Adam Kokesh Arrested AGAIN, Smoking Cannabis in Front of The White House


Adam Kokesh, known for being an Iraq veteran against the war, libertarian talkshow host and activist, and for organizing the open carry march on Washington, that turned into a Fourth of July nationwide march on state capitols, has been arrested again.

Adam Kokesh, co-chair of the National Board of Directors of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW),
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

by Cassius Methyl & JG Vibes
June 10, 2013

Adam Kokesh, has been arrested yet again, at the most recent pro cannabis protest where he spoke on a loudspeaker, alongside activists like “the New Jersey weed man”; the “Joint Summit with President Choom”, referencing Obama’s nickname in high school, given to him because of how much weed he smoked.

Adam Kokesh and a few other activists spoke on a loudspeaker, as a nearby army of police and government people cornered the large crowd of protestors.

The army of cops watched Adam as he lit up a joint at 4:20 pm, and Adam proceeded to pass the joint around.

The police didn’t arrest anyone as the cannabis was passed around and smoked, so Adam proceeded to shake hands with every officer he could, and thank them for respecting the people’s rights and not making any arrests. However, minutes later, Adam lit up another joint, and after he passed it to someone else, he was grabbed by police, a parks police officer he shook hands with, and was singled out and dragged away.

Adam then calmly sat on the ground, saying he would no longer cooperate with his own kidnapping, while the crowd of protestors began chanting “no victim, no crime, no victim, no crime”.


According to a post made to his Facebook page, Adam was released a few hours after the arrest, a typical timetable for a marijuana arrest.  His exact charges have not yet been made public.

His tactics may be controversial, but most people who are on the right track end up causing a bit of controversy. The recent controversy has given life to some pretty out of control stories, one Facebook page “Execute Adam Kokesh for Sedition” suggests that he is a communist, capitalist Mossad agent with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and it doesn’t seem like they are joking.

It is not very likely that Adam is a shill, because he would be a very ineffective one for the government, considering how much he has done to expose government, and spread the message of voluntarism, liberty, ect. 

COINTELPRO and agent provocateurs do exist and they are a real thing, but just because someone does something controversial does not mean that they are a shill. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but before labeling someone as an undercover agent a fair amount of research should come first.

Watch video of the arrest below:


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