Activists to plant cannabis all over the country this 420

By John Vibes

A group of activists in the US are encouraging people nationwide to plant cannabis seeds on April 20th in their town to protest against the war on drugs

(INTELLIHUB) — In various isolated occurrences throughout the world activists have planted cannabis freely in public areas as a protest against inhumane drug laws.  This year an effort is being organized to plant seeds all throughout the United States at one time, from Sunday, April 20th until the following weekend.

A facebook event page set up by organizers of the protest shows the following message:

Want to end this violent, pointless War on Drugs? Then go out from Sunday, April 20th until the following weekend and plant your seeds! 
This is the end of The War on Drugs, because we’re now taking the war to them. Starting this 4/20, we’re planting Cannabis seeds all over the US. Get inventive! And also try to be respectful of private property. What are you waiting for? Get going!

A similar protest was in the world news recently.  Last year police in the German city of Göttingen found and destroyed 70 marijuana plants spread around the city by a pro-cannabis protest group.

At the time, a Göttingen group calling itself  ”A Few Autonomous Flower Children” said in an open letter several pounds of marijuana seeds were spread around the city as a protest against Germany’s “restrictive drug policies,”.

“We can’t set eyes on this useful and beautiful plant because it’s absolutely forbidden in Germany to grow it,” the letter read.

The letter said the group can’t understand “why cannabis, unlike alcohol, cannot be legally purchased.”

This was just a small effort coordinated by one group of isolated activists in one town, but if a viral campaign of this nature were to spring up all over the country, there could realistically be hundreds of thousands of plants popping up instead of just 70.

The following video contains an interview with one of the organizers of this protest:


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