Actor number two discovered? Were ‘crisis actors’ deployed to sway the media cycle after the Orlando shooting?

Actor number two, Andy Moss, captured crying on-air with no tears

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(INTELLIHUB) — Actor number two, who also gave his eyewitness account of the Pulse nightclub shooting Sunday to the mainline press early on, has been identified as Andy Moss, who is a London-based actor, who has 98.6K followers on Twitter.

However, the problem is deciphering if Moss was acting or not when he appeared on CNN to give his ‘eyewitness’ account, where he appeared to be crying, but no tears could be seen.

During the interview, the reporter appeared to repeatedly coach the actor and even put the name of his supposed “best friend” into his mouth, after Moss apparently forgot his line.

“Chris Summers, is that right? You said you were there with your friend Chris Summers and you still don’t know where he is at right now, can you tell us a little about him,” the reporter asked in a coaxing manner.

“There is no bullet that could ever break a friendship that you have with somebody,” the actor Moss said, fomenting LGBT propaganda.

Moss has not Tweeted since the attack.

Actor number one was identified by Intellihub earlier Monday.

H/T: @Tabertronic/Twitter

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