Arizona chemtrail activist runs for County Supervisor position

Republican Precinct Committeeman, Al DiCicco, from Golden Valley, Arizona has submitted election papers and all required signatures today to run for Mohave County Supervisor District 4

MOJAVE COUNTY, Ariz. (INTELLIHUB) — DiCicco, a local and now international activist against Geoengineering or Chemtrails, is also a long time activist and advocate for Family Court Reform, Industrial Hemp, Legalization of Cannabis, and he opposes making of felons of people who choose to use Cannabis, only to be used and exploited for cheap prison labor while incarcerated.

In 2013, DiCicco founded a non-profit corporation, Golden Valley Community Center and he hopes to establish the center this year. The Center will focus on providing activities and assistance for children, impoverished, elderly, disabled and Veterans as well as the entire community once established.

In 1998, DiCicco tested the waters and ran unsuccessfully for Lt. Governor of Nevada, receiving approximately 2800 votes without a campaign, or entering any debates and without any campaign contributions. DiCicco was previously employed as a Reporter for the Kingman Daily Miner and also worked as the Director of the Truck Driver Training program at Mohave Community College where hundreds of students received their Commercial Truck Driver License.

Due to a severe back injury, DiCicco has been unable to work for sometime due to chronic pain, but now feels he is as best he will be and wishes to return to work and serve the people of Mohave County.

DiCicco supported Ron Paul in the 2012 Presidential Election and is the Liberty Candidate for Mohave County and was also a Delegate at the convention in 2012 in Phoenix. DiCicco graduated in 1984 from Southern Illinois University with  a Bachelor’s Degree in the college of communication and fine arts, with a degree in Journalism, Advertising.

DiCicco also studied law in Chicago, Illinois.

DiCicco was arrested during an act of civil disobedience in 2012 in Nevada for knocking down Family Court Judge Steven Jones campaign sign in Henderson, Nevada.

Judge Jones was subsequently indicted on Federal charges and is facing removal from the bench, is currently on administrative leave pending the Federal trial and more possible sanctions from the Commission on Judicial Discipline. DiCicco fought property tax increases in Mohave County after the 2007 crash and in 2012 he launched a campaign to try to get a grocery store in Golden Valley.

DiCicco was also appeared in a documentary film Shade the Motion Picture, produced and directed by Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas.

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