Activists train cop, school him on laws

Dumbfounded cop get schooled, caught on camera

EUREKA, CALIFORNIA (INTELLIHUB) — Well-informed Americans, selling ammunition, legally and lawfully within their Constitutional rights were displaying “bizarre behavior”, according to one dumbfounded police officer, who was filmed for at least 15 minutes on the roadside.

The policeman asked to see the activists “business license” wondering what the men were doing.

‘We are starting to teach people their rights’, one of the activists pointed out to the cop on video, going on to ask the police officer for “three forms of I.D.”.

The cop continues to harass the activists, trying everything in his power, to torture them in an epic fail.

“You are free to go”, the activist told the cop, carrying on petty conversation.

“Luck for me I get paid by the hour”, the cop later replies.

“Is it going to be on YouTube?”, the cop asked.

“Like I said, you are free to go”, the activist said.

The cop responded with a laugh.