Actor Tom Arnold gets a visit from the Secret Service

Hollywood actor Tom Arnold got paid a visit by the U.S. Secret Service following a controversial Tweet he made two days prior to the October 25th pipe bomb scare.

Actor Tom Arnold found himself in hot water with the Secret Service after Tweeting out a highly controversial message which appeared to be directed at the president several days prior to the October 25th pipe bomb scare which authorities feel could trigger the wrong person.

tom arnold
Stephanie Young Merzel/Flickr

Secret Service agents interviewed Arnold about his Tweet which was reportedly in response to Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte’s previous body-slamming of a reporter and appeared to challenge President Trump to a fight.

“I say put up or shut up @realDonaldTrump Me vs You. For America. First body slam wins. Any Rally. Any Time. Between now & the midterms,” the actor Tweeted.

A follow-up Tweet posted by Arnold contained the imfamous Kathy Griffin decapatation picture and read: “Next time Kathy won’t be holding his fake head!”

The Secret Service basically told Arnold to tame down his rhetoric so it doesn’t incite the wrong individual.

You can watch the entire Secret Service visit in the following video:

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