped along by tech giants Facebook, Google, and Microsoft who filed court papers in favor of ruling against the ban.

“The panel’s ruling in favor of immigrants is a victory not only for Washington and Minnesota — the states that sued — but for Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp., which said in court papers that the measure would hinder their global businesses,” reported Bloomberg.

The establishment media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and now the courts are all working directly against both White House and Trump’s public war on globalism.

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